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Queen Of Mars

(Ashley Tisdale)


I was just a lonely girl
Looking for a little fun
Though without a friend in the world
I was forced to find a new one

Now I'm the queen of Mars
I was invisible on earth
It only took a magic portal to mars
To give me something worth

You put a crown on my head
And you all seem to worship me
You don't understand a word I say
But you treat me like royalty

Now I'm the queen of Mars
I was invisible on earth
It only took a magic portal to mars
To give me something worth

[Verse 1:]

[Verse 2 :]

[Chorus :]




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Giờ tôi là Nữ hoàng sao Hoả
Tôi như vô hình khi ở Trái đất
Chỉ phải vượt qua một cánh cổng diệu kỳ tới sao Hoả
Để trao cho tôi thứ gì đó đáng quý

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