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You're Going Down
You Got To Bust Your Brothers
You Light Up My Life
You Are The Love Of My Life (ft. Roberta Flack)
You're The Only Place
You'll Never Know
You'll See
You Will Miss Me
You Are The Music In Me (High School Musical 2)
You're Still The One
You Can't Say (You Don't Love Me Anymore)
You Belong To Me
You And Your Love
You Da One
Youth Gone Wild
You Must Have Had A Broken Heart
You Are So Beautiful (To Me)
You Are The One
You're All I Need
You Can Trust In Me
You Belong With Me
You Never Give Me Your Money
You And Me
You Must Love Me
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
You Are My Desire
You Are Beautiful
You Have AIDS
You Have To Be There
You Love Me
You Are Not Alone
You’re My Only Shorty (ft.Iyaz)
Your Surrender
You Can Close Your Eyes
Your Betrayal
You Make Me Feel...(Ft.Sabi)
You Might Think
You & I
You Are So Beautiful (OST Scent Of A Woman) - Kim Jun Su
Y Cómo Es El
You & I
You Will Be Mine
You Won't Forget Me
You And Me (In My Pocket)
Yes I Will
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