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You Are My Everything
You Suck At Love
You're An Angel
You Will Remember Me
You Do The Same For Me
Yankee Doole
Year Of The Cat
Yours To Hold
Your Luv
Yesterday (Ft. Chris Brown)
You're So Right
You Are The Best Of My Life (Lee Hyun)
You Rock My World
You're Free
You Will Be Mine
Young Blood
You Lie
Your Words (ft. Jay Park)
You Will Be Loved
You Belong To Me
You And Beautiful World (ft.Hanatan)
You Already Know
You Are
You're The One
You Can't Fool The Fat Man
Yellow (ft.Hatsune Miku)
You're The One
You're My Spring (Secret Garden OST)
Yowamushi Mont Blanc - Coward Mont Blanc (ft.GUMI)
Your Eyes
Yamim Shel Ahava / ימים של אהבה
You Don't Love Me
Yeah 3x
You Are My Everything (Secret Garden OST)
Yalla Asia (Feat. Karl Wolf, Radhika Vekaria)
You Are There
You and I
You Still Won't Know What It's Like
You Can Win
Yummy (ft. Pharrell)
You Make Me Sick
You Set The Rhythm
You're My Special One
You're Not Ferb
You Like Me Too Much
You Won't Find This
You And I
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