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(David Archuleta)


There are times when I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night
There are times when I just want to feel your embrace
In the cold night

I just can't believe that you are mine now
You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just can't compare you with anything in this world
You're all I need to be here with forevermore

All those years, I've longed to hold you in my arms
I've been dreaming of you
Every night, I've been watching all the stars that fall down
Wishing you will be mine


Time and again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as time keeps going on and on
My love for you will be forevermore


As endless as forever
Our love will stay together
You're all I need to be here with forever more
(As endless as forever
Our love will stay together)
You're all I need
To be here with forevermore.




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Em chỉ là một giấc mơ mà anh đã từng biết đến
Anh không bao giờ nghĩ rằng anh sẽ là phù hợp với em
Anh không thể so sánh em với bất cứ điều gì trong thế giới này
Em là tất cả anh cần nơi đây đời đời kiếp kiếp

Tất cả những năm đó, anh đã ao ước được ôm em trong vòng tay
Anh đã luôn mơ về em
Mỗi đêm, anh ngắm nhìn tất cả các ngôi sao bay qua
Cầu mong em sẽ là của anh


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Và chắn chắc rằng thời gian đang đến và tiếp tục trôi qua
Tình yêu anh dành cho em sẽ là mãi mãi


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Tình yêu của chúng ta sẽ bên nhau
Em là tất cả anh cần nơi đây mãi mãi
(Cứ như bất tận là mãi mãi
Tình yêu của chúng ta sẽ bên nhau)
Em là tất cả anh cần
Nơi đây mãi mãi.

Bài hát của: David Archuleta:

There are times when I just want to look at your face With the stars in the night There are times when I just want to feel your embrace In the cold night Chorus: I...
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Nothing Else Better To Do
(Ey ey ey Ey ey ey) Ey ey ey Ey ey ey... Sometimes when you talk, I don't hear a thing, Don't take it wrong. I look at your face, And bells start to ring,...
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The Other Side Of Down
Here I am with all these questions hanging from my ceiling low And one day they'll keep telling me I told you so Everywhere I turn I see red lights flashing over...
Good Place
I don't know what I'm doing here How I landed in this space But it's a good place And I don't wanna mess it up Make mistakes or say too much 'Cause it's a good...
Things Are Gonna Get Better
Yeah, yeah. Mmm hmm. Everybody's got a time in their life When everything hurts and nothing's right. But you gotta walk on, yeah you gotta walk on. Everybody's got a piece of...
Whoa-oh-oh-oh I had a dream last night I didn’t know which floor to get off on. Hey-yay. The doors they opened on, 4 and 5 and 6 and you were gone, all...
How many times have you said "If I just had one more dollar in my pocket" Know that I've felt the same How many times have you dreamed That you...
Parachutes And Airplanes
There’s something crazy about this day Like I’m walking on a trampoline I couldn’t get much higher So if I ask you, would you stay ‘Cause you remind me of a Ballerina dancing on...
Something 'Bout Love
Every night it’s all the same You’re frozen by the phone You wait, something’s changed You blame yourself every day You’d do it again Every night There’s something ’bout love That breaks your heart Whoa oh oh...
The Most Beautiful Part About This Is
I try to understand the things your dealing with My heart goes out to you my friend Some how you've stuck this out. Some would call it tragedy, but you know it's...
Angels We Have Heard On High
Angels we have heard on high Sweetly singing o’er the plains And the mountains in reply Echoing their joyous strains. CHORUS: Gloria, in excelsis Deo! Gloria, in excelsis Deo! Shepherds, why this jubilee? Why your...
She's Not You
Oh yeah oh. See how she's looking in my eyes, any guy would kill for that. She's a beautiful girl and she's into me but I'm too busy still looking back. Now...
Think Of Me
Think of me, Think of me fondly, When we've said goodbye Remember me Once in a while Please promise me You'll try When you find that, Once again you long To take your heart back And be...
Guillô, prends ton tambourin, Toi, prends ta flûte, Robin Au son de ces instruments Tu-re-lu-re-lu, pat-a-pat-a-pan Au son de ces instruments Je dirai Noël, gaiement. Willie, bring your little...
Riu Riu Chiu
'Spanish lyric' Riu riu chiu, la guarda ribera Dios guardo el lobo de nuestra cordera, Dios guardo el lobo de neustra cordera, Riu riu chiu, la guarda ribera El lobo rabioso...
Melodies Of Christmas
There’s something in the melodies, That the Christmas season brings, Joy and Laughter in the air, Smiling faces everywhere, Old familiar melodies, Bring back special memories, They remind us, They...
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (ft. Charice)
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Let your heart be light From now on our troubles Will be out of sight Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Make the yuletide gay From now on your troubles Will...
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
I cant light no more of your darkness All my pictures seem to fade to black and white Im growing tired and time stands still before me Frozen here on the ladder of...
Touch My Hand
Saw you from a distance Saw you from the stage Something bout the look in your eyes Something bout your beautiful face In a sea of people There is only you I never knew what the...
Words keep falling out of my pocket. Running late, missed the train, Everything is dropping. Holding on to my heart, And I rush out, almost forgot it. I must admit it,...
Let's Talk About Love
Sometimes I wondered what I'd be when I grew up And then I remembered It was anything I dreamed of I could be a poet or singer I can be...
Smoky Mountain Memories
You ought to go north somebody told us Cause the air is filled with gold dust And fortune falls like snow flakes in your hands Now I don't recall who said it But we'd...
Somebody Out There
Sittin' all alone in your room Thinkin' that the world's let you down All you ever wanted to do istrust someone to always be around You've had a lot of lessons to learn...
My Hands
My Hands Accidentally, on purpose I dropped my watch behind the tire Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace Yeah, and I put the parental control on, On...
Angels In The Alleyway
Dancing in the alleyway, Waiting for someone to say, Come and dance with me Rains a little everyday, Keeps a smile on my face, But I hurt inside... I've gone crazy... Please forgive...
And So It Goes
In every heart there is a room A sanctuary safe and strong To heal the wounds from lovers past Until a new one comes along I spoke to you in cautious tones You answered me...
Waiting For Yesterday
You and me, all alone, girl What's going on? Would you tell me what's wrong? It's like you're locked up in your own world. Oh, with nothin' to say. You keep me...
Falling - ca sỹ David Archuleta Feels like my life's been passing by With happiness just bein' a lie How did I get here, where am I going? One more day without knowing Struggling...
Crush I hung up the phone tonight, something happened for the first time, deep inside It was a rush, what a rush Cause the possibility that you would ever Feel the same...
Zero Gravity
Ohhh Oh yeah yeah Yeah Tell me what you did to me Just underneath feet Didn't even notice we were miles above the ground I'm not afraid of heights We crashed into the sky Didn't know that I...
Save The Day
Tied to the tracks and I hear you call Your voice is shaking The train is coming faster than you thought And there's no escaping it And you think that you know How the end...
Works For Me
Yeah, yeah, mmmmm No I won't make up my mind I'm too good at wastin' time And I know that life is unpredictable Just never know what I will find Am I gonna...
The Long And Winding Road
The long and winding road That leads to your door Will never disappear Ive seen that road before It always leads me here Lead me to your door The wild and windy night That the rain washed...
Your eyes don't lie
Your eyes dont lie I saw you yesterday, It's been a while You tried but failed At holdin' back your smile right then It's not over yet, I knew,...
You're The Voice
We have The chance to turn pages over We can write what we want to write We gotta make ends meet before we get much older We're all someone's daughter We're all someone's son How long...
In This Moment
IN THIS MOMENT Driving through the city for the first time, you and me Staring through windows and my own reflection How can a window encompass perfection Now that I know what it's...
Sweet Caroline
Where it began, I can't begin to know when But then I know it's growing strong Oh, wasn't the spring, whooo And spring became the summer Who'd believe you'd come along Hands,...
Don't let go
Don't Let Go I know that look in your eyes, I don't wanna say goodnight. Do anything to change your mind, Try to make you see the light....
Barriers Well, I don't know how to say this right And the words got me chokin' I keep hittin' this wall It's never gonna fall And we're still broken This mountain...
To Be With You
To be with you I've been alone so many nights now And I've been waiting for the stars to fall I keep holding out for what I don't know To be...
You Can
Take me where I've never been, Help me on my feet again. Show me that good things come to those who wait. Tell me I'm not on my own....
Desperate, desperate.... You're reachin' out, And no one hears your cry You're freakin' out again 'Cause all your fears remind you Another dream has come undone You feel so...
A Little Too Not Over You
It never crossed my mind at all That's what I tell myself What we had has come and gone You're better off with someone else It's for the best, I know it is But...