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(Backstreet Boys)


Memories - Backtreet Boys
Memories of the love I left behind
I still think about it all the time
nothing stays the same
Maybe I'm to blame Oh I
I'd do it all again

And through these eyes I've seen a thousand lies
And it's taken years to realise
Nothing stays the same
No one is to blame but I
I'd do it all again

Doesn't really matter if you got it right
Doesn't really matter who was wrong or right
All I know is I know that I can make it through
What about you

Ohh my my
Ain't no way it's gonna change me
Ohhh, cause all the fear I've left behind
Yeah yeah
If only time will tell you what is meant to be
There's a place I can't let go
Only in all the dreams I used to know
I wish it was the same
I guess no ones to blame but I -
I'd do it all again

Doesn't really matter if you got it right
(Doesn't really matter)
Doesn't really matter who was wrong or right
(Who was wrong or right yea)
Looking at my life today and I'm alright. I'm Ok
Now i see the world in a better way
(so much better now)
And I know, Yes I know
That i can make it through

Memories the love I left behind

Wish it was the same
I guess no ones to blame
No, no nothing stays the same
And everything must change
Oh I
I'd do it all again
Oooh again




Ký ức - Backtreet Boys

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Bài hát của: Backstreet Boys:

Sincerely Yours (AJ Mclean)
I burn the pages in my head But the memories are so clear A thousand words left unsaid And you never shed a tear You say that you wanna be close to me So how...
I Hate It When You're Gone (AJ Mclean)
I hate it when I come home and you're already asleep I hate it when you throw things out without talking to me I hate how you've come to expect I'll let you down I hate...
What If (AJ Mclean)
What if the sun never rose again What if the sky turn from blue to red What if the love we once had was never there What if you told me you loved...
Have It All (AJ Mclean)
I wanna have it all Happiness and love all around (mmhmm) Always wanted finer things But all the money brings, is me down (Yeah) Gonna walk around in your head Its time to start...
Oh how many times am I gonna let you walk right pass? I swear sometimes I think I'm moving too fast You never know if it's gonna last I guess that's what scares...
All Of Your Life (Need Love)
Hey Yeah, yeah I wanna know Can we spend this life together Be a shield from rain and weather Tell me can I Baby tell me can I be your man Let’s be lovers (be lovers) Girl...
Who Do You Love
I know he's drivin' A fancy car When you're with him you're feeling like a star But when I'm home alone I think only of you So what do you know How does it grow? So how can...
If You Want It To Be Good Girl
If you want it to be good girl Get yourself a bad boy (Yeah I like this, ha ha) If you want it to be wild Gotta know just who to dial baby (that's...
Empty spaces fill me up with holes Distant faces with no place left to go Without you within me I can’t find no rest Where I’m going is anybody’s guess I’ve tried to go...
I'll Never Break Your Heart
"I'll Never Break Your Heart" [Spoken:] Baby, I know you're hurting Right now you feel like you could never Love again Now all I ask is for a chance To prove that I love you From...
Teenage Wildlife(AJ Mclean)
She’s gonna flash her eyes under moonlit skies He’s gonna meet her there under the exit sign Yeah they both look good they need to be seen He’s a James...
If I Don't Have You
If I Don't Have You Every day girl I wake up and pray That you'll come back home And don't take too long Cuz since you've been gone Everything's going wrong I wish you were here Holding...
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry I'm sorry I will do anything for you Will you forgive me? Just don't cry Don't cry Listen Ah yeah Just wanted to talk to you I'm sorry Just when you think you're strong enough Temptation raises its head Cuz...
I'll Never Find Someone Like You
I'll never find....i'll never find someone like you. You girl, you take my breathe away And when I want someone new, I'd rather be here with you Baby, forever... My heart...
Larger Than Life
Larger Than Life I may run and hide When you're screamin' my name, alright But let me tell you now There are prices to fame, alright All of our time spent in flashes...
Not No More
Oooh oooh She stayed with 'em all But she got her own place She made me wait too long But you let me hit the second date yeah She's always asking me for my But...
As Long As You Love Me
As Long As You Love Me Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I'm leavin' my life in your hands People say I'm crazy and that I am blind Risking it all...
Anywhere For You
Anywhere For You I'd go anywhere for you, Anywhere you asked me to. I'd do anything for you, Anything you want me to. I'd walk halfway around the world, For just one kiss...
This Is Us
Got a million reasons to run and hide I don’t blame you for being scared (for being scared, no) Bout a novel long, all the pain that he’s caused you Baby...
Nobody But You
Ain't nobody else but you (3x) There is nobody Who can make me cry Nobody else can do it Nobody but you (2x) Ain't nobody else but you There is nobody who can make me lie Nobody...
Funny Face
Nick: Baby Wipe your eyes Cause I don't want to see you cry I don't want you thinking I'm a bad guy Sometimes I say some things that i don't really mean the last thing that...
Best That I Can
Best That I Can Lyrics some say that love isn't fair but they don't know you and me and when they tell me that love doesn't last alone that's when i look at you and...
More Than That
I can see that you've been crying You can't hide it with a lie What's the use in you denying That what you have is wrong I heard him promise you forever But forever's come...
It's True
Even a lover Makes a mistake sometimes Like any other Fall out and lose his mind And I'm sorry for the things I did For your teardrops over words I said Can you forgive me And open...
Close My Eyes
My feet on the ground but I can't run Drowning the noise inside my head Who is this man that I've become It's killing me to see myself How do...
Christmas Time
There is something special About this time of year The Christmas feeling's everywhere I just got home to join you I've been away too long (been away too long) But now I'm back To share my...
Can't Stop Thinking Of You
You're in my mind all the time My thoughts are always of you There are so many things that we promised each other, that we would do But since you went away,...
All In This Together
Let me tell you what I see through my eyes Apathy is all around and on the rise We channel so much energy through our greed Which leads us to...
So empty can't feel no more as I'm left with my tears on the floor. I wait for my heart to mend, but you keep tearin a hole. Inside I'm so lost in...
If You knew What I knew
7am, thinking about you Wondering if the thoughts I'm feeling you're feeling too Like a new born child, soft to the touch Baby is it possible to love someone so much I...
Love Is
Yeah, Oh, Oh Yeah yeah. Once there was a time, love was just a myth, it just wasn't for real, it didn't exist. Until the day you came into my...
If I Knew Then
Life should be like a game of cards You make a mistake Then fold the desk and start over It should be just like drivin in your car Get lost...
Straight Through My Heart
In the heart Of the night Where its dark In the lights I heard the loudest noise A gunshot on the floor Ohhhh Ohhhhh I looked down And my shirts turning red Im spinning around Felt her lips on my...
-I-I- gotta make make my way Way through all these people I didn't put all this money Just so so I I can see ya' Im bout to act dog on fool I’m just a...
Bye Bye Love
You should be right here laying next to me But baby you chose to love the hard way You could be right here getting the best of me But baby...
Divine Intervention
Brothers fighting brothers Lovers fighting lovers People barely caring anymore Nations hating nations Love is lost in the equation Wondering why there is still so many wars It's like this whole world's caught in Some crazy storm We...
Callin' Your Name
Baby hear my cry Despairs obviously set in my eye (in my eyes, I need you) So bless me with your bliss Give this love a try (love a try,...
Lift Me Up
Nick Carter: When I’m down on my luck And I’m searching for my soul When I’m feeling too much And I start to lose control When I’m down so low That even enemies don’t wanna know You...
Helpless(feat Pitbull)
I wake up every morning and see your face lying right beside me it fills the space in my heart I can't live without you don't wanna figure right how to and every time I...
I'll Be There For You
I'll be there for you . I'll be There for you Lyrics: Don't say a word I understand You wanna know if I'm still your man Girl can't you tell by the touch of my hand I'm gonna...
Perfect Fan
It takes a lot to know what is love It's not the big things, but the little things That can mean enough A lot of prayers to get me...
Give Me Your Heart
Shoo do do whap, sho do do do do do Shoo do do whap, sho do do do do (x2) Can I have a talk with you Let me walk you...
Over Her
You know I been trying to figure out Just what's going on Am I over her? I been doing a lot of thinking lately Am I over her? And I'm really missing you It's been 3...
First off I cant keep a promise Im no one to count on at all Add on that Im a coward To scared to return your calls Chorus But you dont care You keep sticking around While...
Backstreet Listen up This aint so ironic Smoking mirrors, lights and magic Peoples faces and gold Theres soldier boys, beauty queens Everyones a mystery Its like were losing control Yearning Im yearning Put the wonder dust...
She’s A Dream
Shorty ain't got cable, She don't even got a radio, way more than able. What kinda girl should I take her for? The perfect kind, just what I like,...
Away Internationally Away Chorus: Away I just wanna take you everywhere that I go Girl I want you in a plane in a seat right next to mine Get witchu right after my shows Baby I could give...
Fallen Angel
I wanna know (4x)] Yeah, I wanna know [I wanna know (4x)] I wanna know You had me fooled You were so good at that I'm so unglued Too many pieces To put back You were the...
Song for the unloved
Hey.. This one's for the mothers… Who have lost a child This one is for the gypsies Who left their hearts behind This is for the strangers Sleeping in my...
Lay Down Beside Me
"Lay Down Beside Me" Something about the way you moved That caught my eye I really did have to try it, yes I can't deny it The way your body swayed As I watched you...
All I Have To Give
All I have to give I don't know what he does to make you cry But I'll be there to make you smile I don't have a fancy car To get to you I'd...
Never Gone
I really miss you There's something that I gotta say The things we did The things we said Keep coming back to me and make me smile again You showed me how to face the...
No One Else Comes Close
No one else comes close When we turn out the lights The two of us alone together Something' s just not right But girl you know that I would never Ever let another's touch Come between...
Get Another Boyfriend
Get another boyfriend Backstreet Check it, huh Hey, hey, hey Let's talk about one baby You gotta hear me out Do you really wanna be the last to know What it's all about Let's talk...
I Want It That Way
I Want It That Way Yeah You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I want it that way But we are two worlds apart Can't reach...
Safest Place To Hide
Safest Place To Hide Lyrics Artist(Band):Backstreet Boys Yeah, yeah It seems like yesterday when I said 'I do' And after all this time my heart still burns for you If you don’t know by...
I Still
Who are you now? Are you still the same Or did you change somehow? What do you do At this very moment when I think of you? And when I'm looking back How we were young...
That's What She Said
There are people who say what you wanna hear Even on a rainy day they'll tell you the sky is clear When you really, really love someone And I'm...
One In A Million
[AJ/Nick:] She wakes up with the sun She throws on her clothes Hoping her car will start The second time around The day has begun The line's out the door Serving up fraps Until she...
“When you come back, I won’t be here” She said and gently pulled me near “If you wanna talk, you can call And, no, it’s not your fault” I just...
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon How come I was the last to know? Took the stage, then you stole the show Another unsuspecting sunday afternoon I was captured by that stare Now I'm shattered, but...
Rush Over Me
Washed away my sad face, Flooded all my empty space You take away life's heartbreak And I know with you it's gunna be ok You're rushin through me (Like water from Heaven) I Feel you...
In Pieces
So I lie awake another hour Just like the one before The shadows play a game with my head I can't take this anymore I hear the sound Of my own breathing It makes me miss...
The Answer To Our Life
You see me sitting here, a smile upon my face The time has come but you know that it's not too late There's been too many things, together...
Everything But Mine
Brian: Walking along the sky Chasing a glimpse of you Painting a world with stars I found inside your eyes Up here above the haze Everything looks so clear Wondering what it would be like if...
Shape Of My Heart
BACKSTREET BOYS LYRICS ""Shape Of My Heart Hmm, yeah, yeah Baby, please try to forgive me Stay here don't put out the glow Hold me now don't bother if every minute it...
Spanish Eyes
Spanish Eyes Here we are In the arms of one another And we still go on searching for each other Knowing that hate is wrong And love is right For us tonight When I look into your...
Unmistakable Anytime, anywhere, any place You could be anyone today Maybe I will recognize you on a crowded street Maybe you'll take me by surprise Will you be the one I had in...
Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman Oh, oh, oh Oh, no, no, baby Oh, ohh, ohh, ohh Yeah How can I begin to Tell you what ya do to Me every...
I Promise You
It's in the silences, the words you never say I see it in your eyes, it always starts the same way It seems like everyone we know, is breaking up Does anybody...
Drowning - BSB Don't pretend you're sorry I know you're not You know you've got the power To make me weak inside And girl you leave me breathless But it's okay Cuz you are my survival Now hear...
Sick as my secrets
I’m so sorry That I called you I’m trying to pick up The pieces of my life I forgot that we were over Tell me what went wrong Wrong, wrong, wrong Twelve days, four...
Climbing the walls
Close your eyes, make a wish That this could last forever If only you could stay with me now So tell me what it is That keeps us from...
Poster Girl
Yeah, yeah, yeah Jodie was a long along way from home She could make alone look pretty Her attitude made a part of her landscape Riding her bike through Alphabet City She likes to...
Back To Your Heart
Ohhh It's not that I can't live without you It's just that I don't even want to try Every night I dream about you Ever since...
10000 Promises
Once we were lovers Just lovers we were oh what a lie Once we were dreamers Just dreamers we were oh you and I Now I see you're just somebody Who wastes all my time...
Shining Star
You're my shining star, that is what you are There is no one like you baby Angels everywhere Everytime you're near You will always be my baby Baby when you do the things you do I...
yes i will
I open my eyes I see your face I cannot hide I can't erase The way you make me feel inside You complete me girl, that's why Something about you makes me feel Baby...
Roll With It
Roll with it Roll with it (oh yeah) Roll with it You've got to roll with it If you ever feel Like no one cares When you try your best But you get nowhere Don't give in Cuz good...
Crawling Back To You
Everybody knows that I was such a fool to ever let go of you Baby I was wrong Yeah I know I said we'd be better off alone It was time that we...
Like A Child
If I could right the wrongs that made you cry Would you promise not to say goodbye ohh Cause I'm holding on With a love so strong And I can't take a day without...
Color My World
Ohhh no Everybody needs affection Looking for a deep connection So put a little bit of love in my life today Everybody needs some shelter Spend a little time together Come into my arms Let them tell...
Everytime I Close My Eyes
Everytime I, Close my eyes (2x) Listen girl, I don't know where to start But every word I say, is straight from the heart I've been so wrong Never meant to hurt you Oh girl,...
Trouble Is
[Howie:] How come you never know What you got until it's gone Too bad Because I never felt so good with anyone How fooled was I into thinking I was gonna be alright, okay,...
Something that I already know
"Something That I Already Know" [AJ:] Here we are, seven days And seven nights of empty tries It's ritual, habitual But it's never gonna work this time [Brian:] We're to the...
You Can Let Go
Lyrics: [AJ:] I can see in your eyes Broken windows, fallen skies Baby, baby what you hidin' from The light that followed you around Lately nowhere to be found Don't you know that I'm your...
Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Don't Wanna Lose You Now I never thought that I would lose my mind That I could control this Never thought that I'd be left behind That I was stronger than you,...
Helpless When She Smiles
"Helpless When She Smiles" [AJ] She keeps her secrets In her eyes She wraps the truth Inside her lies Just when I can't say What she's done to me She comes to me And leads me back to paradise She's...
There's Us
THERE'S US There's me, looking down at my shoes The one smiling like the sun, that's you What were you thinking? What was the song inside your head? There's us, going on...
The One
I'll be the one... I guess you were lost when i met you Still there were tears in your eyes So out of trust and i knew No more than...
Get down (you are th one for me)
Get down (you are th one for me) You're the one for me You're my ecstasy You're the one I need Chorus: Get down Get down And move it all around(2X) Hey baby love I need a girl...
Satellite Here I am again Waiting on the moment you decide To leave me stranded on the edge of nowhere I've been so close to you so many times I feel like I could drown I...
Happily Never After
Happily Never After - Backstreet boys I don't think I want this anymore As she drops the ring to the floor She says to herself you've left before This time you will stay gone...
Downpour - BSB I've been walking around Inside a haze Between the lines of reason Hiding from the ghost Of yesterday Feels like I'm barely breathing Chorus: I, I wanna feel the rain again I, I...
Not for me
Not For Me Lyrics 100% Legal MP3 Downloads I was looking for something On the crime scene where you're in too deep I found a note with this number It's just another clue(it leads to...
We've Got It Going On
We've Got It Goin' On Everybody groove to the music Everybody jam We've been waiting so long Just can't hold it back no more Creepin' up and down now It's time for me to let it...
Time I know that I, I can't believe Just what the past has brought me To the man I wanna be I know that we have had some times That...
Nowhere To Go
Nowhere To Go (Bonus Track) - ca sỹ Backstreet Boys Looking for beauty in a certain Finding the strength inside the gray Maybe I'm heading for a breakdown And maybe that's...
It's Gotta Be You
Baby it’s the way you make me Kinda get me go crazy Never wanna stop It’s gotta be you (uh huh, uh huh) I can’t control it anymore I’ve...
Spoken: Baby, can I talk to you? I know something's wrong Things just ain't the same But deep down inside I know you still care So tell me what to do To get things back again The...