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Above All



Above all powers, above all kings
Above all nature and all created things
Above all wisdom and all the ways of man
You were here before the world began

Above all kingdoms, above all thrones
Above all wonders the world has ever known
Above all wealth and treasures of the earth
There's no way to measure what you're worth

Laid behind a stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all




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Vượt trên mọi hiểu biết và mọi đường lối nhân gian
Người đã có trước khi thế giới tạo dựng.

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Chẳng có cách nào để đo được giá trị của Người

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Thân xác yên nghỉ trong chiếc hang có hòn đá lớn chặn cửa
Người đã hạ mình xuống dương gian mang lấy phận người để rồi nhận lấy sự ruồng bỏ, khinh khi của người đời mà chết trong cô độc
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Bài hát của: Unknown:

寂寞寂寞就好 / Ji mo ji mo jiu hao / Cô đơn, cô đơn thì tốt
[ti:寂寞寂寞就好] [ar:田馥甄] [al:To Hebe] 还是原来那个我 不过流掉几公升泪所以变瘦 对着镜子我承诺 迟早我会还这张脸一堆笑容 不算什麽 爱错就爱错 早点认错 早一点解脱 我寂寞寂寞就好 这时候谁都别来安慰 拥抱 就让我一个人去痛到受不了 想到快疯掉 死不了就还好 我寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用来我回忆里微笑 我就不相信我会笨到忘不了 赖着不放掉 人本来就寂寞的 借来的都该还掉 我总会把你戒掉 还是原来那个你 是我自己做梦你有改变什麽 再多的爱也没用 每个人有每个人的业障因果 会有什麽 什麽都没有 早点看破 才看得见以後 我寂寞寂寞就好 这时候谁都别来安慰 拥抱 就让我一个人去痛到受不了 想到快疯掉 死不了就还好 我寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用来我回忆里 微笑 我就不相信我会笨到忘不了 赖着不放掉 人本来就寂寞的 我总会把你戒掉 ---Pinyin--- [ti: Jì mò jì mò jiù hǎo ] [ar: Tián Fù Zhēn ] [al:To Hebe] hái shì yuán lái...
Oh My God
Oh my god I wonder when you try to kill me I wonder when you try to beat me I wonder when you try to punish me And i...
Going Crazy (English Version) (Youtube's members cover)
This can not be love This is not what i call love It's you...playing with my mind Your eyes are set on me Always watching over me Let me go, i don't love you...
The Unofficial Smithers Love Song (Hey Mr.Burns) (Fan of The Simpson)
Hey, Mr. Burns. You thought your money could buy you the world. I said hey there, Mr. Burns. I happen to notice that you don't have a girl. Smithers loves...
I'm In Love (My Sassy Girl OST)
You and I, Alone in the night Dancing to the rhythm of love shining so bright I can’t take my eyes off you Tell me, darling, if it’s true The skies...
わんわんお にゃんにゃん - Wan-Wan-o Nyan-Nyan-o - Go Ruff-Ruff, Go Meow-Meow (ft.Nayuta)
==Kanji== あなたは何のために働いてるの? 自分が生きていくためでしょう あなたは今生きていますか? 本当は言い切れないんでしょう 明日も遅くまで やりたいことだって置いてけぼりで 会いたい人 行きたいとこ 耐えてばかり 泣きたいことだって知ってるよ わんわんお わんわんお 我慢ばっかりしてさ わんわんお わんわんお 辛くなったらね ほら にゃんにゃんお わんわんお わんわんお 理不尽なことばかりで わんわんお わんわんお 疲れたらね ほら にゃんにゃんお あなたは何のために縛られてるの? 自分が幸せになるためでしょう 捨てた幸せはありませんか? 本当は分かっているんでしょう 機嫌をとって 従って 苦しいことすら言えもしないで 壊れ始めてることを知りながらも どうして見ないフリ続けるの? わんわんお わんわんお いつも自分は二の次 わんわんお わんわんお 頑張り過ぎたら ほら にゃんにゃんお わんわんお わんわんお ひとりで抱え込んで...
Pinocchio En Hiver (kalinka)
J’ai fait un rêve hier Pinocchio en hiver Sur la Place Rouge à Moscou J’ai emmené Marilou Sous le ciel étoilé On s’est mis à danser Sur un air qu’on appelle la kalinka La la li...
I Came To Play (WWE)
Awesome I came to play I came to play There a price to pay Time for you to get down on your knees and pray I came to pay Say goodbye to the good old days Thier...
The Sword In The Stone
A legend is sung Of when England was young And knights were brave and bold The good king had died And no one could decide Who was rightful heir To the throne It seemed that the land Would...
Facebook Love (David May Ft. Max Urban)
I’ve met the scene a girl in a my life I do before Her eyes, her lips, her face, that’s all I ever wanted And this is how all...
The Song In Dairy Milk Silk Ad
♥ Kiss me Close your eyes Miss me Close your eyes Kiss me I can be your lips on your fingertips and happiness in your eyes Kiss me Close your eyes Miss me Close your eyes ♥
Find Me In The River
Find me in the River Find me on my knees I've walked against the water Now I'm waiting if you please We've longed to see the roses But never felt the thorns And bought our pretty...
不要你的我 / Bu yao ni de wo / Không cần anh
[ti: 不要你的我] [ar: 利得汇] [al: 花痴] [ly: 吴听彻] [mu: 吴听彻] 旋转 没有牵手 不在意 会抓不住我 拐弯後的角落 你又用暗语偷偷的沟通 和谁 你不肯说 反正 我也听不懂 到最後 我决定 不给你机会 丢下我 是不要你的我 也画出了彩虹 我停下了 欲言又止的等候 对你说 是不要你的我 不随你而摆动 握紧了拳头 在你心上搥下 我的 自由 ---Pinyim--- [ti: Bú yào nǐ de wǒ ] [ar:...
I Miss You - Jenson
Yeah..This's song for you. You know who you are Baby girl...ohh I miss you so Baby girl....Baby girl...yeah..oh I did some things i shouldnt have done Said some things that were wrong Girl, i...
In My Heart
When I feel alone when i feel lost you're always there to wipe my tears to chase my fears away from me you tell me to hold on if i should fall if i should fail you're always...
Pretty Island (Mike. Lu & Og Theme Song)
Mike Lu & Og, On the island, Mike Lu & Og, Pretty island, Mike Lu & Og, Where nobody goes. On the endless sky, Fish are jumping high, It's an island...
Telephone Parody (The Key Of Awesome)
GAGA What do you say BK? BEYONCE Are you going to tell me that concept for this telephone video or what? GAGA First of all this song is not as good as Bad Romance And...
Just The Way You Are (Parody)
Oh my eyes, my eyes Musta been so blurry when I first saw you Make Up Make up Really workin wonders, who put that on you Cuz you were beautiful When I spotted...
人魚姫 / Ningyo Hime / Nàng Tiên Cá
たとえ泡になろうとも 私はあなたが好きでした この海と空に溶けて あなたを見守るわ 海の底で 夢に見てた 空に満ちる 蒼い星を 海の中で 望んでいた 時が満ちる 日が来るまで 厚い雲と波にはさまれた 底であの日あなたと出会う 初めて知ったこの思いに 胸が張り裂けそう たとえ足が痛んでも 私はあなたが好きでした ダンスは踊れないけど  あなたを見守るわ 城の中で 私は知る 空の星は 手に取れない たとえ声を 張り上げても あなたまでは 届かないの 船の上で 呼ばれる名を 姉が持つは 銀のナイフ 彼を殺せ 姉の声に 「私は・・・」 歌え 歌え 海の底で 歌へ 歌へ 思いを込めて たとえ声が届かなくても 私は歌い続けます。 この風に歌が乗って あなたを包むように たとえ泡になろうとも 私はあなたが好きでした この海と空に溶けて あなたを見守るわ --------------------------------------- tatoe awa ni narō tomo watashi wa anata ga suki deshita kono umi to sora ni tokete anata o mimamoru wa umi no soko de yume ni miteta sora ni michiru aoi hoshi o umi...
High School Sucks
[Boy] You’re new here, aren’t you? [Boy 2] How did you know! [Boy] Hey, I know everyone at this school, bro! [Boy] (smells Boy 2) [Boy] You smell new! [Boy] (licks Boy 2) [Boy] You taste new, too! [Boy 2] Ya!...
柠檬树 / Ning meng shu / Cây chanh
[ti:柠檬树] [ar:苏彗伦] 一个人孤单单的下午 当风吹得每棵树都想跳舞 记得昨天你穿蓝色衣服 你说对爱太专注容易孤独 这句话什么意思我不清楚 我爱上了云爱上你 多么希望像你自由来去 原来星期天容易思念 反覆看部电影一遍一遍 孤独的流著眼泪回忆太美 爱多美丽充满香气 只是在心里它总是酸溜溜地 我不懂我自己越来越像 lemon tree 我一天一天更爱你 我不管不管不管爱会苦苦地 海蓝蓝的天气我的爱是 lemon tree 我爱上了云爱上你 多么希望像你自由来去 原来星期天容易想念 反覆看部电影一遍一遍 孤独的流著眼泪回忆太美 isolation 想住进你心里 isolation 期待下雨的一棵 lemon tree 你总是望著蓝蓝海面 说著流浪过的梦容易实现 这句话什么意思我不清楚 爱多美丽充满香气 只是在心里它总是酸溜溜地 我不懂我自己越来越像 lemon tree 我一天一天更爱你 我不管不管不管爱会苦苦地 海蓝蓝的天气我的爱是 lemon tree (哦....不管不管) 我一天一天更爱你 我不管不管不管爱会苦苦地 海蓝蓝的天气 海蓝蓝的天气 海蓝蓝的天气我的爱是 lemon tree ---Pinyin--- [ti:níng méng shù ] [ar:sū huì lún ] yī gè rén gū dān dān de xià wǔ dāng...
想你的习惯 - Xiang ni de xi guan - Nhớ thói quen của em
[ti:想你的习惯] [ar:小宇] 就这样简单你走过来 而我终於明白了 自己为何要存在 慢慢的我已经离不开 因为我已爱上你了 没有任何原因的 如果我说爱你能不能永远相信 这一天我想跟着你 跟你说你最爱的笑话 我想以后都能在一起 每天想着你已变成习惯 一直幻想你在我身边 牵着你的手我和你甜蜜的走 世界宽得有一些无奈 你和我只有一个 该怎么不怕孤单 说好了我们都要勇敢 就算不小心迷路了 也能够听见你的 如果我说爱你能不能永远相信 找到你的幸运多完美(多完美) 所有感觉多特别(多特别) 想带你走到世界边缘(喔) 未来不变 这一天我想跟着你 跟你说你最爱的笑话 我想以后都能在一起 每天想着你已变成习惯 一直幻想你在我身边 牵着你的手我和你甜蜜的走 我和你甜蜜的走 ---Pinyin--- [ti:xiǎng nǐ de xí guàn ] [ar:xiǎo yǔ ] jiù zhè yàng jiǎn dān nǐ zǒu guò lái ér wǒ zhōng yú míng bái le zì jǐ wéi hé yào cún zài...
Superheroes Legends (Bakuman Theme Song)
==Romanji== hero sore wa densetsu hero sore wa kakkoii hero kimi no naka ni aru atsui energy douiu wakedaka dai-pinch sonna toki koso waratte miro yo kyodai na aite ni tachimukae sousa ima hashiridasunda minna no egao wo anoko...
The Slightly Chipped Full Moon (Alois Trancy's Character Song)
The full moon slightly chipped That's so me So please Save me and hold me tight Just make me all right Under the dark clouds Wingless swans in my soul From the fortress, a pessimist My howl...
老鼠不再爱大米 / Lao Shu Bu zai Ai Da Mi/ Chuột không còn yêu gạo
* 老鼠不再爱大米 - 陈艺鹏 nǐ líkāi zhīhòu wǒ yào zìjǐ zǒu 你离开之后我要自己走 after u left, i left too fàngkāi shǒu bù huítóu 放开手不回头 once u let go, dont return chuāngwài de yún bù tíngliú 窗外的云不停留 the clouds...
Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen - I Am Lost To The World
==German== Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen, Mit der ich sonst viele Zeit verdorben, Sie hat so lange nichts von mir vernommen, Sie mag wohl glauben, ich sei gestorben! Es ist...
Eyes Say
《Eyes say》 歌手:Rim 作曲:苏振宇 作词:Kim Dug Soo I say I say 我们相处每一刻? 藏在心中没忘记 I pray for you.. Please baby hold my hand 迷人的温柔双睛像水晶般的透明 是否能化身成为我天使? Don’t say good-bye 要牵着你毫无牵挂的在一起? My Boo 你? 就是唯一? 谁都不能够来代替 You...
红雪莲 - Hong xue lian - Sen tuyết hồng
我走过了你的身旁看到了你的眼泪 我的心里涌起了一股浓浓的柔情 我不愿看到你的泪水再往下流 我决定帮你甩去失意重回到伊甸园 你的笑容让我痴醉让我心里好冲动 你长长的黑发连起了我对你的柔情 你那深情的眼睛让我想起天山的湖水 你那坚强的身影让我坚定了自己的爱心 我来到了你的家门看到了你和你的旧情人 我收回了笑容任那泪水哗哗往下流 我的眼前是黑暗痛苦 心绪难于再表白 我收回了写了一夜的情书我收回了我的爱 你来到了我的身旁叫我不要再流泪 你给我了一个甜甜的吻叫我不要再伤怀 你说你需要真正的爱情不是虚伪的表白 我不愿听你的解释说你不是个好小孩 有一天你上了天山再也没有回家来 在冰雪过后我找到了你那冻僵的身怀 你的怀中放着为我病中所采下的红雪莲 我知道了这是你对我最后的表白 我知道了这是你对我最后的表白 ---Pinyin--- wǒ zǒu guò le nǐ de shēn páng kàn dào le nǐ de yǎn lèi wǒ de xīn lǐ yǒng qǐ le yī gǔ nóng nóng de róu qíng...
你到底爱谁 - Ni dao di ai sui - Rút cuộc Em yêu ai
你到底爱谁 演唱: 亮亮 专辑: 亲爱的不要离开我 亮亮-你到底爱谁 一个人喝醉 好想找个人来陪 我们之间有太多的误会 爱不能再沉睡 是可悲 是摧毁 我不要再为谁掉眼泪 爱过才后悔 想要永久来麻醉 我们之间有太多的误会 爱不能再沉睡 是可悲 是摧毁 我不要再为谁而心碎 求求你给我个机会 不要再对爱说无所谓 如果相爱是完美 就让我们用真心去面对 求求你给我个机会 不要再对爱说无所谓 留下了太多伤悲 告诉我你到底爱着谁 ---Pinyin--- nǐ dào dǐ ài shuí yǎn...
Wie schön! (Kuroshitsuji's Insert Song)
Wie schön! Lyrics: Kano Kaori Composition: Iwasaki Taku Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku ==Germany== Aus zum Nachthimmel, streck’ich mich, der mich blendet. Ich fleh’Dich an, Du Wundergöttin mein! Du gibst mir die Kraft des Lebens. Aus der...
Call Thy Name, Stella Mystica (Kuroshitsuji Insert Song)
Night above the forest Through dusty moonlight He, a crystal sheep Come falling with grace Embrace like a snake Trace through my silk nape Kiss to my fate Fulfill my desires Shadows and lying blue dolls Make thee...
Suo Gân
==Welsh== Huna blentyn yn fy mynwes Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon; Breichiau mam sy'n dynn amdanat, Cariad mam sy dan fy mron; Ni cha' dim amharu'th gyntun, Ni wna undyn â thi gam; Huna'n dawel,...
青 衣 - Qing Yi - Áo xanh
[ti: 青 衣] [ar: 馬天宇] [al: 飛] 每逢秋去冬来是人去花又别 叹一声缘分不该如此难求 所谓的爱与不爱相隔在哪般 为何会让你宁愿白头也守候 时间已覆水难收 弹诉哀愁泪不休 梦碎后已难再回首 弹琵琶又见当年镜前你梳头 拨一首满花春秀 今日月下再醉孤酒 雨落枝头年复一年谁白发留 让爱随相思入梦左右 梦见我们还挽着手 Repeat. ---Pinyin--- [ti: Qīng yī ] [ar: Mǎ Tiān Yǔ ] [al: Fēi ] měi féng qiū qù dōng lái shì rén qù huā yòu bié tàn yī...
Die Hasen - The Rabbits (Kuroshitsuji's Insert Song)
==Germany== Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Lauf bis wohin? Straßen und Gassen nach rechts oder links. Mögen der Himmel, die Sonne uns dummen zeigen “Wo ist der Schwur?” Findest du den das Vollständigkeit...
Everything (Chinese melody)
Everything Sitting here alone with you, I am feeling so good. Whispering into your ear, I am in love with you. You’re my sunshine on in cloudy day. You...
You're Already Gone
Do- You like the way it feels When nobody will reply- to your questions Do- You like the way it feels Whenever you ignore me Makes me wild, makes...
I Can't Believe
Since I fell in love I never want you to leave You bring to me Everything i never knew before You'll always be the one for me Do you feel...
Sirens Of The Sea (Coraline OST)
I'm known as the siren of all seven seas The breaker of hearts by the bay So if you go swimming with bow-legged women I might steal your weak heart away A big-bottomed seawitch...
Other Father Song
Making up a song about Coraline She's a peach she's a doll she's a pal of mine She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their...
You Don't Have To Say Goodbye
You must leave and i know you will I just keep staring in your eyes Wonder what to do, wonder what to say Wonder why must you go away...? All the love that...
Gone In Seprate Way
It's all over we had gone We had gone in separate ways No more sad goodbyes No more tears to cry Even though i know you have tried to But its too late now we've...
It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)
When the temperature dips I miss my baby's arms His tender finger tips Knows just how to keep me warm It may be zero degrees With the snow falling down But I've got warm and tender...
远处有座山 / Yuan chu you zuo shan / Nơi xa có ngọn núi
[ti: 远处有座山] [ar: 曹芙嘉] 远处有座山 山上有棵树 树下有个茅草屋茅草屋 天上有朵云 慢慢散成雾 地上的风在追逐在追逐 远处有座山 山上有棵树 一家人在屋里住屋里住 非常非常非常的幸福 ---Pinyin--- [ti: Yuǎn chù yǒu zuò shān ] [ar: Cáo Fú Jiā ] Yuǎn chù yǒu zuò shān Shān shàng yǒu kē shù Shù xià yǒu gè...
I’ll Always Be Your Mother
This is a special day When two are joined as one I love my new daughter I’ll always love you son Care for each other Be faithful till the end Follow what’s in your heart May you...
Say You'll Be Mine
Heaven holds the sky will be mine When you say you’re mine Oh my darling say you be mine love you all the time Love you forever always together till the end of...
I Am So In Love With You
I can tell you miss me too Why can’t you just let it show You can tell a thousand lies But I’ve learned my lession all so well I know you’ve been missing me Even...
I Will Wait For You
When i saw you with another guy i am almost crazy i can't believe my eyes i wonder where did our love go wrong where the two of us meant to end this...
梦江南 / Meng Jiang nan / Mộng Giang nam
草青青~水蓝蓝~ 啊白云深处是故乡 故乡在江南~ 雨茫茫~桥弯弯~ 啊白帆片片是梦乡 梦乡在江南~ 不知今宵是何时的云烟 也不知今夕是何夕的睡莲 只愿能够化作唐宋诗篇 长眠在你的身边 独:不知今宵是何时的云烟 也不知今夕是何夕的睡莲 只愿能够化作唐宋诗篇 长眠在你的身边 雨茫茫~桥弯弯~ 啊白帆片片是梦乡 梦乡在江南~ 不知今宵是何时的云烟 也不知今夕是何夕的睡莲 只愿能够化作唐宋诗篇 长眠在你的身边 只愿能够化作唐宋诗篇 长眠在你的身边 ----Pinyin----- cǎo qīng qīng ~ shuǐ lán lán ~ ā bái yún shēn chù shì gù xiāng gù xiāng zài jiāng nán ~ yǔ máng máng ~ qiáo wān wān ~ ā bái fān...
Trip To Wonderland
Wonderland Get on a trip with me tonight Follow me to the other side Dancin' together hand in hand Takin' a trip to Wonderland There is a place for you and me Like in your wildest...
恋の片道切符 - Original Love/ Koi No Katamichi Kippu/ One Way Ticket To The Blues
Choo choo train あてどもなく 帰ることのない旅に出て 片道切符にぎって Bye bye love, 君が去って 小雨はじく窓が頬に冷たい 片道切符のブルース 途中下車してlonesome town 今夜もheartbreak hotel もぐりこむベッドで ただただ涙 ひた走るトライン 行ったきりで帰らない思いは 片道切符のBlues 片道切符 途中下車してlonesome town 今夜もheartbreak hotel もぐりこむベッドで ただただ涙 Choo choo train誰も僕を 見つけられないほど遠くへ 片道切符にぎって たどりつけないどこへも 恋の片道切符 ----------------- Choo Choo train, ate domonaku Kaeru koto no nai tabi ni dete oh oh Katamichi kippu ni gitte Bye...
Mother's Day Song
Mother, I’m gonna take the time to tell you that I’m love ya I’m gonna send some out from my sisters and brothers You love us with a love that’s like...
Catch A Falling Star(Princess Diaries OST)
Catch a falling star an put it in your pocket, Never let it fade away! Catch a falling star an put it in your pocket, Save it for a rainy day! For...
遇上你是我的缘 / Yu shang ni shi wo de yuan / Gặp anh là định mệnh của đời em
遇上你是我的缘 高 山 下 的 情歌 是这弯弯的河 我的心在那河水里游.. 蓝天下的相思 是这弯弯的路 我的梦都装在行囊中 一切等待不再是等待 我的一生就选择了你 遇上你是我的缘 守望你是我的歌 亲爱的亲爱的亲爱..的.. 我..爱..你.. 就象山里的雪.莲.花. 就象山里的雪.莲..花. 嗨.嗨.嗨. ---pinyin--- yù...
两只老虎 / Liang zi lao hu / Hai con hổ
两只老虎, 两只老虎, 跑得快, 跑得快, 一只没有眼睛, 一只没有尾巴, 真奇怪, 真奇怪。 ---pinyin--- Liǎng zhī láo hǔ, liǎng zhī láo hǔ, Pǎo dé kuài, pǎo dé kuài, Yì zhī méi yǒu yǎn jing, Yì...
别说我的眼泪你无所谓 / Bie shuo wo de yan lei ni wu suo wei / Đừng nói rằng em hờ hững trước lệ anh rơi
一个人在这个夜里 孤单得难以入睡 真的想找个人来陪 不愿意一个人喝醉 醉了以后就会流泪 数着你给的伤悲 为什么你总让我憔悴 别说我的眼泪你无所谓 看我流泪你头也不回 哭过了泪干了心变成灰 我想要的美你还不想给 伤了的我的心怎去面对 爱给了你我不后悔 只希望你给我一次机会 让我去追让我去飞 毕竟爱过的心需要安慰 需要你安慰 ---pinyin--- yí gè rén zài zhè ge yè lǐ gū dān dé nán yǐ rù shuì zhēn de xiǎng zhǎo gè rén lái péi bú yuàn yì yí gè rén hē...
Swimming Pools
We are sore the length of our bodies We restore water we cry We are nothing if not your granddaughters We have been nothing but dignified We, we brave bee stings and all And...
Beds Are Burning
Out where the river broke The blood wood and the desert oak Holden wrecks and boiling diesels Steam in forty five degrees The time has come To say fair's fair To pay the rent To pay our...
樱花草 / Ying hua cao / Cỏ anh đào
晚风吹动着竹林 月光拉长了身影 萤火虫 一闪闪 满山飞舞的钱币 天上银河在发光 地上风铃来歌唱 织女星 在远方 古老浪漫的神话 ** 流水 走过 春夏四季的变换 幸福在漫延 爱你永恒不孤单 ** 恋人手中 樱花草 春彩满布的微笑 种下了 一朵朵 青春璀璨的年少 恋人怀中樱花草 听见胸膛心在跳 偷偷的 在思念 那是我们相爱的 记号(味道) ** 远方钟声在响起 蛙鸣唱起了摇篮曲 白沙滩 月弯弯 爱你香甜的梦里 天上银河在发光 地上风铃来歌唱 织女星 在远方 许下爱恋的愿望 -------Phiên âm------ wan feng chui guo zhe...
Prince Ali (Aladdin Soundtrack)
Make way for Prince Ali Say hey! It's Prince Ali Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar Hey you! Let us through! It's a bright new star! Oh Come! Be the first on your block to...
姑娘我爱你 / Gu niang wo ai ni / Cô bé thân yêu ơi, anh yêu em
长长的头发黑黑的眼睛 好象在什么地方见过你 山上的格桑花开的好美丽 我要摘一朵亲手送给你 纯纯的笑容傻傻的话语 烙印在我的心头难忘记 头上的彩蝶啊飞得好甜蜜 相要对你说我已爱上你 ----REFF- 亲爱的姑娘我爱你 让我走进你的世界和你在一起 亲爱的姑娘我爱你 生生世世为你付出一切我也愿意 Phiên âm: gu niang wo ai ni chang chang de tou fa hei hei de yan jing hao xiang zai shen me di fang zian guo ni shan shang de ge shang hua kai...
甜甜圈 / Tian tian quan / Bánh ngọt tròn
小薰:天天 非常想你的天天 飞过城市的边缘 降落爱你的终点 想念 互道晚安的每天 却又舍不得说再见 你的笑那么甜 我的直觉就是那么的坚决 不怕有暴风圈 因为你是我 最晴朗的大晴天 爱 要你牵我的手每一天 我要非常用心感觉 因为爱你 才是我最后 最美丽的句点 喜欢在你的肩膀盘旋 习惯两个人的世界 因为爱你 才让我的心 永远像甜甜圈 阿本:牵你的手还是有点紧张 看你双眼怎黱好好说话 这次真的下定决心鼓起勇气拥抱你让我们的爱连成完美圈圈 曾经怀疑自己是否能保护你是你让我看见世界美丽 是你带我走向温暖生命因为有你我的天空放晴 紧握住你的手一起迎接未来 十八岁的蔚蓝环绕永远的爱 小薰:天天 非常想你的天天 飞过城市的边缘 降落爱你的终点 想念 互道晚安的每天 却又舍不得说再见 你的笑那么甜 我的直觉就是那么的坚决 不怕有暴风圈 因为你是我 最晴朗的大晴天 爱 要你牵我的手每一天 我要非常用心感觉 因为爱你 才是我最后 最美丽的句点 喜欢在你的肩膀盘旋 习惯两个人的世界 因为爱你 才让我的心 永远像甜甜圈 阿本:是否能够继续因为你能让我真正充满勇气 有你才可以真正面对自己一起面对未来 十八岁的蔚蓝两人一起拥抱永远的爱 小薰:爱 要你牵我的手每一天 我要非常用心感觉 因为爱你 才是我最后...
就想賴著你 / Down With Love / Muốn dựa vào em
有 点 拽 yǒu diǎn zhuāi 有 点 坏 yǒu diǎn huài 你 的style 很 难 猜 nǐ de style hěn nán cāi 不 太 符 合 观 众 的 期 待 bù tài...
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire
I forgot to wear my cross tonight I left my garlic at home It's so dumb but it's so fun To wander 'round the city alone I'm runnin', fallin' down Chase me all around...
Love Melody (Cassiopeia's Song)
=== Romanji=== Dosotgae ae byuldeuri oori aegae sogsag eenmal Yongwon halgojyo? Yongwon hamneeda yongwonhee hana dang yonhajiyo oh Geurigo majimakgeu hanmadi I love you forever Jigeum buto shijakdwaeneun oori durae Melody Chonun nae banhandaneun geumareul...
Ee Byul Mot Han Ee Byul (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) (Jisun From Loveholic)
-----------Kanji------------ 잊지 않았으니 해맑은 웃음 빛나던 우리 옛날들을 이미 지웠으니 숨가쁜 눈물 까맣게 병든 내 모양은 그 대 고운 내 사랑아 손을 잡아다오 다시 내게로 와서 곱디고운 꽃노래처럼 가득낀 먼지를 털어온 거울 흐린 달빛에 씻어보네 세월에 깊은 잠 푸석한...
[ti: 老鼠爱大米] [ar: 香香] 我听见你的声音 有种特别的感觉 让我不断想不敢再忘记你 我记得有一个人 永远留在我心中 哪怕只能够这样的想你 如果真的有一天 爱情理想会实现 我会加倍努力好好对你永远不改变 不管路有多么远 一定会让它实现 我会轻轻在你耳边对你说(对你说) 我爱你爱着你 就像老鼠爱大米 不管有多少风雨我都会依然陪着你 我想你想着你 不管有多么的苦 只要能让你开心我什么都愿意 这样爱你 -Pinyin-- [ti: láo shǔ ài dà mǐ ] [ar: xiāng xiāng ] wǒ tīng jiàn nǐ de shēng yīn yǒu zhǒng tè bié de gǎn jué ràng wǒ bú...
Proud To Be ELF
How wonderful life is , while you are in the world How wonderful life is , when I hear your songs Proud to love you with heart Proud to shout your...
Everything is Never Quite Enough
Moments take so very long: who has time to fear? Trust to set no precedent; why should it be accompli? Giving you a little less is taking what I need. Everything is never...
Rowan's Song
Did you know we were waiting to meet you, Before you had a name? All who loved you were happy to greet you On the day when you came. All the world was...
逍遥无穷 / Xiao Yao Wu Qiong / Tiêu diêu Vô Cùng
[ti: 逍遥无穷] [ar: 何中华 郭晋安 康华 群星] [os: 八仙全传] 望酒影醉看人间尘世太多苦痛 我轻摇蒲扇别忧愁生死掌握手中 挥神剑斩破红尘驱魔道最是功 我倒行归隐山水中不惹一丝凡庸 吹奏天上曲仙乐朦胧 玉板声唤醒一切错综 骨若白玉青葱貌似初荷落虹 竹篮花恰似琼楼玉宫 问谁侠气如泓 看世间欢笑悲痛 芳名千载何用欢笑自在秋冬 我只求逍遥无穷 我只求逍遥无穷 Pinyin: Wàng jiǔ yǐng zuì kàn rén jiān chén shì tài duō kǔ Wǒ qīng yáo pú shàn bié yōu chóu shēng sǐ zhǎng wò shǒu...
Pucca (Theme Song)
Pucca loves Garu He's a pretty boy Ninjas eat noodles It's a Kissy chase, Kissy face Wham Bam Bam Pu-pu-pu-Pucca, Pu-pu-pu-Pucca, Funny Love Pu-pu, Pu-pu-pu-pucca, Pu-pu-pu-pucca, Funny Love, Pu-pu, Pucca Loves...
Catch The Eels
Yelling to all my friends gather around the field Inside the muddy field hiding many eels Wait for you everyday just to catch the eels Since the rain has stopped now let's go...
Cool Whispers
Cool Whispers drift from the north on the night. Yet you warm my heart for we hold the light. The land must fade from green into white. Hush my heart...
It's Just Not The Same (Chẳng Còn Như Xưa)
Stepping down from the train, wondering would things be the same Little did I know, it's a fact of life You can play the game a again Funny how the street...
Here's The Story
This is the story Of Jeremy and claire Walk down to the rainbow... And took his chances there May I love the angel who I dare get to be true It's where I change a...
我曾用心爱着你- Wo ceng yong xin ai zhe ni - Em đã từng thật lòng yêu anh
我曾用心的来爱著你 为何不见你对我用真情 无数次在梦中与你相遇 惊醒之后你到底在哪里 不管时光如何被错过 如果这一走, 你是否会想起我 这种感觉往后日子不再有 别让这份情换成空 你总是如此如此如此的冷漠 我却是多么多么多么的寂寞 事隔多年你我各分东西 我会永远把你留在生命里 ----Phiên âm---- wo ceng yong xin de...
Ben 10 (Theme Song)
It started when an alien device did what it did And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid He's Ben...
너에게 난 나에게 넌/ Neo-e-ge Nan Na-e-ge Neon/ I Am Yours, You Are Mine (The Classic OST)
=========Hangul========== ♫ 너에게 난 해질녘 노을처럼 한편의 아름다운 추억이 되고 소중했던 우리 푸르던 날을 기억하며 음 후회없이 그림처럼 남아 주기를 나에게 넌 내 외롭던 지난 시간을 환하게 비춰주던 햇살이 되고 조그맣던 너의 하얀 손위에 빛나는 보석처럼 영원의 약속이...
爱与哀愁 - Ai yu ai chou - Tình yêu và buồn khổ
[ti: 爱与哀愁] [ar: 童安格] 走在风雨中我不曾回头 只想让自己习惯寂寞 如果在梦中没有你没有我 能不能够让自己不再难过 爱并不会是一种罪过 恨也不会是一种解脱 爱与哀愁对我来说象杯烈酒 美丽却难以承受 点一根烟喝一杯酒能醉多久 醒来后依然是我 走在风雨中我不想回头 能不能够让自己不再难过 ----Pinyin---- [ti: ai yu ai chou ] [ar: tong an ge ] zou zai feng yu zhong wo bu cen hui tou zhi xiang rang zi ji xi guan ji mo...
Five Little Pumpkins
Five little pumpkins Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said, “oh my it’s getting late.” The second one said, “there are witches in the air.” The third one...
Last Man Standing (Leo & Vanessa)
[L] Well you keep Coming back Like a cat, you find your way back in Tell me how Help me out Wanna make you go away again [V] This is the end, it's over, over How...
雪人 - Xue ren - Người tuyết
[ti: 雪人] [ar: 范晓萱] 好冷 雪已经积的那么深 Merry X'mas to you 我深爱的人 好冷 整个冬天在你家门 Are you my snow man? 我痴痴痴痴的等 雪 一片一片一片一片 拼出你我的缘份 我的爱 因你而生 你的手摸出我的心疼 雪 一片一片一片一片 在天空静静缤纷 眼看春天就要来了 而我也将也将不再生存 MUSIC... -----Pinyin----- [ti: xuě rén ] [ar: fàn xiǎo xuān ] hǎo lěnɡ xuě yǐ jīnɡ jī de nà me shēn...
Ma Belle Evangeline (The Princess And The Frog OST)
Look how she lights up the sky, Ma Belle Evangeline. So far above me yet I, Know her heart belongs to only me. Je t'adore, Je t'aime, Evangeline, You're my...
昙花 - Tan hua - Hoa Quỳnh
[ti: 昙花] [ar: 张洪量] 是谁带走了你 让我得不到你 你用你的爱情 说出生命的意义 着魔的瞬间 世界变好美 以为一直这样会到永远 爱你 这一切都是我自愿 你像昙花一现 雪花般消失在我眼前 人说爱痛到极点 什么都可以谅解 为什么我都不能体会 为何会爱上你 连我自己都不能了解 我是多么的想你 多么的想看到你 你明知道我还在迷恋 昙花一现的那夜 ----Pinyin---- [ti: Tán huā] [ar: Zhāng Hóng Liàng] Shì shuí dài zǒu le nǐ Ràng wǒ dé bú dào nǐ Nǐ yòng nǐ de ài qíng Shuō chū shēng...
悲しき天使/ Kanashika Tenshi/ Those Were The Days
1木枯らしの街をゆく ひとりぼっちの私 思い出の広場で思わず足を止める (*)思い出すはあの日のこと 暖かい恋の夢春の風と鳥の歌と やさしいあなたがいた ラララ~ラ~ララ…… 2冷たい風に思う 年月の流れ ほほ笑みもささやきも もう帰って来ない (*繰り返す) 3貴方の腕の中で 喜びに震えた 幼き日の私 もう帰って来ない (*繰り返す) -------------- 1 Kogarashi no machi wo yuku Hitori bocchi no watashi Omoide no hiroba de Omowazu ashi wo tomeru ĐK: Omoidasu wa ano hi no koto Atatakai koi no yume Haru no kaze to Tori no uta to Yasashii anata...
最后一次 - Zui hou yi ci - Lần cuối cùng
[ti: 最后一次] [ar: 薛晓枫] [ly+mu: 秦天] 秋天的落叶最后一次安然飘落 你说要陪着我一起走到最后 冬天里的眼泪在孤单流浪 你说过会融化我心中所有的痛 我问你有一天我们都将老去 谁来做留下来的那一个 你傻傻的说要让我先离去 因为走开的人会少些回忆的心碎 如果知道那是最后一次, 你怎么会放开我的手 如果知道那是最后一次, 我怎么会笑着说再见 -----Pinyin----- [ti: Zuì hòu yí cì] [ar: Xuē Xiǎo Fēnɡ] [ly+mu: Qín Tiān] Qiū tiān de luò yè zuì hòu yí cì ān rán piāo luò Nǐ shuō yào...
Cải Lương English
Honey! Do you know I love you and miss you so much Night after night I can not sleep so well You leaving me because not money I do know I who have nothing I...
破晓 - Po Xiao - Rạng đông (OST Màn đêm ở Cáp Nhĩ Tân)
[ti: 破晓] [ar: 刘可] [al: 夜幕下哈尔滨主题曲] 夜幕沉沉低垂 彷徨无边深邃 谁的罪...
Cambodia (2008)
Well he was thailand based She was an airforce wife He used to fly weekends It was the easy life But then it turned around And he began to change She didn't wonder then She didn't think...
传奇 - Zhuan qi - Truyền kỳ
[ti: 传奇] [ar: 李键] 只因为在人群中多看了你一眼 再也没能忘掉你的容颜 梦想着偶然能有一天再相见 从此我开始孤单地思念 想你时你在天边 想你时你在眼前 想你时你在脑海 想你时你在心田 宁愿相信我们前世有约 今生的爱情故事不会再改变n 宁愿用这一生等你发现 我一直在你身边 从未走远 ---Pinyin--- [ti: chuán qí ] [ar: lǐ jiàn ] zhǐ yīn wèi zài rén qún zhōnɡ duō kàn le nǐ yì yǎn zài yě méi nénɡ wànɡ diào nǐ...
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year. Glad tidings we bring To you and...
Песенка крокодила Гены (The Song of Crocodile Gena)
Песенка крокодила Гены муз : В.Шаинского сл : А.Тимофеевского Пусть бегут неуклюже Пешеходы по лужам, А вода - по асфальту рекой. И неясно прохожим В этот день непогожий, Почему я веселый такой. Припев : Я играю на гармошке У...
It's Christmas - Don Clark
Don't forget what Christmas really means It's not just Holly and snow white scenes When you wake up on Christmas Day Think of baby Jesus when you pray It's Christmas, It's Christmas,...
Stay With Me
Walking along the road bring me back sweet memories I can't forget how we used to kiss I can't forget your tenderness. Loving you more and more and no matter how I try I just can't...
White Christmas
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten, and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow I'm...
Influenza (USMLE Study Songs)
INFLUENZA by SUBSTANCE P Stuck in bed Got the flu Got achy muscles But I got normal poo Got the vaccine But antigenic shift Made a new strain And now I’m in Some serious shit. Thanks to new mutations of...
My Only Love (Sailor Moon OST)
Deep in my soul Love so strong It takes control Now we both know The secrets bared The feelings show Driven far apart I'll make a wish On a shooting star CHORUS: There will come a day Somewhere far away In your...
We Are Gonna Find It (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
Here we are far from home And a little bit hungry And a little alone But it’s alright Yes, it’s alright Cause in this room There might be friends Can’t see how How the story...
Two Voices, One Song (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
It's so rare to find a friend like you Somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue The way we talk, the things you say The way you make it...
Double Vision (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
Two maidens were stealing A gig from two kind men Whose singing was magic They were both so handsome How did you get to be so good-looking? Genetics Ooohh One girl fair and pretty with curly hair And...