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Brand New Best Friend
Me, Myself And I
JPop - Welcome To Tokyo
Candace Party
You're Going Down
Thank You Santa Claus
Mobile Mammal
Phintastic Ferbulous Car Wash
Cradled In Love
The Distance Of Missing
Bonjour Vietnam
Transportation Song
No More No Love
Stupid Girls
You Got To Bust Your Brothers
Going Deep Into Your Mind
Run Candace Run
We Love To Love
Let Me In
Hey You
Getting Away With Murder
Comfortably Numb
Give Up - Candace Flynn
Another Day In Paradise
One More Night
Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You (ft. Roberta Flack)
Five days
Wedding Adventure
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
Love You To Death
Falling (Deam High 2 OST)
You Are Beautiful
It's Spa Day
2 AM
Bridge Of Lights
Sweet Drops (Usagi Drops Opening Theme)
(I Want To) Come Home
A Real Boy
International Love (Ft. Chris Brown)
Missing you
Give Me A Grade
We're Watching And We're Waiting
What Do You Take Me For (ft.Pusha T)
Hell on Heels
사랑이 고프다/ I Promise You
Plus Je Pense A Toi
Everything's Better With Perry ( P&F Across 2nd Dimension OST )
Fuck The Pain Away
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