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Listen To Your Heart
Little Lion Man
Love Hate Sex Pain
Lonely Day (City Hunter OST)
Laughter In The Rain
Last Advice
Last Time
Life Is Cool
Learning Love
Love Is Sweet (幸福 微甜)
Like A Lady
Living In America
Love Recipe
Lighters ( Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars )
Love You Like A Love Song
Little Child
Little Red Balloons
Let It Snow (Hyunseung ft. Gi Kwang)
Livin' On A High Wire
Lady Jane
Little Soldier
Last One Standing
Liar Liar
Loser Of The Year
Live Like You Were Dying
Let It Go (Heo Young Saeng ft.HuynAh)
Last Piece
Letters From Home
Lakes Of Canada
Lost The Best Thing
Lay Your Hands On Me
Let U Go
Like My Mother Does
Love Of My Life - The Wedding Song
Little Lies
Light Up The World
Living Without You
Let Her Go Into Tthe Darkness
Love Is In Your Eyes
Loving You
Look So Easy
Low Day
Love Of My Own
Love Love (X-Men The First Class OST)
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