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Let's Build A Room

(Michael Learns To Rock)


Don't let them talk don't let them tell you stories about the war
Don't let them in don't let them steal the gold in your heart
And if it's hard to do alone come on and take my hand
Don't be afraid together we'll fight
To keep the cruelty out of our lives
Let's build a room let's build a room
Where only lovers inside can breathe the air
Let's build a room let's build a room
Were the only thing is a bed on the floor
Let's build a room let's build a room
I'm sure the birds in the trees can tell exactly how
To build a room to build a room a room for love
The summers all over the land it isn't hard to understand
What we were doing if it wasn't for the war
Just take my hand together we'll fight
To keep the cruelty out of our lives
Let's build a room let's build a room
Where only lovers inside can breathe the air
Let's build a room let's build a room
Were the only thing is a bed on the floor
Let's build a room let's build a room
I'm sure the birds in the trees can tell exactly how
To build a room to build a room a room for love




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Let's Build A Room
Don't let them talk don't let them tell you stories about the war Don't let them in don't let them steal the gold in your heart And if it's hard to do...
I'm Gonna Come Back
"I'm Gonna Come Back" Building it up tearing it down The circle goes round and around Lessons are learned and bridges burned I'm hoping the tide will turn I'm gonna change direction Just for my own...
Come On And Dance
The stary skies were clear the moon was shining bright Was driving slowly through the night Somehow I lost my way I started feeling weak Pulled off the road to get some sleep Then...
African Queen
She walks around slowly like a lion some kind of animal Beauty's the beast walking through the jungle the world is at her feet She passes by not a word is spoken...
Gone After Midnight
I been here waiting for someone to share my vision Coming here tonight was not the best decision You look like someone who might welcome some direction You look like one who's grown...
Romantic Balcony
The sun is almost down and we are both enjoying the sound of the ocean softly brushing against the land We are sleeping you and me with a smell of tulip tree under the starry...
Hit By A Feeling
I've been looking for an angle For a shortcut to your mind There's no point for us to wrangle So baby here's the bottom line (Here it goes) I know you never left me...
A Kiss In The Rain
I wake up in a sweat can't sleep I'm soaking wet I toss and turn the whole night through I keep going in and out of time (ahh ahh) I just can't seem...
Should I close my eyes so I don't see your smile Would it be a clever thing to do And should I stay away from you for a little while Should I leave...
Close your eyes so you don't fear them They don't need to see you cry I can't promise I will heal you But if you want to I will try I'll sing this somber...
Everything I Planned
Into the fire I’m falling like a bird On wire In a lions cave I’m getting dizzy The room becomes a singing zoo And I can’t help myself I’m falling for you Chorus: Everything I planned Is sinking in the...
Fairy Tale
In that misty morning when I saw your smiling face You only looked at me and I was yours But when I turned around You were nowhere to be seen You had walked away...
I see you movin around in the light been watching you for a while I don't know what's inside of your mind but it's lightning when I look in your eyes I never trusted...
Walk With Me
Was it good did I behave like I should Was it fine the way we chose to spend our time Knowing you has been an everlasting thrill and I love you still...
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Eternal Flame The doors are open and you're on your way The eyes of the world are on you to day Fire is deep in your heart Desire burning from the start Your feeling like...
The Loss Of A Friend
It's not the feeling of being alone It's more the absences - someone you've known It's not the impact against the wall It's more the painful fact that we are so damn small Because...
Take Me To Your Heart
Hiding from The Rain and Snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart beat So many people all around the world Tell me...
My Blue Angel
Your're such a serious girl You've got the weight of the world on your shoulders You hide away in your room And every day you get just that much older Your mind is filled...
Looking At Love
A man stands next to at great wall He's too close he can't see at all But if he doesn't stand so near The bigger picture become so clear I've been so into myself...
This Is Who I Am
Now baby who's to blame You keep my picture in a frame Without room to move Now show me the man That could fit into your plan Of a faultless love Now we have to sail...
25 Minutes
25 Minutes After some time I've finally made up my mind She is the girl and I really want to make her mine I'm searching everywhere to find her again...
Blue Night
Lately you have been asking me if all my words are true Don't you know I'll do anything for you Sometimes I haven't been good to you Sometimes I've made you cry And I am...
Nothing To Lose
There are times when you make me laugh there are moments when you drive me mad there are seconds when I see the light though many times you made me cry There's something...
Complicated Heart
Complicated Heart - MLTR Don't know what to say now Don't know where to start I don't know how to handle A complicated heart You tell me you are leaving But I just have to say Before...
Traffic And Stars
Out of a season into the cold A new situation and everything sold Feels like i`m reaching the end of the line Cause we are running out of time (chorus) Traffic and stars One in a...
One World One Dream
More than wishful thinking Is making dreams come true Mankind will celebrate Two thousand zero eight (2008) Certain as the sun A New day has come We trust the wind of change We'll cherish anyone In the great...
Judgement Day
We died in pain we are the saints and we've come down to Earth We are taking over now We'll be ruling the world The rich and poor in peace and war no matter...
A Different Song
Ain`t gonna do the gig tonight with the band I`m going out of town tonight oh yes I am Sorry fans sorry band I couldn`t keep my promise I`ll put on my coat and hit the road Chorus: Breaking...
Something Right
Ive seen my chances come And go How they escape me Ill never know Ive had the answers there in my hand I just didnt understand Now lady luck has smiled At me And given me another...
Stuck In The Heat
Somewhere inside I can feel it coming It's gonna rain where it never rained before The air is clear and the view is stunning I was on the road to nowhere Then I had...
That's Why (you go away)
That's Why (you go away) Baby won't you tell me why there is sadness in your eyes I don't wanna say goodbye to you Love is one big illusion I should try to...
Sweetest Surprise
I never knew life could be like this Never thought that I would be the one you would kiss I never knew love could be so rough But now I’ve found the real...
Shadow Side Of Me
I feel your resistance in your body Though you try to hide it I know there’s a battle in your mind I’m feeling the distance You are drifting and I just can’t fight it How...
If You Leave My World
What about the life that you were dreaming of What about the picture in my head What about the love that we were fighting for Is it still somewhere alive or is it...
You Want More
The taste of love You don't give up The dream that grows in your mind A touch of joy a glimpse of light And you can't sleep at night Chorus: You want more You want more You want...
Look Around
When you're down You're feeling better Strolling into the night There's a place In electrical weather Shining the bluest of lights in sight Reaching out In digital voices Everything is waiting here If you tried You couldn't avoid it Cyber magic...
Someday In my search for freedom and peace of mind I've left the memories behind Wanna start a new life but it seems to be rather absurd When I know the truth is that I always...
The War Is Not Over
The War Is Not Over - Michael Learns To Rock I slowly walk on town into the night to see how dreams of people dies they gently fall from windows all around and crash...
Lonely Satellite
LONELY SATELLITE How can you think it's right to treat me like you do You're so careless with the truth How can we make it back if you can't make amends with no time...
Family Tree
Family Tree Im gonna be the owner of the world for a little while And it feels like I am flying Everybodys waving in the crowd to get a smile But they never saw...
It's Gonna Make Sense
Life comes in many shapes You think you know what you got until it changes And life will take you high and low You got a little to walk and then which way...
I Do
I promised to love and cherish you For as long as we both shall live I live with an echo of “I do” It doesn’t seem so far away I remember the promise...
Breaking The Rules
On the street you are listening to every beat of your heart Want to know if it's working and you're still alive On your feet you are walking around with...
Digging Your Love
Digging Your Love No more lonely talking Waiting for the phone No more lonely walking In the streets alone Today the sun is shining Cos' since I meet you The sky seems so blue [Chorus] And I'm digging...
Time For Change
You've been given up and moving on Been a runaway for far too long What's the use in you crying tough When you are longing for love I can offer you company Tender loving and...
You Took My Heart Away
You took my heart away - MLTR Staring at the moon so blue Turning all my thoughts to you I was without hopes or dreams I tried to dull an inner scream But you... Saw me...
I'm running on empty alone in a steel cold town The colours are fading to grey when you're not around I'm going over what you said The words keep ringing in my head What...
Laugh And Cry
Listen baby this is the deal I need a minute to tell you how I feel I've got this one thing on my mind Like an obsession it's keeping me spellbound I have to...
When Tomorrow Comes
When Tomorrow Comes I, I'm lying oh so quiet by your side Afraid that you will open up your eyes Cos when the morning comes you'll say goodbye And now...
Upon A Christmas Night
I put my name on a Christmas card with love from me to you 'cos I believe if we're strong enough our wishes will come true They're dreaming of a white Christmas I'm dreaming of...
The Actor
The Actor He takes you out and he takes you up 'cause he can show you so much I go to bed and tomorrow again there's a lot of work to be done He gives...
One More Minute
Wake up a minute I'm as faceless as I can be broke every heart in town blew every brain around now I'm back home baby 've got no backbone maybe I'll make it all up to...
It's Only Love
It's been The story of my life The things I loved I had to sacrifice And now there's nothing left of me Feeling invisible In need of a miracle I...
I Still Carry On
I'm lying in the sun longing for a place in the shadow I'm lying in the snow longing for a place by the fire Chorus: I still carry on and I still walk around and I...
Ocean Of Love
Nomore crashing sounds only the wind There's still fire in the ruins I hear your shivering voice in my ear Do you think it's over now do you think that there is nothing left...
Home To You
MLTR & Julie Berthelsen I stayed up late last night I thought of the days gone by The picture of you and me Is not what it used to be Something happened along the way Little...
You Keep Me Running
I never met anotherone who made my life so much fun 'cos every moment I'm with you I never know what you're gonna do Every day you change your mind do something different all...
How Many Hours
Mothers giving birth to a little son crying in the rain of falling bombs Father he is young but deep and wise You see the fighter inside his eyes Hold me cover my...
Don't Have to Lose
If we want it we just have to choose If we need it we don't have to lose I see into your eyes It's time to realize If you want it I am here...
Strange Foreign Beauty
Strange foreign beauty I'll never know what's in your heart Does anyone know how it feels to hold you does anyone know the secret of your mind Strange foreign beauty I'll never come to share...
Crazy Dream
Music & Words: Jascha Richter The party's on the room is crowded Your conversation is so polite And when you dance you keep your distance No one's gonna wlk you home...
I Wanna Dance
(Jascha Richter) It's late at night they've al gone home so finally we're all alone The waiter says we're closing very soon Still the night's so long don't wanna say goodbye to you I've...
I Walk This Road Alone
Looking at a sleeping town As the world goes round and round Sitting here on my own As a king that lost his throne We were so in harmonie But...
The Ghost Of You
Summer's ended and without a trace Time goes by - while you remain Funny how I thougt I walked on through With my heart in one Chorus: Why do I still cry for you Dying to...
Love Will Never Lie
Love will never lie Nothing can stop emotions That run down the sides of your face Wish I could change this moment to Another time and place Nothing you say can move me I’ve chosen the...
Wild Woman
Can I act like an angel if I live like a jerk Can I keep on disguising Can I make believe that I don't deceive Chorus: Send the wild women out the backdoor My wife is knocking...
Something You Should Know
Something You Should Know Drifting back to a time gone by she was in my life now I'm watching her from the car Someone bought her rollerskates God am I too late did somebody else take...
Fools Direction
I was lost on my own had become a rolling stone You talked to me You talked to me Holding back a lonely scream I was giving up my dreams You danced with me You danced with me There's...
Tell It To Your Heart
Tell It To Your Heart Tell it to your heart everyone's a star So she said And landed in the street early one morning right in front of me she threw out her spell Tell...
Final destination
(Jascha Richter/Nick Jarl) I believe in the world When I see the beauty in a girl like you And I believe that all my dreams of yesterday Are one touch away (Chorus) Wanna be your final...
One Way Street
One way street I wanna climb Mount Everest I wanna see the girls undressed I wanna drift across the sea in a hot balloon I wanna jump out from a plane And you...
Forever And A Day
Forever And A Day When the night has come and the day is done I'm always thinking of you you are in the air You are everywhere in every thing I do If I could keep this...
Angel Eyes
She blinded me with her light It's such a beautiful sight The way she moves like an angel She's got me walking on air Angel eyes Rays of hope that hypnotise They're a blessing in...
Whatever It May Take
You made me crawl feeling so small Creeping like shapes along the walls Life fades to gray Why must I pay for giving my heart away [Chorus:] But whatever it may take However my heart breaks I'll keep...
Animals Wild rivers and waterfalls I can hear the planet call Show a little respect Beautiful To everything that is beautiful And if you want to save it all Show a little respect In the sun Another day is...
Breaking My Heart
Breaking my heart I'm on the floor counting one minute more Noone to break the silence Staring into the night all alone but that's alright It's the feeling deep inside I don't like Chorus: There is no excuse...
Paint My Love
Paint my love From the youngest years Till this momment here I 've never seensuch a lovely queen From the skies above To the deepest soul I've never feft crazy like before Paint my love you should...
Naked Like the Moon
I catch a word of the universal rhyme in the summertimes in the summertimes The river flows and I wonder where it goes only heaven knows only heaven knows Inpatient with the human...