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잘 알지도 못하면서/ Don't Know Very Well (Protect The Boss OST)
If Cupid Had A Heart
It's Only Love
우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요/ Let Us Just Love (Protect The Boss OST)
알고 있나요 / Do You Know (Gye Baek OST)
어느새 우린/ We've Already (Good Friends)
오페라/ Opera
I Don't Want To Be A Bride
툭하면/Easily (Ft. Skull)
It's Alright (City Hunter OST)
If I Had You
오늘도 사랑해/I Love You Too (The Princess' Man OST)
It Still Matters (feat. Howie D)
죽을 것만 같아/ I Feel Like I'm Going To Die
I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (City Hunter OST) - Goo Hara
I Know ( ft Kim)
I'll Be Loving You (ft. Kat Deluna)
If You Love Me More (Ryeo Wook) (Spy Myung Wol OST)
향수 뿌리지마/ Don't Spray Perfume
If Not Now, When?
피터팬은 죽었다 - Peter Pan Is Dead
천애지아 (하늘 끝에 이르는 바람)/ Walk In A Dreamy Road (Dong Yi OST)
It's Ok
진짜 진짜 좋아해 - Really Really Like You
Inventing Shadows
I Am Behind You (Ye Sung & Jang Hye Jin)
섬 - Island
I'm All About You
I'm In Love With The Hero
I'm Sorry
Ivory Tower
투셰모나모/ Touché Mon Amour
International Love
희야/ Heeya/ Huiya
It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You
현실의 현실 - The Reality Of Reality
한번만 안아줘/ Hug Me Once
I Don't Know
주르륵 주르륵/Trickling
Indio Boy
I Know You Know (ft. Cymphonique)
In Rodanthe (OST Nights In Rodanthe)
It’s Ok
I'm Gonna Shine
I Only Look At You (OST City Hunter - Gyu Ri)
Issei no Sei - Voices In Unison
I'll See Only You (ft. Tae In)
If The Feeling Is Gone
아리랑/ Arirang (Korea's National Anthem,Forklore ver.)
오늘밤/ Tonight (ft.Kang Min Kyung)
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