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왜…가니 / Why... Are You Leaving
처음이었죠 / Love Sick ♥ TaeTiSeo
하기 힘든 말 / Words That Are Hard To Say
아낌없이 주는나무 / Selfless Dedicated Trees
If U Seek Amy
I Need Love
처음 사랑 / First Love (OST King 2 Heart)
입모양 / Shape Of Your Lips
친구잖아 / You’re My Friend
I'm A Sinner
삭제 / Delete
산행 / Mountain Climbing
I'll Be There
착한거짓말 / White Lie
이별아… 니가 이겼어 / Goodbye... You Won
I Love You
연예인 / Entertainer
운명/ Unmyeong/ Fate (Swallow The Sun OST)
신사동 그 사람 / That Person In Shinsadong
신화 / Venus
I'm Addicted
사랑이 운다 / Love Is Crying (King 2 Hearts OST)
Into The Dark
Is Anybody Out There (Ft. Nelly Furtado)
I Need Some Sleep (OST Shrek 2)
한참 지나서 / After A Long Time (OST Rooftop Prince)
사랑은 비처럼 / Love Is Like Rain (OST Love Rain)
해피엔딩 / A Happy Ending (Rooftop Prince OST)
It All Belongs To Me (ft. Brandy)
I Wanna Know You (ft. David Archuleta)
If I Catch You
셜록/ Sherlock (Clue + Note)
I Fucked Up
하루하루 / Day By Day ♥ Ji Yeon
I will Praise Your Love Forever
I Still Believe In Love
If I Never Knew You
Inoo (Rain Of Blades) (OST God Of War) (KyuHyun)
If You Come To Me
I Will Be Here For You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
It's Not Over
I Can't Hate You Anymore
아 직 사랑한다/ Still In Love
I Don't Need A Man
I Heart You
안녕 정말 안녕 / This Is Really Goodbye
In My Bed
I Remember You
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