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Close To You
Coffee Over Milk ♪ Lee Bo Ram (SeeYa), Hyo Min & Ji Yeon (T-ara) (OST Coffee House)
Coffee House - Eun Jung (OST Coffee House)
Crazy Love
Come Back When You Can (OST The Vampire Diaries)
Come Back To Her
Call On Me
Cherry Saku Yuki
百万本のバラ/ Hyakuman Bon No Bara/ Million Scarlet Roses
Cuando Me Enamoro / When I Fall In Love (feat. Juan Luis Guerra)
Can't Love, Can't Leave
Change Of Heart
Constant As The Stars Above
Crazy 4 U
Close To Close
Cotton Candy Love
Come In Closer
Can't Stop Won't Stop
Cabi Song (Ft. 2PM)
Calling You
Coagulation ♪ 응결
Calling You
烟花易冷 / Yān huā yì lěng / Pháo hoa chóng tàn
California Gurls (ft. Snoop Dogg)
Change Of Heart
CUNx Tuesday
Chemical Rush
爺爺泡的茶 / Ye ye pao de cha / Trà do ông nội pha
Close Your Eyes
Can't Be Tamed
Cowboys From Hell
Catch A Falling Star(Princess Diaries OST)
Cry For The Moon
Can't Back Down ( Camp Rock 2 OST )
Can't Shake It
Clouds (ft. Jay Park & Clara Chung)
Closing Words
Can We Chill
Cross My Broken Heart
Children Of Paradise
Celebration Day
Cold Dawn
Chewed Gum
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