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Animal Farm
All I Want
なみだいろ - Namidairo
American Idol
A Night To Remember
Ashita Kuru Hi (あした くる に - Kobato)
Ai Kotoba (愛言葉/Love Words)
Answer Song (LiSA Image Song - Angel Beats!)
Alchemy (Angel Beats! Insert Song)
Anyone Can Play Guitar
A Thousand Kisses Deep
All These Boys
ホウキ雲 / Houkigumo / Sao chổi (OST Yakitate Japan!)
Alone Again
スマイル一番 イイ♀ / Smile Ichiban Ii Onna / Người Con Gái Với Nụ Cười Đẹp Nhất
Angry All The Time
A Christmas To Remember
And Then Goodbye
A Death Waltz
うさぎとかめ - Usagi To Kame - The Tortoise and the Hare (K-ON!! Insert Song)
あめふり - Amefuri - Rain Fall (K-ON!! Insert Song)
Alone Again
A Million Raindrops
Anyone Of Us
All To Us
Ayyy Girl (ft. Malik Yusef & Kanye West)
Arraby leia / ساموزين
なんとかなるさ/ Nantoka Narusa /We'll Make It Somehow
All I Want
All American Nightmare
さくらガール / Sakura Girl / Cherry Blossom Girl
Ain't Got No, I Got Life
Alpha Dog
All I Do Is Dream Of You
All I Need Is Love
いつだって君に/ Itsudatte Kimi ni/ With You Always
All Of Me
After Your Love Is Gone
At This Moment
Always Hurt
All Your Life
Almost A Whisper
Autumn Leaves
ハナミズキ / Hanamizuki / Hoa Thủy Mộc- Hitoto Yo / 一青窈
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