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You Look So Good In Love
You Want History
Young Love
Your man
You And Me
You Needed Me
You Don't Have To Call Me
You Are The One
You And Me
Yellow Butterfly
You Take Me Around The World
You See Friends (I See Lovers)
You're Gonna Miss This
You Send Me (ft. M Bolton)
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
You Spin Me Round
You Better Pray
You Are My Heaven
You And Me
You'ra Not Alone
Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow
You Got Me
You're My Melody
You're My Mate
You're My Berry Best Friend (Strawberry Shortcake Soundtrack)
Your Girl
You Bring Me Joy (The One ft Tae Yeon)
You Sexy Thing
You Remind Me
You Need A Man Like Me
You'll Be In My Heart
You’re My Regilion
You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight
You Haven't Asked Me Yet
You'll Never Be Alone
You Are My Life
You Raise Me Up
You Are My Love
You're A God
You Are My Sunshine
Young love
You Don't Know What Love Is
You Make Me Feel Brand New
Young Folks
Yes I Love You
You Weren't There
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