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Couldn't Kick My Way Right Into Her Heart
Christmas Canon Rock
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Can't Stand The Night
Call You Tonight
Celebrity Love (ft.Smokey)
Curry Nochi Rice - Curry Before Rice (K-ON! OST)
Cagayake! Girls (K-ON! Opening Theme)
Catching Snowflakes
Call Me
王子の品格 - Ouji no Hinkaku - Dignity of a Prince (Soma Asman Kadar Character Song No.1)
神の右手のテーマ~チキンカリー篇~ - Kami no Migite no Teema ~ Chikin Carii Hen - Theme of God's Right Hand ~The Chicken Curry Chapter~ (Agni Character Song No.1)
Cold As Ice
翼をください / Tsubasa Wo Kudasai / Xin hãy ban cho tôi một đôi cánh
Crossfire-Brandon Flowers
Cooler Than Me
Copy & Paste
私をみつけて - Watashi Wo Mitsukete - Find Me (Pandora Hearts' 2nd Ending Theme)
Can't Stand It
Cinta/ Love (feat Jacyln Victor)
红雪莲 - Hong xue lian - Sen tuyết hồng
Call Thy Name, Stella Mystica (Kuroshitsuji Insert Song)
Can You Be True?
爱来过 - Ai lai guo - Tình yêu đến rồi đi
Can't Let Go
Can't Nobody (Korean Version)
Can't Be Friends
Can't Take That Away From Me
Cry Cry Cry
Cry Cry
Connection (ft. Big Tone) - Tae Yang
Counting The Days
Come Be My Baby
Cactus Life
Cut (The Vampire Diaries OST)
Chains Around My Heart
Children Of The Night
Close My Eyes
Can't Fight This Feeling( FT Junior Caldera)
Crying In The Night
Can't Stop Me
絶望ビリー - Zetsubou Billy - Billy In Despair (Death Note 2nd Ending Theme)
Club Can't Handle Me (Ft. David Guetta)
Coming Back
Calendar Girl
City Of Love
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