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別れの予感/ Wakare No Yokan
つぐない - Tsugunai
ドラえもん - Doraemon - Theme Song
二人のハーモニー - Futari no Haamonii - Two People's Harmony (Soma Side)
君に、花束を。- Kimi ni, Hanataba wo - For You, A Bouquet (ft.Nagi)
Звезда (The Star)
回心转意 Hui Xin Zhuan Yi Hồi Tâm Chuyển Ý
Inside My Heart
Nobody Else Like You
Non è Francesca
Noor 3eini / نور عيني
Northern Lights
Not In Love
Not a day goes by
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Odd One Out
On The Way To Breakup (ft. Jo Kwon)
Once In A Very Blue Moon
Once Upon A December
One Day
One In A Million
One Love (Spring Waltz OST)
One Moment More
One More Try
One Night In Arabia
One Summer Night (ft. Kenny Bee)
One Thing
One Two Three
One more day
Only You
Our Last Night
Our Twilight
Out Of Control
Out Of Your Mind (Ft Truesteppers and Dane Bowers)
Outta My Head
Owner Of My Heart
Pain (Xenosaga Episode I OST)
Pajama Party
Perfect Two
Pieces Of You
Red dress
枯れない花/ Karenai Hana/ The Unwithering Flower (Full Metal Panic ED)
It's You
One More Day
One And Only