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Live My Life (ft. Justin Bieber)
신사동 그 사람 / That Person In Shinsadong
Wild Ones (ft. Sia)
Like A Dream
Magic Boulevard
You Will Miss Me
Eyes On Me (Final Fantasy VIII Main Theme)
Until You Come Back
My Angel
Won't Back Down
Make A Wish (Vic Chou)
Happy Birthday (ft. t.A.t.U)
I Live My Life For You
지독하게/ Severely
Living In A Dream
예쁜게다니 / Is Being Pretty Everything
Good Feeling
Grown Man (다 큰 남자가...)
Not The Same Girl
We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monáe)
I Would Do Anything For You
Come Home
はなれ、ばなれ - Hanare, Banare (ft. Kous & ef)
セカイにただヒトリの - Sekai ni Tada Hitori no - World's Only Person's (ft.Kano)
運命の人 (Unmei no Hito)
花になれ/ Hana ni Nare/ Become A Flower
Beautiful Dangerous (Ft. Slash)
Good Morning Emma Sympson (ft. Madoka Ueno)
Pumped Up Kicks
君が手を伸ばす先に/Kimi ga Te wo Nobasu Saki ni
ピアノ・レッスン - Piano Lessons (ft. Chibita)
Available (ft. Akon)
ハルコイウタ - Haru Koi Uta - Spring Love Song (ft.Megurine Luka)
Why Am I Sad Today?
Break Down
Child (Love)
Alice (ft.拝郷メイコ/Haigou Meiko)
グリグリメガネと月光蟲 - Guriguri-megane to Gekkouchuu - Goggle Glasses and Moonlight Islands (ft.クワガタP/ Kuwugata-P)
スーパー・ノヴァ - Super Nova (ft.ミキト/Mikito)
Girls On The Dancefloor
You Are My Everything
Hot Summer
Secret Heart
三月は夜の底 - Sangetsu ha Yoru no Soko (ft.花近)
CRAWL (ft.acane madder)
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