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Hitohira no Sakura - A Single Cherry Blossom Petal (CLANNAD Insert Song)
One Word
Pick Up The Phone
Back To Me
Blue Collar Girl
All The Small Things
音楽伝説/ Nadeshiko Shinken Hana Fubuki
I'll Be There For You
I Don't Have A Heart (Empty Heart)
Forever And A Day
Tokkaiko Junjou (Don't stop Junjou)
靠近一点点 / Kao Jin Yi Dian Dian / Come A Little Closer (It Started With A Kiss OST)
甜蜜蜜- Tian mi mi (chờ thay bản dịch . . . pwz)
In Between The Heartbeats
This Song
Different Summers (Camp Rock 2 OST)
You Gotta Be
Look At You
Together ♥ JB & Ji Yeon
When You Look At Me
たとえ どんなに... / Tatoe Donna Ni...
you're my sunshine
All This Time
Broken Angel (ft. Helena)
China Girl
Mon plus beau noel
Aerith's Theme
When It Rains
Endless End
Wild Dances
Will It Go Round In Circles
Étrange Comme Je T'aime
Worry About You
仰望 - Yang Wang - Ngưỡng Vọng
Every Step
단 하루를 살아도/ I Can Live For A Day (49 Days OST)
한번만 말해줘/ Tell Me Just Once (starring Park Bom)
멜로디로 남아 - Remaining As Melodies (ft. Nell)
해바라기 / Haebaragi / Sunflower (Feat. MJ)
Goodbye My Love
My Angel For A Day
My Love
My Only One
Δε μ' αγαπάς/ Na m'agapas/ To Love Me
Beautiful Day
Super Soul