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Black Diamond



Black Diamond

Again I see you standing there watching me.
Your gaze, those eyes are tantalizing openly,
inviting meto get close to you, can't help myself.
There's fascination in the air.

I try to fight this strong sensation but
there's no chance to escape from this temptation.
Feels like I've known you before, repeating phrases,
but I yearn for something more.

I know I can't stay by your side forever,
but I know I won't forget your beauty,
my Black Diamond.





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Bài hát của: Stratovarius:

Black Diamond
Black Diamond Again I see you standing there watching me. Your gaze, those eyes are tantalizing openly, inviting meto get close to you, can't help myself. There's fascination in the air. I...
Mother watch your children The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives It's not too late to change the course We can make this world a better place to be in How much...
Move The Mountain
Move The Mountain Would you move the mountain, Would you build a tower, Would you drink the sunshine, Like a wilted flower? Would you waste that hour If you knew this fullmoon would...
The times are changing so fast I wonder how long it lasts The clock is ticking, time is running out The hatred fills this Earth And for what it's worth We're in the end...
Winter Skies
Walking by a frozen lake Silent snow in the air Dreaming of the summer day Carry me till I'm there Winter skies, leave me alone When I lose my way Winter skies you call me...
The Land Of Ice And Snow
The land of ice and snow Where the midnight sun blows Hundred thousand lakes glow In the land of ice and snow Nothern lights guide our way Come whatever may Forest god protects our day In the...
Falling Star
Feel the night time growing nearer From amidst the darkness I will start my flight See the stars are shining clearer Turn around before you're blinded by the light I am made of burning...
A Drop In The Ocean
Seasons of madness fill my mind A lunar poet trying to find A conception of what life is all about Seconds pass me by I greet the minutes A the hours roll them over And...
Soul Of A Vagabond
Pack on my back I wander Over mountains across the seas My yearning soul keeps roaming In the endless search for peace Sky is my roof, my shelter Stars shine and light my way Earth...
All through the night he is lying awake Wond'ring how much more can he take Watching the walls where the shadows dance Drifting away into a trance And his eyes are blazing with fire Dreams...
Falling Into Fantasy
I'm sitting by the calm lake And watch the setting sun My feet are in the water The journey's just begun In the mist there is a boat and it's heading towards me On the...
Break The Ice
Why do you stare at me? It's hard to please when you're feeling ill at ease Hey let it go You have feelings inside let them show Grim craven mind Timid all the time Can't come out...
Chasing Shadows
I have been sailing across the oceans flying across the blue sky Without never finding the answer the answer to the question why just when you think you reach it, it's gone Chasing Shadows,...
Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace?
Will My Soul Ever Rest In Peace? by Stratovarius I've been searching for an oasis In the desert for so long In my weakness trying To pretend I'm strong I've been holding on To things that I...
Paradise Late at night I find myself again wondering and watching tv. I can't believe what's on the screen, something that I wouldn't like to see. Many rare species will perish soon...
When Mountains Fall
It was just like yesterday When you chose to leave and I to stay It was a warm and sunny day But my heart felt as heavy as stone Never told me where you...
Night Time Eclipse
If I could stay awake for awhile it would be another morning don't wanna fall asleep now when everything seems so far and beyond Walking down a familiar road but the darkness is misleading me I...
Out Of The Shadows
Out to the light from the mist From the shadows I go Facing the new world the odd things The places unknown Far away I sail away today Seeing a new face impression the moment The...
What Can I Say
What can I say Sometimes it's not that easy finding all the words For how I feel when you are near The more we are together makes me realize All I ever wanted is...
Winter Silence is all I hear Blackness fills my world Midwinter days and lonely nights Depression takes over my frozen mind Morning starts a new day Dawning nowhere to be seen Oh, won't you break my chains and...
Wings Of Tomorrow
New winds are blowing over the world can you feel it Message is spreading among all the people Future is calling, history is leaving behind Nobody is thinking about the past days If...
Full Moon
Shining there in the sky light our way across the land Black clouds in fromt of you face fading into the haze In this prison of mine my soul lies in despair My...
The Hands Of Time
The time is running It's running so fast that you don't notice Years are passing by And you're growing older What happened to all your dreams? Did they become true at all? We cannot undo the...
The Hills Have Eyes
Come with me my child It's gonna take a little while To teach you the knowledge Of the ancient rhyme Fly with me tonight Through the cosmic sea It's a mystery From the thirst for life You will...
I'm out on the open sea the wind is embracing me I'm watching the setting sun Far far away from you there's not much that I could Do you know what's the only way for...
Lead Us Into The Lights
Hey you take a look aroud Can you feel the change begin? Soon it will be too late If you don't wake up Outside the winds are bloring And the people are staring so cold The...
Why Are We Here
When the stars are gone forever and planets are turned into dust It's a good escape to lie in the haze In the past I found the answer in music and drinking...
Dream With Me
Now it is time for you to close your eyes They've seen much pain it's slowly filling your mind Pretty as they are but now so pale You better leave all your worries...
Twilight Time
Danger zone I look into the mirror see my face again I hear myself preaching You are getting bold Growing old Skin turns cold You're to blame But I will find the way to be myself again I...
Thin Ice
I'm walking on a thin ice Lying paralyzed There's staying there's alone Reaching for the unknown In the mirror I see despair In the closet I smell death There's needles in my bed I've finally lost my...
Looking back through time to my childhood days I used to have a place where I could escape the reality But lately things have been so difficult for me trying to reach for...
It's A Mystery
In the middle of the jungle There are ruins of temples built along ago Stone by stone They were made by the Mayas A tribe that is not so well-known Each pictures on the wall Recorded...
We Are The Future
What is wrong with a man destroying the land. Our planet is full of waste. Sheltering ozone layer is no more a shield, the temperature is rising up. Now it's time to stop...
4th Reich
Sign of the times and writings on the wall they show me it's time has come Order of a new kind we will all find stronger than never before Things are pretty much the...
Tears Of Ice
Tears of Ice falling down my cheeks forming a lake in it's surface I see you face and I watch it till it's gone There were times all I did was cry out...
Eyes Of The World
Everywhere I go I see people staring at me It makes me feel so strange why won't they just leave me be So take a look in the mirror and maybe you'll see all...
Hold On To Your Dream
Since you were born pushed into corner and left all alone Told what to do, obey all the rules be just like everyone else those fools Day at the school teacher's a bully You're mobbed...
Magic Carpet Ride
Let me take you to the far away places Where you've never been to the orient lands Soon you will notice the mountains and forests We're flying over them now Don't you be afraid,...
4000 Rainy Nights
These empty days are filling me with pain After I left it seems my life is only rain My heart is longing to the better times When everything was still so fine I wonder...
Lying alone in your bed Images from the past filling your head You try to run, you try to hide But there is no escape, your eyes are open wide Long time...
Forever Free
Forever Free They try to give me answers to questions I've never asked. I'll have no part in their conspiracy. I guess I am the kind of guy that will never stray. The thing...
Liberty Sun is shining Sky is so blue I'm filled with hope It's promising The course my life is taking Searching of my truth has brought me here Facing things with cinfidence That all will be ok Past is...
Dream With Me
DREAM WITH ME Now it is time for you to close your eyes They've seen much pain it's slowly filling your mind Pretty as they are but now so pale You better leave all...
Babylon A new day is rising in ancient Babylon Revealing mysteries to see and the endless caravan never ending it's journey with the wings of the wind I will fly I can hear you calling me I...
Celestial Dream
Here in the Universe I find some things that are so hard to understand The vastness of space just takes my breath away I see through history The years they come and go The seconds...
The more I live More clear it's each day We got to change our ways There is no going back anymore Eons rumble through space We must find new ways to live I know there's so...
Eternity [Music by Tolkki, Words by Kotipelto] When clouds are covering the sky I can't help thinking what's behind In a fading evening I can feel strange thoughts in my mind What if we aren't...
Alpha and Omega
Alpha & Omega I am the earth and sky I am the low and high I am the snowflake in the winter evening I am the birth and death I am your final breath I am...
Venus in the morning
Venus in the morning It's 4 in the morning I'm gazing the sky with Millions of stars. A moment before the dawn the endless universe fills me all. Where are you now? Alone...
The Abyss Of Your Eyes
I feel like I'm drowning, trying to catch my breath. Don't know what is happening, there's no sense of time. Deep underneath my skin, feeling the pain within Hear my...
Mother Gaia
Time waits for no one So they say It goes on forever The tears of pain I see in your eyes How can we change for the better? Hate and greed's getting stronger day by day Injustice...
FOREVER I'm standing alone in the darkness The winter of my life came so fast Memories go back to childhood Todays I still recall All how happy I was then There was no sorrow,...
Years Go By
Years Go By Look around do you see So many things have changed And you should know by now I never meant to hurt you at all All my life I have been an outcast But...
Cold winter night
Summer's gone a while ago The daylight dims away I'm watching here how the snow begins to fall Yesterday's like a dream A memory in my head Like the life's gone behind the winter wall I'm...
Speed of light
Today is just another day Of my life too short to live I should have some kind of meaning A destiny to believe in Before I go to sleep I find some pictures of a...
Phoenix I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live Can't go on this way The price is too high to pay After the rain I feel the sun See how I...
When the night meets the day
Look around theres no time to waste life goes on nothings gonna change Feel the winds of life blowing cold it wont take so long you are growing old there is no answer to...
Keep the flame
The shadow falls on me today Oh why can't it fade into the distance? And darkness calls, no other way I rage at the riddle of existence The day's almost gone but you'll...
Season of Faith's Perfection
Season of Faith's Perfection Seasons they come seasond they go Observing them in their perfect flow Changing my life as they pass me by Drying my tears letting them die In the sunrise i am...
Before The Winter
Before the Winter Before the summer turns to winter Before the dreams will turn to snow I see the yellow leaves are falling And soon I know I have to go...
Coming Home
I wake up in the morning so far away from home Trying to make it through the day. Many miles are between us, I'm sending my love from this payphone. Through...
Neon light child
Neon Light Child I live on the street, it is my home All my life I've been alone I see people passing by And they lower their eyes It's been like this for so...
Fright night
Fright Night - Stratovarius Feel the night, conceal your fright It came from your right Look what you found lying on the ground Shiny ball you don't know anything at all Look through yourself...
memory [Falk:] Oh, I dare not to sleep anymore Cause I see her face in every nightmare In all the windows of my haunted house And when I dream a dream of flowers I wake...
Season of change
Season of change life feels so strange Look into my eyes do you see the truth I'm lost and alone feelings unknown Come to me stronger than before On winds of time my soul...
The Hands Of Time
The Hands Of Time [Music & Words by Tolkki/Lassila] The time is running It's running so fast that you don't notice Years are passing by And you're growing older What happened to all your dreams? Did they...