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Scream (16+)
Sakura ドロップス / Sakura Drops
Above All
My Girl - Kevin Woo
How Bad Can I Be? (OST Dr. Seuss' The Lorax)
Jingle Bells
Can You Feel The Sunshine? (OST Sonic R)
下剋上 / Gekokujou / The Low Overcome the High - Ichigyou-P
死んだ世界戦線戦歌/ Shinda Sekai Sensenka/ Afterlife World War Front (Angel Beats! Insert Song)
I Always Kill the Things I Love (L.A. Noire OST)
恋がステキな季節 / Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu / The Season Where Love Is Wonderful - Country Musume
I'm Your & Price Tag - EdWard Nguyen
Deadman's Gun (Red Dead Redemption OST)
Afraid To Sleep (Vicci Martinez)
Sorry For Loving You - A. Dava
Thank You - Estelle
Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe (3 Idiots OST)
Into The New World (English Cover)
Row Row Row Your Boat
Milk (Kokuhaku - Confessions OST)
Dela Song (OST George Of The Jungle) - Johnny Clegg
Take Me Away
Mother In The Dream
Baby Don't Cry
Rasa Sayang
Give Me Some Sunshine - Suraj Jagan (3 Idiots 2009 OST)
My Heart Is Haunted
Too Late
Always Be There
Два­жды два
The Sweetest Thing
Plain Jane
We Walk This Way
Miss Lucifer's Love
Yankee Doole
寂寞寂寞就好 / Ji mo ji mo jiu hao / Cô đơn, cô đơn thì tốt
Oh My God
Going Crazy (English Version) (Youtube's members cover)
The Unofficial Smithers Love Song (Hey Mr.Burns) (Fan of The Simpson)
ぼくはくま - Boku Wa Kuma
I'm In Love (My Sassy Girl OST)
Foolin' Around
わんわんお にゃんにゃん - Wan-Wan-o Nyan-Nyan-o - Go Ruff-Ruff, Go Meow-Meow (ft.Nayuta)
Pinocchio En Hiver (kalinka)
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