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On The Wings Of Love



It's good to know
I love your love
Which share for way the wind blows
Our guiding light
That would shine on
Through the darkest night

When the world seems like it's full of strangers
And i feel as if i lost my way

You lift me up on the wings of love
Taking me highest still with every touch
When ever i'm weak, honey
You take me there again
On the wings of love

It's all in me
When you hold me
And whisper tenderly
That i'm the one
You love forever
What else could i want

Even life where we are going changes
And when the dreams i had get swept away

You lift me up on the wings of love
Taking me highest still with every touch
When ever i'm weak, honey
You take me there again
On the wings of love

(i'm flying high)
Its all i need when you hold me close
And you whisper tenderly

On the wings of love
Highest still with every touch
When ever i'm weak, honey
You take me there again
On the wings of love

You lift me up on the wings of love
Highest still with every touch
When ever i'm weak, honey
You take me there again
On the wings of love

On the wings of love




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Bài hát của: Westlife:

Come take my hand now Know there is no doubt I'm here for you I'll be the truth Someone in your life Just look in my eyes Know that you're home You're not alone All I know is...
No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight
Here I stand, Looking in your eyes, I'm an open book. Shattered heart is all I have to give, And that's what you took. Feels so good, that I can't...
I Get Weak
My love My heart Oh bruised and broken all alone When we're apart I die inside Oh this room is like a battlefield of love tonight I know I should be stronger but I lose...
Difference In Me
There' something in the silence I never used to feel There's something about knowing That tells you this is real When you're close all I know I don't want to...
Take all your chances while you can You never know when they'll pass you by Like a sum the mathematician cannot solve Like me trying my hardest to explain It's all about your cries...
Before It's Too Late
All things come to those who wait Sometimes they just come too late And if we never speak again I don't wanna make that mistake We never seem to find The place or time To say...
I Wanna Grow Old With You
Another day Without your smile Another day just passes by But now I know How much it means For you to stay Right here with me The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But...
Too Hard To Say Goodbye
(Kian) Everytime I close my eyes You're all that I can see I hold you in my heart And know you're watching over me (Shane) Standing by your side It felt like I could fly If I could...
I Have A Dream
I have a dream A song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of the fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in...
Please Stay
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh If I got down on my knees And I pleaded with you Not to go but to stay in my arms Would you walk out the door Like...
Beautiful Tonight
Well I thought I'd seen it all From beginning to the end Yeah, I was the great pretender Always alone again Well a light came shining in When you took my breath away Now I...
Hard to find a way to get through It's a tragedy Pulling at me like the star do You're like gravity Even if the wind blows It makes it hard to believe How ya gonna love How...
That's What It's All About
[All:] I know it's all about you It's all about me Working it out, yeah That's what it's all about [Shane:] Maybe I was wrong about it Maybe you were right I was selfish and demanding Never satisfied Oh...
Where We Belong
Shane: Being interviewed by somebody In a hotel lobby She says where do you come from? Now I'd really like to talk about it But if you write it Please don't get it wrong Mark: Mum said you...
I Did It For You
[Shane:] Life without taking chances Is no kind of life at all You've gotta stand up for something Even if you might fall Gotta take the road Wherever it might go No matter where, no matter...
Beautiful In White (Shane Filan)
Actually if you know this but when we first met I got so nervous I couldn’t speak In that very moment I found the one and my life had found its missing piece So as long as...
Try Again
[Shane:] Hush now don't you cry There will be a better day I promise you We can work it out But only if you let me know What's on your mind [Mark:] Baby, you thought it was...
That's Where You Find Love
"That's Where You Find Love" In your eyes, I found the greatest price You and I could not be closer And in your arms, is everything I want Now I know my...
Miss You Nights
MISS YOU NIGHTS Shane: I've had many times I can tell you Times when innocence I'd trade for company And children saw me crying I thought I'd had my share of that But these miss you...
I'm Missing Loving You
I can figure it out in my head Nearly time that we put this to bed It feels like its over I’m tired and a mess You forgive me for my big mistake Then keep...
Love Takes Two
Mark: Baby, tell me, are we heading into trouble, yeah Is it my imagine taking whole Do I read too much into the way we slay The way you move away...
Uptown Girl
Uptown Girl Uptown girl She's been living in her uptown world I bet she never had a back street guy I bet her mama never told her why I'm gonna try...
When You're Looking Like That
when you're looking like that - westlife When you’re looking like that She's a five foot ten in catsuit and bambi eyes Everybody who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine I should...
Until The End Of Time
Until the end of time Chorus: [All] Until the end of time I'm longing for you And if you feel the same Then show me your love I'll give you everything that...
Have You Ever
"Have You Ever" [Chorus:]Have you ever loved somebody so much It makes you cry? Have you ever needed something so bad You can't sleep at night? Have you ever tried to...
Fragile Heart
A fragile heart, was broken before I don't think it could endure another pain But there's a voice from deep inside of you That's calling out to make you realise That this new...
Bop Bop Baby
Bop Bop Baby My mama said nothing would break me or lead me astray Who would have guessed I'd let my mind drift so far away You always said I was a dreamer...
Close Across the miles it's funny to me how far you are but how near you seem to be I could talk all night just to hear you breathe I could spend my life just living this dream You're...
You Make Me Feel
You make me feel I've been trying to reach you 'Cause I got something to say But you're talking about nothing at all And you're slipping away We were crying together It was a long time...
Dreams Come True
Dream come true - Westlife Dreams are there to show you the way (Better take a look inside) Close your eyes find out What they're trying to say (You gotta take a look inside) Only for...
Bad Girls
Bad Girls (Good things, good things That bad girls do) Bra top, tank top Doesn't really matter cause they're all so hot I'm going loco in Puerto Rico Dark...
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
You've Lost That Loving Feeling You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips. And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips. You're trying hard not to show it,...
She's Back
Took some time to heal To get my heartbeat back Just when I’m ahead Returning from the dead She’s back again She knows just what to say She always gets her way...
Hit You With The Real Thing
It's 99 degrees and the temperature is creeping up I felt your foundation vibrate, a mountain might erupt I've almost got you there so let me take you all the way a...
Where We Are
Stay, stay where you are. Don't let me go, Don't let me go. Made it this far. Oh baby stop! Stop right there. Don't walk away, Don't walk away. Into thin air. We survived the crash,...
I Lay My Love On You
Just a smile and the rain is gone Can hardly believe it (yeah) There's an angel standing next to me Reaching for my heart Just a smile and there's no way back Can hardly...
I been working so hard I'm punching my card Eight hours. For what? Oh, tell me what I got I get this feeling That time's just holding me down I'll hit the ceiling Or else I'll...
Sound Of A Broken Heart
In so many ways I tried to reach you And I don’t know why I couldn’t get through When I tried so hard to break your guard Didn’t know it would leave this...
If Your Heart's Not In It
If Your Heart's Not In It I'm missing you Girl even though you're right here by my side Cause lately it seems The distance between us is growing too wide I'm so afraid that you're...
If I Let You Go
IF I LET YOU GO day after day time pass away and I just can't get you off my mind nobody knows I hide it inside I keep on searching but i can't find the courage is...
Flying Without Wings
Everybody's looking for a something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Places you never knew it could be Some find it in the face of their...
Written In The Stars
[Shane:] Stay with me Don't fall asleep too soon The angels can wait for a moment Come real close Forget the world outside Tonight we're alone It's finally you and I It wasn't meant to feel like this Not...
[Shane:] Took my hand Touched my heart Held me close You were always there By my side Night and day Through it all Maybe come what may Swept away on a wave of emotion Overcaught in the eye of the...
The Difference
I wake my faith shaken inside Images of you race to mind Did I forget I meant to tell you something? Only half 'til you have to fall Only whole when you’re seeing it...
No More Heroes
When the waves are crashing down Pulling you to sorrow I will sail you back to shore When there are no more heroes Over under, near or far I’ll be right beside you Standing...
Another World
In another life Maybe we see everything In a different light Like an endless summer And in the years from now We'll all be living The same old certain dream That we imagined would be Chorus: Somewhere high Somewhere high...
I'll See You Again
Always you will be part of me And I will forever feel your strength When I need it most You’re gone now, gone but not forgotten I can’t say this to your...
Reach Out
When everything is war You’re living in a battle zone When everything is torn And the world is cold as stone Don’t lock all the doors Close your heart Shut me out of your life And throw...
Watching the clock on the wall Been a while since you called I can't help but wait It's late and I can't get no sleep Something’s different this time It just doesn't feel right Have we...
How To Break A Heart
Since you’re not worth my love I haven’t given up I’m stronger than that (I’m stronger than that) And though my heart will break I’m takin’ back my faith Cos right now my world is spinnin’...
Mornings after Still lingers Just waking up I see a shadow of you Making breakfast for two I go driving Past our place and I see this girl walk by I smell her perfume For a moment I...
[Verse 1] Eyes, like a sunrise Like a rainfall Down my soul And I wonder, I wonder why you look at me like that What you're thinking, What's behind Don't tell...
Fool Again
Baby, I know the story, I've seen the picture, it's written all over your face Tell me, what's the secret that you've been hiding? And who's gonna take my place? I...
Seasons In The Sun
Seasons in the sun - Weslife Goodbye to you, my trusted friend We've known each other since we were nine or ten Together we climbed hills and trees Learned of Love and ABC's Skinned...
Soledad If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind If only you could heal my heart just one more time Even when I close my eyes There's an image...
You See Friends (I See Lovers)
You said this would never end, But I want you for more than just my friend (yeah) You said this is hard to say I never really looked at you that way A...
All Or Nothing
All or nothing - Westlife I know when he's been on your mind That distant look is in your eyes I thought with time you'd realize it's over, over It's not the way...
Swear It Again
I wanna know Who ever told you I was letting go Of the only joy that I have ever known Girl, they're lying Just look around And all of...
More Than Words
Saying I love you Is not the words I want to hear from you It's not that I want you Not to say but if you only knew How easy it would be to...
As Love Is My Witness
Mark: Once in a lifetime You look in someone's eyes And it feels like the world stops turning at once That's what it felt like for me I knew right away this day would be Standing...
Crying Girl
Bryan: She only cried ever other Tuesday night She is a crying shame, she could had done something right In this little town everybody knows her name Now she's flown away the town...
You Raise Me Up
When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary; When troubles come and my heart burdened be; Then, I am still and wait here in the silence, Until...
Mandy I remember all my life Raining down as cold as ice A shadow of a man A face through a window Crying in the night The night goes into Morning, just another day Happy people pass...
My Private Movie
Pretty girls are all around I'm looking up and down 'Till my view finder fins you in the sands Zoom in 'til you fill the frame You're driving me insane And the way you're acting's...
Daytime Friends And Nighttime Lovers
And he'll tell her he's working late again But she knows too well there's something going on She's been neglected, and she needs a friend So her trembling fingers dial the telephone Lord,...
Story Of Love
This is the story of love Let's make it last forever You hold the words that mean so much Let's make a plan together Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa In the...
Singing Forever
Mark: You took my hand, long ago And you've been by my side always I didn't know where to go You showed me the way Who knows what the future holds Oooo we'll never know Chorus: Nobody...
Reason For Living
I lie alone and thinking How could this ever happen Is it real, am I dreaming And when your heart’s been burned How can someone learn To get over their fears You told me I...
"Amazing" You're like a storm against the window Follow me around just like a shadow I'll swim a never-ending ocean Until you bring back your devotion It's like I live a thousand lifetimes Still looking for...
On My Shoulder
On My Shoulder Nah nahnah nah nahnah All around the world All around the world Someone needs somebody Let it be a shield All around the world All around the world Someone's feeling...
I Promise You That
I Promise You That Yeah, hey, yeah There is no reason you should feel like this I know that I am the only one to blame I feel your agony,...
Let's Make Tonight Special
Let's Make Tonight Special [Shane:] I'll give the world to make you mine 'Cause I can't go on without you this time, this time [Mark:] What are you doing tonight,...
I Won't Let You Down
I Won't Let You Down Bryan: Your life's hard enough And your not strong enough To be bleeding from your heart The strain has got to much I feel your losing touch You let your inner...
Can't Lose What You Never Had
CAN'T LOSE WHAT YOU NEVER HAD (Westlife) Baby, you're so beautiful And, when I'm near you, I can't breathe A girl like you gets what she wants When she wants it You're...
Imaginary Diva
"Imaginary Diva" Late last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her She didn't need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her She's my perfect girl And I...
Miss You
Miss You I can't sleep. I just can't breathe When your shadow is all over me baby Don't wanna be a fool in your eyes Cause what we had was built on lies And when...
Have You Ever Been In Love
In the morning light Half awake and half asleep Have you ever laid there thinking Was it all a dream? But you reach out and she's there Every moment,...
Moments - Westlife If I die tonight, I'd go with no regrets If it's in your arms I know that I was blessed And if your eyes are the last thing that...
Loneliness Knows Me By Name
Loneliness Knows Me By Name Loneliness is always looking for a friend It found me once and it has been around since then Loneliness is never waiting by the door It sweeps right...
No Place That Far
I can't imagine, any greater fear Then waking up, without you here, And though the sun, would still shine on, My whole world, would all be gone,...
It's You
There's a laugh in my eyes There's a waltz in my walk And it's been such a long time Since there was hope in my talk If you never knew...
When A Woman Loves A Man
When the stars are in her eyes And the sun is in her smile The only moment in a life This happens the same time When a woman loves a man She’ll be a mother...
Lately I'm so tired If I took it all out on you I never meant to If I left you outside If you ever felt I ignored you Know my life is all you So put...
Lyric here: Shane: There was a man, a lonely man, Who lost his love through his indifference Mark: A heart that cared, that went unchecked, Until it died within his silence Shane: And Solitaire's...
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes If you wanna know Tomorrow morning I have to leave But wherever I may be Best believe I'm thinking of you I can't believe how much I love you All we have is...
What Becomes of The Broken Hearted
What Becomes of The Broken Hearted Shane As I walk this land of broken dreams I have visions of many things But happiness is just an illusion Filled with sadness and confusion Shane What...
Catch My Breath
We were still in high school When I first met you Even then you were the prettiest girl That I ever knew And we carved our name on Everything that we could find The way that...
Thank You
[Shane:] I wanna thank you very much Thank you for lending me love Now I'm levitating Cos I feel like I've been waiting For a lifetime For your touch [Bryan:] Now I'm 6 feet off the ground And I...
Butterfly Kisses
There's two things I know for sure She was sent here from heaven And she's daddy's little girl As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus and...
Kian: Even though you're near me I need you far away To be an ocean To build another way Bryan: I'll be broken And I know it But I just can't seem to find Another way All: Though you want to Though...
To Be With You
Hold on little girl, show me what he's done to you, Stand up little girl, A broken heart can't be that bad, when it's through, it's through, Fate will...
Why Do I Love You
Why Do I Love You Suddenly she's Leaving Suddenly the Promise of love has gone Suddenly Breathing seems so hard to do Carefully you Planned it I got to know just A minute to late, oh girl now I understand...
Somebody needs you
Somebody needs you I'm only human Sometimes I make mistakes If you forgive me I'm gonna do what it takes But now I know better To hurt you was wrong...
Love Can Build a Bridge
I'd gladly walk across the desert With no shoes upon my feet To share with you the last bite of bread I had to eat I would swim back to...
Never Knew I Was Losing You
I'm feeling so alone now tonight Even though you're here by my side Is there something on your mind From the world you'd left behind I feel as if the loved shared before Doesn't wanna...
Don't Let Me go
Westlife - Don't Let Me Go So much to say But where do I start Would you listen if I spoke from the heart It's simple things That keep us apart...
Us Against The World
Us against the world [Nicky:] Us against the world Against the world Us against the world Against the world [Shane:] You and I, we’ve been at it so long I still got the...
Every Little Thing You Do
Every Little Thing You Do Hello, let me know if you hear me Hello, if you want to be near Let me know And I'll never let you go Hey love When...
Nothing Is Impossible
Nothing Is Impossible Isn't life strange A total mystery As we passed each day Did you notice me? And I know girl You've been looking at me And I know now That you and me were meant to...
The Easy Way
The Easy Way Listen girl Just let me talk to you I just wanna be with you So why should I play it cool You and me we got a chemistry So I don’t need poetry...