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Just Around The Riverbend
The Cure
Into My Arms
Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
Say you love me
Each Coming Night (OST The Last Song)
Start Again
Even Angels
Sad Movie
Apricot Stone
La La
The Fool's Paradise
You Made Me Like It
No Fear
That Guy's Girl
To Where The Skies Are Blue
Kingston town
Always come back to your love
Say Goodnight
The Tale Of The Sun And The Moon
When We Collide
Whole Lotta Trouble (Empire Records Soundtrack)
Love Like Candy Floss
君の知らない物語 - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - The Story Unknown To You (Bakemonogatari ED)
Never Mind
爱江山更爱美人 / Ai Jiang Shan Geng Ai Mei Ren / Yêu Giang Sơn Thêm Yêu Hơn Mĩ Nhân
Love At First Sight
Uncontrollable (Confesions of Shopahaloic OST)
Life Aint' Always Beautiful
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Losing You
Love Is A Sweet Thing
Sorry That I Loved You
Until You Were Gone (Feat. Esmee Denters)
기념사진 / Memorial Photos
You Have Stolen My Heart
The Lonely One
혀끝에 붙어있는 말/ Words On The Very Tip Of My Tongue
Loving You
To The Dancers In The Rain
So Close ( Enchanted OST)
See My Side
If I Could (Ft. Marco)
Ice Cream Love (Cyon Theme)
The Old Man And The Sea/老人与海 /Ông Già Và Biển Cả
미운 사랑/Ugly Love - East of Eden OST- Black Pearl/블랙펄 & Je Ah/제아
Nothing Hurts Like Love