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Always Somewhere



Arrive at seven the place feels good
No time to call you today
Encores till eleven then Chinese food
Back to the hotel again

I call your number the line ain't free
I like to tell you come to me
A night without you seems like a lost dream
Love I can't tell you how I feel

Always somewhere
Miss you where I've been
I'll be back to love you again

Another morning another place
The only day off is far away
But every city has seen me in the end
And brings me to you again

Always somewhere
Miss you where I've been
I'll be back to love you again




Tới lúc 7 giờ, cảm giác nơi này có vẻ tốt đấy
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Tình yêu tôi chẳng nói cho em biết cảm xúc của mình

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Và mang tôi tới bên em lần nữa

Luôn ở bất cứ đâu
Ở nơi nào tôi cũng nhớ em
Tôi sẽ trở về để lại yêu em

Bài hát của: Scorpions:

I realize I missed a day But I'm too wrecked to care anyway I look around and see this face What the hell have I lost my taste Don't want to find out Just want...
Always Somewhere
Arrive at seven the place feels good No time to call you today Encores till eleven then Chinese food Back to the hotel again I call your number the line ain't free I like to...
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Still loving you Time... it needs time To win back your love again I will be there.. I will be there Love.. only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there.. I will...
Born To Touch Your Feeling
I was born from the sound of the strings For someone to give everything To be a song just for your feeling Close your eyes and I'll try to get in To waken your...
Virgin Killer
Cry like you feel, Try like you feel, feel it ...! Try to escape, Cry to escape, escape it ...! It's so hard to run away He's a virgin killer ... No,...
Rhythm Of Love
Let's spend the night together I know you want it too The magic of the moment Is what I've got for you The heartbeat of this night Is made to...
Living And Dying
Living And Dying - Scorpions In the dirty old city There is my home There's my home, there's my home There is my home Nothing really looks pretty And I've...
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WHEN THE SMOKE IS GOING DOWN Music :Rudolf Schenker Lyrics:Klaus Meine Just when you make your way back home I find some time to be alone I go to see the place once more Just...
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A Moment In A Million Years
A Moment In A Million Years The lights are slowly fading down Theres no one else, just you and me Nothing ever changed I see your faces in the crowd It seems I know...
Maybe I Maybe You
Maybe I, maybe you Can make a change to the world We're reaching out for a soul That's kind of lost in the dark Maybe I, maybe you Can find the key to...
Lonely nights
Lonely nights Scorpions Since you’re gone There is an empty space Since you’re gone The world is not the same [Chorus 1] I go back to the places we’ve been It feels like you’re still there I live all...
Rock You Like A Hurricane
It’s early morning The sun comes out Last night was shaking And pretty loud My cat is purring And scratches my skin So what is wrong With another sin The bit*h is hungry She needs to tell So give her...
You and I
You and I I lose control because of you babe. I lose control when you look at me like this. Theres something in your eyes that is saying tonight. I'm not a child anymore,...
We Were Born To Fly
We Were Born To Fly lyrics Hello again You've been alone awhile And I can use a friend Your shades are down And I've been waiting here for you to come around And it's not about...
Do you say a prayer when your feeling down Do you believe that love can turn your faith around You're feeling high and low, but you don't know what to think The...
Love Of My Life
Love of my life You've hurt me You've broken my heart And now you leave me Love of my life Can't you see Bring it back, bring it back Don't take it away from me Because you...
White Dove
White Dove A place without a name Under a burning sky There's no milk and honey here In the land of God Someone holds a sign It says we are human, too And while the sun...
Under The Same Sun
Under The Same Sun I saw the morning It was shattered by a gun Heard a scream, saw him fall, no one cried I saw a mother She was praying for her...
Woman - Scorpions Woman you can change my world Woman you can change my world I'm chained to the fears Inside these walls The silence talks loud About the things I recall Through the bricks in the...
Loving You Sunday Morning
Loving you sunday morning Working hard to get it on for you Everyday and night I give you all Ive got to give Take it all Love I know that youre feelin blue Lonely deep inside cause...
I'm Leaving You
I'm Leaving You - Ooh, girl, I'm leaving you Yes, I'm leaving you I've got to go tonight Ooh, girl, I'm leaving you Yes, I'm leaving you,...
No one like you
No one like you Girl, its been a long time that weve been apart Much too long for a man who needs love I miss you since I've been away Babe, it...
Humanity - Scorpions Humanity Auf wiedersehen it's time to say goodbye The party's over as the last good dies and angel cries Humanity, It's au revoir to your insanity You sold your soul to feed...
Deep And Dark
Deep And Dark Down, I am down On the ground, sad and tired I'm down, it's over now Yes I'm down, should I like it It's deep and dark Deep down in...
Through my eyes
Through my eyes-Scorpions Leaving through the back door Freezing in the cold Communication breakdown Emotional overload Been through a wall of fire Now I feel like the ashes glow Cars passing on the freeway My mind is on...
She said
She said - Scorpions In every corner of my memory There's no place you wouldn't be lf anything, I wish I had Another dream with you Life was forever yesterday Nothing in the world could...
Lonely Nights
Lonely Nights - Scorpions Since you're gone there is an empty space Since you're gone the world is not the same I go back to the places we've been Feels like you're still there I...
Here In My Heart
Here In My Heart - Scorpions Sometimes there's a time you must say goodbye Though it hurts you must learn to try I know I've got to let you go But I know anywhere...
Love Will Keep Us Alive
"Love Will Keep Us Alive" - Scorpions When I look at you I can see the sadness in your eyes In these desperate times We get pushed and shoved from every side I can't love...
Dust In The Wind
Dust In The Wind - scorpions I close my eyes Only for a moment and the moment's gone All my dreams Pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind All we are is...
Life Is Too Short
Life it too short - Scorpions Have you ever seen the morning When the sun comes up the shore And the silence makes A beautiful sound Have you ever sat there waiting For the time to...
Yellow Raven
Yellow Raven - Scorpions The yellow raven sipped the air Of thunder and of rain ... The yellow raven sipped the air Gentle eyes kissing the rain ... Where do you go, fantastic...
I Wanted To Cry (but the tears wouldn't come)
I Wanted To Cry - Scorpions Well here comes my baby She's dressed oh so cute She looks a little crazy In her Hollywood shoes Well baby loves driving In my hot brand new car She thinks...
Lady Starlight
Walking through a winter night, Counting the stars And passing time I dream about the summer days, Love in the sun And lonely bays I see the stars, theyre miles and miles away Like...
When love kills love
WHEN LOVE KILLS LOVE When love kills love Suddenly I think I always knew I had my share of mistakes Made quite a few Finally I know and that's for sure I don't look back in...