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Quicksand Jesus



Quicksand Jesus

She caught the melting sky
It burned but still the winter passes
by and by
To the other side

A slow parade of wind
That blows through threes
That wilted with the season's children
Are we saved by the words
of bastard saints
Do we live in fear or faith
Tell me now who's behind the rain

A maze of tangled grace
The symptoms of ?for real? are
crumbling from embrace
But still we chase..the shadows
of belief
And new religion clouds our visions of
the roots of our souls

Are we ashamed of our own fate
Or play the fool for our own sake
Tell me who's behind the rain

What do we need where do we go
When we get where we don't know
Why should we doubt the virgin white
of fallen snow
When faith's our shelter from the cold

Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away without .....

Quicksand Jesus I need you
Quicksand Jesus I belive you
Quicksand Jesus I'm so far away

SKid Row




Cô ấy bắt gặp bầu trời tan chảy..
Như thiêu đốt trong mùa giá lạnh
Nhưng chỉ 1 lúc nữa thôi
Khi nhìn về phía khác..
Cô ấy lại thấy...

Cơn gió chậm chạp di chuyển...
Xuyên qua những luống hoa..
Và làm chúng tàn héo dưới mùa hội hè
Chúng ta có thể làm gì ?
Ngoài tin vào lời nói......
Giả dối của những thánh nhân
Chúng ta đang sống...
Giữa lo sợ hay niềm tin
Hãy nói với tôi bây giờ
Rằng ai đang ở đằng sau
Những cơn mưa mịt mùng kia..

Mê cung của những chiến sĩ danh dự
Dấu hiệu xấu của sự thật xuất hiện..
Vòng tay đón nhận vỡ thành từng mảnh vụn ....
Nhưng chúng ta vẫn luôn rượt đuổi
Cái bóng của chính mình...của niềm hi vọng...
Sự sùng bái làm vẫn đục hình ảnh
Mái nhà của những linh hồn
Mà chúng ta tôn thờ

Chúng ta có xấu hổ về
Định mệnh của chính mình?
Hay trở thành người khờ dại
Chỉ vì lợi ích riêng ...
Hãy nói với tôi bây giờ
Rằng ai đang ở đằng sau
Những cơn mưa mịt mùng kia..

Chúng ta phải làm gì..?
Chúng ta phải đi về đâu..?
Cho đến khi nào chúng ta..
Mới tìm được nơi chúng ta cần đến...
Khi mà thậm chí chúng ta
Chẳng biết đó là nơi nào..
Tại sao chúng ta ko nên tin
Vào những đức mẹ đồng trinh
Đã ngả xuống trong bão tuyết...

Khi niềm tin mà chúng ta hằng tin tưởng
Ngày càng trở nên mờ nhạt ....

Vùng cát lún của chúa..
Tôi đang dẩn dần rời xa chúa..

Vùng cát lún của chúa..con cần chúa
Vùng cát lún của chúa..con tin chúa
Vùng cát lún của chúa..Tôi đang dẩn dần rời xa chúa..

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What is love
What is love 1. What is love Baby don't hurt me, Don't hurt me no more Baby don't hurt me, Don't hurt me no more What is love Yeah oh I don't know , why...
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Hold On
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First Love
Once in a while You are in my mind I think about the days we've had And I dream that this would all come back to me If only you knew every moment in...
One Wish
Damn baby Just don't understand where we went wrong I gave you my heart I gave you my soul I gave you... As a matter of fact I was the one who said I love...
Once in the life time
Once in a lifetime 1. Close the door don't walk away There's something to say Come lay down beside me I've heard the whispers in the rain callin' your name they're sent to remind me And if...
Itoshii Hito Miyavi My beloved... Don't cry, show me your smile If I wanted to see your tears, I wouldn't have said 'I like you', would I? My beloved... It's okay, you're not...
Marea pt3[Behind my Window] And now that the cold has returned Where is my window From which I used to dominate The world My gray, black, azure world A world without wars A world where...
Mamy blue
I may be your forgotten son who wandered off at twenty-one. It's sad to find myself at home, Oh, Ma. If I could only hold your hand and say I'm sorry, yes,...
Sea of sorrow
You were the ground beneath my feet Stretching as fas as I could see But then you were called to sail And I felt all hope fail The tide is turning And I'm left yearning Watching...
In my mind
"In My Mind" Imagine seeing him on the town Holding another hand She's starin' me down, So I figure that he told her who I am. But it don't matter either way, What they...
Twist In My Sobriety
Twist In My Sobriety All God's children need travelling shoes Drive your problems from here All good people read good books Now your conscience is clear I hear you talk girl Now your conscience is clear In...
Standing at the edge of the earth
I knew that this moment would come in time That I'd have to let go and watch you fly I know you're coming back so why am I dying inside Are you searching...
Somebody to love you
SOMEBODY TO LOVE YOU Wynonna Judd You need a job so you can make some money You need a nice warm place to stay A sense of humor ’cause life is funny A big stick...
Comme Toi
Elle avait les yeux clairs et la robe en velours À côté de sa mère et la famille autour Elle pose un peu distraite au doux soleil de la fin du jour La...
I'm The Wind
I AmThe Wind (Xenoxaga) Just like the wind I’ve always been Drifting high up in the sky that never ends Through thick and thin, I always win 'Cause I would fight both life and death to...
Jealous NINA Jealous of the girl who caught your eye One of my darker days When you looked at her where was I? Shoulda been in her place Here I am All alone imagining what could...
Kiss Of death
I watched you burn your hand in my flame Tempting fate again and again Faith is not enough something's gotta change Where is the love without pain Riding on a homebound train Ticket to a...
Perfect Picture
Perfect Picture Lilyjets If you put yourself in my sorry situation Tell me, would you dare? And if I told you that my road in life was nearly broken Would you even care? It's easy...
Quicksand Jesus
Quicksand Jesus She caught the melting sky It burned but still the winter passes by and by To the other side A slow parade of wind That blows through threes That wilted with the season's children Are we...