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사랑해도 헤어질 수 있다면 / The Eighth Story
I'm Gonna Run To You
If You Only Knew
I Am Woman (OST Sex and the City II)
I Love You, I Love You - Miryo ft Sunny(SNSD)
If I’m Not (OST Charmed)
잊을만도 한데/ Ijeulmando Hande/ It’s Time to Forget
여자는...알아요 (노는여자)/ Women… Know (Playing Woman)
생각날거야/ Will Think Of You
아플 까 / Looks Painful (OST Wild Romance / 난폭한 로맨스)
일기장 / Diary
It Girl
점점 / Little By Little (Ji Yeon) (OST Jungle Fish 2)
I'm Gonna Come Back
It's Love
I’m There Too
사랑 참 어렵다 / Sarang Cham Eoryeopda/ Love is so difficult
If I Have (Ft Biuret) (Postman To Heaven OST)
하나/ One
It’s Cold (Please Take Care of Us, Captain OST)
사랑하면 할수록/ If We Are In Love, Then ... ( The Classic OST)
I Will (ft. Blake Shelton)
Inanimate Objects
I Can Love You Like That
시간을 거슬러/Back In Time (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST)
쮸쮸쮸/ Chu Chu Chu
I Belong To You (Lie To Me OST)
I Maybe Wrong
It's Spa Day
이럴 줄 알았어/ I Knew It
전쟁이야/ It's War
Imitation Black (Dasoku x Valshe x clear)
I Would Do Anything For You
인연/Fate - (The King's Man OST)
잠자는 숲 속의 왕자/ Sleeping Prince Of The Woods (Ft. Yoon Sang)
우리 사랑했잖아/ We Were In Love (ft. Davichi)
International Love (Ft. Chris Brown)
삼촌/ Uncle (Feat. Lee Juck)
I'm So Bad
I Wish
사랑하다 끝났어/ Saranghada Keutnasseo
If I Say
I've Got You Under My Skin
Is It Still Over
I Don't Know
I Always Kill the Things I Love (L.A. Noire OST)
I Am The Best (Japanese Ver)
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