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(X- Japan)


Talk to my troubled brain
If you can feel my pain
So much hurting that's living in my head
Now I can barely breathe
And now my heart's disease
And my name and my life has been stepped
on and on' No no!

You made fool out of me
There is no way out
I'm going down the drain

The name of God in vain
You pushed me I'm insane
Dissolution is knocking on my door
Can't stop my bitter tears
Oh take away my fears
Body and soul is blown up into pieces

Oh Cry out I want to be free
Dry out I want to know truth

Let me drain my feelings out
Lough like a drain My emotions scream
Let me drain!

So I can't speak my mind
anata sae mo blind
I am left in a land with just solitude
Has this become my fate
Who's next be your bate
Vicious cycle repeating on and on

Cry out I want be loved
Dry out I want see dreams
Oh Cry out I want to be free
Dry out I want to know truth

Let me drain my feelings out
Lough like a drain My emotions scream
Let me drain my feelings out
Lough like a drain My emotions scream
let me drain!




Hãy trò chuyện với đầu óc đau buồn của tôi
Nếu em có thể cảm nhận nỗi đau của tôi
Nhiều đến nỗi tổn thương sự sống trong đầu
Giờ đây tôi thật khó thở
Và giờ đây tim tôi đau nhói
Và cuộc đời tôi tên tôi bị giẫm đạp liên tục
Ôi không

Em làm tôi điên loạn vì em
Không lối thoát
Tôi sắp gục ngã trong cơn kiệt quệ

Cầu khẩn thượng đế thật vô ích
Em đẩy tôi điên loạn mất thôi
Thần chết đang gõ cửa nhà tôi
Không ngăn được giọt nước mắt cay đắng
Hãy lấy đi những sợ hãi của tôi
Thể xác và tâm hồn tôi tan ra từng mảnh

Ôi hãy khóc to vì tôi muốn tự do
Lau khô đi tôi muốn biết sự thật

Hãy để tôi vắt kiệt quệ cảm xúc
Hồ khô cạn tình cảm tôi thét gào
Hãy để tôi mòn mỏi

Vì vậy tôi không thể nói rõ ý tôi
anata sae mo blind (tiếng Nhật)
Tôi bị bỏ rơi cô độc trên quãng đời
Phải đây là số phận tôi chăng

Người tiếp theo lãnh cơn giận của em
Vòng xấu xa vẫn còn tiếp diễn

Hãy khóc to vì tôi muốn được yêu
Lau khô đi tôi muốn mình mơ mộng
Ôi hãy khóc to vì tôi muốn tự do
Lau khô đi tôi muốn biết sự thật

Hãy để tôi vắt kiệt quệ cảm xúc tôi
Hồ khô cạn tình cảm tôi thét gào
Hãy để tôi vắt kiệt quệ cảm xúc tôi
Hồ khô cạn tình cảm tôi thét gào
Hãy để tôi mòn mỏi!

Bài hát của: Return To The Past:

Do you know what to do Would you know where to touch me If I want you to Do you feel what I feel Could you handle me now Now this moment is real I know...
I Can
I Can - Nas I know I can Be what I want to be If i work hard at it I'll be where I want to be [Kids] I know I can (I know I can) Be...
Sunshine after rain
Sunshine After Rain She never really loved you It was right from the start The only thing she gave you Was a broken heart And the emptiness you feel inside So come take my hand You know...
One Of Us
If God had a name what would it be? And would you call it to his face? If you were faced with him In all his glory What would you ask if you had...
Perfect Moment
This is my moment This is my perfect moment with you This is what God meant This is my perfect moment with you I wish I could freeze this space...
Tainted love
Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my...
Million scarlet roses
Once here lived a young painter Who owned pictures and nice house. He was in love with an actress Who every much loved flowers. Once day he sold all his own, Sold all pictures...
[Chorus – Matthew Santos] If you are what you say you are, a superstar Then have no fear, the camera's is here And the microphone's And they wanna' know oh oh oh...
New kid in town
There's talk on the street; it sounds so familiar Great expectations, everybody's watching you People you meet, they all seem to know you Even your old friends treat...
Don't Worry
Dont worry cause I'll always be there for you (In the Heavens above) I just needed you to comfort me And I have tried to make it right And I dont know that I...
Love Me Or Hate Me
Yeah, It's officially the biggest midget in the game. I dunno. Make way for the S.O.V. [Chorus] Love me or hate me, its still an obsession. Love me or hate me, that is...
Like a wind
Exhausted after the dangerous obstacles they mer during the day they decided to set camp so that they coud get som rest. But the presence of evil floated like fog...
Black Is The Colour
Black Is The Colour Black is the colour of my true loves hair His lips are like some roses fair He has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands And I love the ground...
True Love's Kiss
[Giselle] When you meet the someone who was meant for you Before two can become one there is something we must do [Animal] Do you pull each others tails? [Animal] Do you feed...
There's nothing left of me There's nothing left for you We're stealing time, 'cause its easy stop them You've got the best of me I've seen the worst of you I'm crazy now, but...
If I Was Your Man
mmmmh......yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oooh...ooooh.... Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa..Naaa ooooohhhh.Naaa..Naaa.Naaa.Naaa.Naaaaa..Naaa..... If i was your man...girl (VERSE 1) Girl im so tired of games i just wanna settle down. I swear to you I've changed, baby why your buggin now. I...
Dream lover
Ev'ry night, I hope and pray A dream lover will come my way A girl to hold in my arms And know the magic of her charms (Chorus:) Because...
Real Love
Real Love Girl, girl I'm goin outta my mind And even though I don't really know you I must've been runnin outta time I'm waiting for the moment I can...
Shining Star (OST - Hannah Montana)
When you wish upon a star, Your dreams will take you very far. But when you wish upon a dream, Life ain't always what it seems. What'd you see, on night...
In A Funny Way
On a summer day you can hear her call, But in a funny way she reminds you of the fall, On a summer day you can hear her call, But...
Special person
My Precious Person There's that one person that was always there with me I can always see them, even if I close my eyes. Even though they haven't told me that they...
Morning Has Broken
Morning has broken, like the first morning Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird Praise for the singing,...
Life Is Life
When we all give the power We all give the best Every Minute of an hour Don't think about a rest When you all get the power You all get...
Sailor stars
English lyrics Give sadness now a sailor smile Bringing a miracle, a sailor wing Everybody carries a shining star inside I won't give up! To tomorrow, a sailor yell For sure! I will...
Poor unfortunate souls (OST : The Little Mermaid)
Poor unfortunate souls Ursula: The only way to get what you want... to become a human yourself! Ariel: (Gasps with excitement) Can you do that? Ursula: My dear, sweet child, That's what I do... It's what...
I Will Follow Him
Tud-du-dud, tud-du-dud, tud-du-dud Tu-de de de du, dud tu-de-tu de, dud... Love him, I love him, I love him And where he goes I'll follow I'll follow, I'll...
Pumpin' Up The Party
Hey Get up Get loud Start pumpin' up the party now [x2] It's the same old, same grind But we don't feel the wasting time Not so bored that we cant find a better way My...
Miss you like crazy
I miss you like the sky misses the birds I miss you like a song without the words And everyday away from you it hurts Cuz I'm missing you like crazy I miss you...
When you were born into this world Your mom and dad saw a dream unfurled A dream come true The answer to their prayer You were to them a special...
Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out Who let the dogs out Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof Who let the dogs out Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof Who let...
I wanna fly, I wanna cry
Wo bu neng wen ru guo bu wen ai shi fou ke yi mei ze ren An ye de yu man man sa luo lei he yu tian liang jiu wu...
Why can't we be friends
Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? I seen you 'round for a long long time I really 'membered you when you...
C'est la musique Qui nous fait vivre tous les deux Et l'on est libre de partir demain où tu veux C'est ça que j'aime, chanter partout avec toi Le jour se lève,...
Город детства
Где-то есть город тихий, как сон Пылью текучей по грудь занесен В медленной речке вода как стекло Где-то есть город в котором тепло Наше далёкое детство там прошло Ночью...
Waiting In The Weeds
Waiting In The Weeds -Eagles It's coming on the end of August. Another summer's promise almost gone. And thought I heard some wise men say that every dog will have his day, He...
The Last Resort
The Last Resort - Eagles She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island Where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air She packed her hopes and dreams...
I will sing - Con vẫn sẽ hát
I will sing Lord, You seem so far away A million miles or more it feels today And though I haven't lost my faith I must confess right now That it's hard for me...
Slide along side
One love one shot It's all we ever got Girl you got me started Now I'm not gonna stop Now slide along side yeah baby that's right I'm gonna show you the time of your...
Est ce-que tu viens pour les vacances
T'avais les cheveux blonds Un crocodile sur ton blouson On s'est connu comme ça Au soleil, au même endroit T'avais des yeux d'enfant Des yeux couleur de l'océan Moi pour faire le malin Je chantais en...
The Rain
The Rain I saw you (and her) walking in the rain (I saw you walking , I saw you walking) (I saw you walking , I saw you walking) A rain crashes...
In The Heat Of The Night
Talk to me, want my love Talk to me, but not that stuff You ain't enough Using my love And you call, for me Again, I'll see In the heat of the...
Миллион алых роз/Triệu bông hồng
Жил был художник один, Домик имел и холсты, Но он актрису любил, Ту, что любила цветы. Он тогда продал свой дом, Продал картины и кров, И на все деньги купил Целое...
Take My Breath Away
Watching every motion In my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean Finally lovers know no shame Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motions As you turn around and say My love Take my...
Talk to my troubled brain If you can feel my pain So much hurting that's living in my head Now I can barely breathe And now my heart's disease And my name and my life...
Long before you came I knew Somehow life would bring me you Long before you spoke my name I believe you knew I missed you I love you more than words can say I love...
Bi mil
Bi mil ( Secret ) Na reul bon jeo gin na yo oe di e seong ga oen jeng ga a ju o rae jeong geu nal ba ro i sung gang...
Give You The World
I'mma give u the world Give u the world ima give u the world ... JR yeah baby Through the fire through the rain Through the joy and the pain este amor remains the...
I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly
I CAN WALK ON WATER, I CAN FLY La lalalala lala la (x4) I will never be afraid again I will keep on fighting till the end I can walk on...
Now You're Gone
Now You're Gone Now you’re gone I realize my love we was strong And I miss you here now you’re gone I can waiting here by the phone With your pictures hanging on...
Followed by the morning breeze, In the sun i rest my head. Thinking of the memories And times we had in the past, dream. No one can live...
Baby don't you cry
When the world is gray and bleak Baby don't you cry I will give you every bit of love that is in my heart I will bake it up… into a simple little...
No More Cloudy Days
No More Cloudy Days Sitting by a foggy window Staring at the pouring rain Falling down like lonely teardrops Memories of love in vain These cloudy days, make you wanna cry It breaks your heart...
Parce Que C'est Toi
Parce que c'est toi.. Si tu crois un jour qu'je t'laisserai tomber Pour un détail pour une futilité N'aie pas peur je saurais bien Faire la différence Si tu crains un jour qu'je t'laisserai fâner La...
Setting Of The Sun
Setting Of The Sun She sits beside her, Stares out across the waves as she's digging in the sand And looks around her, And knows the crazy world would never understand. And she...
Moonlight Flower
'Come with me in the silence of darkness I want to show you secrets of life I will guide you where dreams couldn't take you' She said and flew away...
Sha La La
There's a boy on my mind and he knows I'm thinking of him On my way through the day and the night The star shine above me He's been gone...
Go Figure
Gofigure Whoa, whoa Just when you learned the game of life All the rules seen aren't right Whoa, whoa go figure It seems so wrong to even try But taking a chance never felt...
Are you happy now?
Are you happy Thank god you did it, Yea it's done It's over but it was fun And when I look back and reminisce Ill remember this That you where...
Morning Light
Once upon a time I was a young man always knew what I wanted to do These times were still the best as I remember Cause nothing was impossible to me Then one day...
Kiss kiss
Mwah! When you look at me tell me what do you see This is what you get it's the way I am When I look at you I wannabe I wannabe Somewhere close to...
I wanna be bad
Oh, I, I, I I wanna be bad with you baby I, I, I, I I wanna be bad with you baby Do you, understand what I...
IF I didn't have you
(Sulley)If I were a rich man With a million or two (Mike)I'd live in a penthouse In a room, with a view (Sulley)And if I were handsome (No way) It could happen Those dreams do...
Bringing Down The Moon
I don't want to walk this life alone every heart must find it's home. You and I have been stronger than the wind but when you're gone away too long...
Hit me up
baby baby, just a little bit baby baby, just a little more baby baby, let me see ya walk to me talk to me handle me right I did cause a...
Tears - Donde Voy
All alone, I have started my journey To the darkness of darkness I go With a reason, I stopped for a moment In this world full of pleasure so frail Town after town...
Rhinestone Cowboy
I've been walkin' these streets so long Singin' the same old song I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway Where hustle's the name of the game And nice guys get washed...
A tale that wasn't right
The Tale that wasn’t right halloween Here I stand all alone Have my mind turned to stone Have my heart filled up with ice To avoid it's breakin' twice Thanx to you, my dear old...
Qiu Fo - Cầu Phật
求佛 歌手:誓言 专辑:我的誓言 当月光洒在我的脸上 我想我就快变了摸样 有一种叫做撕心裂肺的汤 喝了它有神奇的力量 闭上眼看见天堂 那是藏着你笑的地方 我躲开无数个猎人的枪 赶走坟墓爬出的忧伤 为了你, 我变成狼人摸样 为了你, 染上了疯狂 为了你, 穿上厚厚的伪装 为了你, 换了心肠 我们还能不能再见面 我在佛前苦苦求了几千年 愿意用几世换我们一世情缘 希望可以感动上天 我们还能不能能不能再见面 我在佛前苦苦求了几千年 当我在踏过这条奈何桥之前 让我再吻一吻你的脸 Qiu Fo ge shou:shi yan zhuan ji:wo de shi yan dang yue guang sa zai wo de lian shang wo xiang wo jiu kuai bian le...
Sound Of Rain
Lose, losing it all It won't come back The memories of a lost life Feel, feeling it now I wonder how it could Vanish in the past Hunt, hunting for truth They must be...
High School Highway
Welcome to another year Of torture and despair Where your fate will be determined By the outfit that you wear Or the colour of your hair Or the place you put your chair Oh god is...
Jeanny Jeanny komm, komm doch, steh auf, bitte! Du bist ganz nass, es ist schon spät! Komm! Wir Müssen weg hier, raus aus dem Wald, verstehst du nicht? Verstehst...
Typhon Typhon is alive - Descending with allies From the mountain of the snake – In the deepest night of Pan Typhon will return – With Erebos and Nyx And a vision of the...
I Am
I'm an angel, I'm a devil I am sometimes in between I'm as bad as it can get And good as it can be Sometimes I'm a million colours Sometimes I'm black and white I...
24/7 love.... If you want me to do you right You're gonna have to love me day and night Twentyfourseven love you know, just what I need It's what I need If you want...
Just when I needed you most
You packed in the morning I stared out the window And I struggled for something to say You left in the rain without closing the door I didn't stand in...
In the ocean, deep down Under raging waves, wrapped in memories, you'll find Wrecks of stately ships, they all went astray Captain, did you find Land of Mu,...
Donne Moi Le Temps
Tell’ment de gens veulent Tell’ment être aimés, Pour se donner, peuvent, Tout abandonner. Tellement d’erreurs qu’on Pourrait s'éviter, Si l’on savait juste un peu patienter. Donne-moi le temps, D’apprendre ce qu’il faut apprendre,...
No more complaining
No more complaining He done let me down a again Thats odd Always hurting me He dont never stop Must be something wrong with me Im lost Cause I cant quit letting him in my heart How many times...
Streets of Love
Streets of Love You're awful bright, you're awful smart I must admit you broke my heart The awful truth is really sad I must admit I was awful bad...
Not Enough
There's nothing you can say Nothing you can do There's nothing in between You know the truth There's nothing left to face There's nothing left to lose Nothing takes your place.. When they say, you're not...
Wind's Nocturne
WIND'S NOCTURNE Jennie Stigle ------------------------ Wishing on a dream that seems far off Hoping it will come today. Into the starlit night, Foolish dreamers turn their gaze, Waiting on a shooting star. But, what if...
Here i am
Here I am all stripped down Have I lost what I've found in you Should have left you alone But my heart still says: "no, don't go" So please don't take what's left...
Lyin' Eyes
Lyin' Eyes City girls just seem to find out early How to open doors with just a smile A rich old man And she won't have to worry She'll dress up...
She Fuckin Hates Me
She Fucking Hates Me Met a girl, thought she was grand fell in love, found out first hand went well for a week or two then it all came unglued in a trapped...
perhaps love ( goong OST)
uhn jeh yuht duhn guhn jee gee uhk nah jeen ah nah jah kkoon nae muh ree gah nuh roh uh jee ruhp duhn shee jahk hahn doo buhn ssheek...
Baby Look At Us
"Look At Us" For all the times that we, We ever wouldn't be, Look at us baby, Look at us now, For everyday that I should have you by my side,...
No Eternity
you never ment to hurt me you never ment to make me cry i couldn't stand the pain inside you never want to let me die i wish i could see your face again i...
Lover On The Line
I'll be your lover on the line. I'll be your lover on the line. One day I'll see i let you go away. One day I'll think that everything is okay. One day I'll...
Sexy, Can I
Sexy can I Yeah, Yeahhh All we wanna know is.... Sexy can I, just pardon my manners. Girl how you shake it, got a nigga like (ohhhh) It's a kodak moment,...
Do they know it's christmas ?
[Chris Martin:] It's Christmastime, there's no need to be afraid At Christmastime, we let in light and we banish shade [Dido:] And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile...
The King
In this town, I used to be the king here, Now I don't mean a thing here, Where did it all go wrong? I look around, and no...
I Want To Know What Love Is
I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when Im older Now this mountain I must climb Feels like...
Body Of Clay
Body Of Clay Cry with my tears Cry with my pain Still in the cold Neverending rain With one of your kisses My words you'd freeze From one of...
Life In The Fast Lane
Life In The Fast Lane - Eagles He was a hard-headed man he was brutally handsome And she was terminally pretty She held him up and he held for ransom In...
In your Arms
I start to count the days When I walk away From the place we share, it is our home The strength you have in me appears from time to time I know you...
When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Love don't come so easily This doesn't have to end in tragedy I have you and you have me We're one in a million Why can't you see? I'm waiting, waiting for nothing You're leaving,...
What Will I Become
I wanna be a cowboy A pirate and a superman Keep fighting for the good I wanna be a captain A spaceman wanna fly up to the stars And to the moon There are so many...
You give me wings
Sometimes it’s hard just to be yourself I know you know So close to tears wanting to give up I felt all alone..... But now you’re here right by my...
Ticket To The Tropics
Ticket To The Tropics Ticket To The Tropics Here I'm sitting and it's getting cold The morningrains against my window pane While the world it look so cold and gray In my mind I...
Les Cent Pas
Les Cent Pas Tout autour de moi est froid et dur J'ai beau caressé encore les murs Je tourne en rond en cage de verre Je n'arriverai pas jusqu'à ton visage Que partout je vois Ce...