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Children Of Kosovo

(Allison Iraheta)


I believe someone's out there
Who's gonna help me giving every child a loving care
I believe you are out there
Who's gonna help me give the children tender love and care
Oh oh oh oh oh

So much hate has turned to vengeance
All our laughters turned to crying
While the mothers lose their children from war to war

I am hungry and I'm cold
And I have no one to hold
For my mother and my father are dead and gone
Where do I belong

Children of Kosovo
Are crying for a helping hand
Children of Kosovo
Are dreaming of a peaceful land

They have beaten my older brother
They have torn away my sister
I'm afraid I want revenge
Is there no other way?

Let's hold our hands tightly together
And think as one forever
You and I can make a change for a better world

No more war!

Children of Kosovo
Are crying for a helping hand
Children of Kosovo
Are dreaming of a peaceful land




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Tôi cũng tin bạn đang ở ngoài kia
Là người giúp tôi trao cho bọn trẻ một tình yêu thân ái và sự chăm sóc tận tình
Oh oh oh oh

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Cha mẹ tôi đã ra đi mãi mãi
Tôi biết thuộc về nơi đâu

Những đứa trẻ vùng Kosovo
Đang kêu khóc cầu xin sự giúp đỡ
Những đứa bé vùng Kosovo
Đang mơ về một vùng đất hòa bình

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Những đứa bé vùng Kosovo
Đang kêu khóc cầu xin sự giúp đỡ
Những đứa bé vùng Kosovo
Đang mơ về một vùng đất hòa bình

Bài hát của: Allison Iraheta:

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Heavenly Days
目覚ましが鳴る 前に起きて時を止める 思い出せるのは もうなんとなくだけど 君の事 i woke up before the alarm clock started ringing and stopped the time somehow or another, i could remember all about you 一億分の君に会えた 奇跡なんかも いつの間にか 忘れちゃうかな 忘れた事さえもきっと忘れてしまうの? the one in a hundred million chance i met...
Love Like This
Oh… Never find a love like this We go back so far, swingin in your back yard, all the things that we used to do We were cool back in high school ooh I...
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Sadness in your Eyes
All the time I wake up calling out your name And I realize my life is not the same I try to reach you but it’s all in vain I’m...
Never gonna stop - Cứ mãi xướng ca
For Your beauty that's been shown For Your mysteries unknown For the miracles we've seen We praise You, Lord For the story of Your love For the wonder of Your blood How it makes the...
Dwelling place - Chốn nương thân
God of glory, God of wonder, God of beauty, You reign through all eternity Before the mountains Or the earth had been formed You were our everlasting Lord. You’ve been our home You’ve...
Emmanuel - Đức Chúa Trời ở cùng chúng ta
There is a God so big no one can fathom How He holds this world and this universe together Though he has all power He was born to us This little Baby So He...
Draw me close - Xin kéo con gần Ngài
Draw me close to You Never let me go I lay it all down again To hear You say that I'm Your friend You are my desire No one else will do Cause nothing else can...
He knows my name - Người biết tên tôi
I have a Maker He formed my heart Before even time began My life was in his hands He knows my name He knows my every thought He sees each...
He saved us to show His glory - Chúa cứu chúng ta để bày tỏ sự cao trọng Ngài
Oh, eh… Thank You for saving me, Lord! Someone like me I’m so thankful, Lord Let’s sing like this Why did He save you? So I could be a soul set free Why did...
Doxology - Tôn vinh Chân Thần
Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.
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