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(Britney Spears)


I still see your coast hangin' on the door,
Never let anybody put one there before
My pillow's got your head printed on it
Baby, of all the guys you were my favorite

Don't ask, me why
I just can't say goodbye
No not, tonight
No, I just can't say it

'Cause I'm gonna hold on
Yeah, I'm gonna hold on
Baby, gotta keep holdin' on to what we had
'Cause I don't wanna move on
So I gotta hold on
Baby because you and me are sinking like quicksand
Like quicksand, like quicksand
Baby because you and me are sinking like quicksand
Like quicksand, baby like quicksand
Baby because you and me are sinking like quicksand

You came along I didn't know of love
But now I know that sometimes it's just not enough
I hear your footsteps in my corridoor
But it is just my heart, it's pounding like before

Wish I, could try
But I just can't say goodbye
No not, tonight
No, I just can't say it


'Cause the ground is breaking,
I can feel it shaking
Wish it was that easy,
But it's not that easy
Gotta hold my hands up,
Gotta keep my head up
Gotta keep on breathing,
Baby even if we're sinking
Even if we're sinking
Baby even if we're sinking
Even if we are sinking

'Cause I just-just gotta-gotta hold (Hold)


Only got one life to live,
We don't even need a piece of sand
Only you and me,
We need to hold on and hold on and...

Only got one life to live,
We don't even need a piece of sand
Only you and me,
We need to hold on and hold on and hold on
And hold on
And hold on, and hold on

And hold on, and hold on, and hold on
And hold on, and hold on, and hold on
And hold on, and hold on, and hold on




Em vẫn còn nhìn thấy áo khoác của anh trên trên cửa
Trước đây chẳng bao giờ để ai máng áo lên đó hết
Chiếc gối của em hằn in hình dáng đầu anh gối
Anh ơi, anh là người em yêu nhất trong những người đàn ông

Đừng hỏi em tại sao
Em chỉ không thể nói lời từ biệt
Không, không phải vào đêm nay
Không, em chỉ không thể thốt nên lời

[Điệp khúc]
Vì em sẽ cố níu kéo
Ừ, em sẽ cố níu kéo
Anh ơi, phải níu giữ những gì chúng ta đã có
Vì em chẳng muốn vượt qua
Vì thế em phải níu giữ

Anh ơi, vì anh và em đang chìm sâu như cát lún
Như cát lún, như cát lún

Anh vào cuộc đời em, em đã chẳng biết về tình yêu
Nhưng giờ em biết rằng đôi khi tình yêu thôi không đủ
Em nghe tiếng chân anh trong hành lang nhà em
Nhưng đó chỉ là tiếng tim em, thổn thức như trước đây

Ước chi em có thể cố gắng
Nhưng em chỉ không thể nói lời từ biệt
Không, không phải vào đêm nay
Không, em chỉ không thể thốt nên lời

[Điệp khúc]

Vì mặt đất đang vỡ toác ra
Em có thể cảm thấy nó đang rung chuyển
Ước chi điều đó dễ dàng như thế
Nhưng không dễ dàng như thế
Phải giữ tay em giơ cao
Phải giữ đầu em ngẩng cao
Phải tiếp tục hít thở
Anh ơi, dù cho nếu chúng ta chìm sâu
Ngay cả nếu chúng ta đang lún vào

Vì em chỉ phải, phải níu kéo

[Điệp khúc]

Chỉ có một cuộc đời để sống
Chúng ta thậm chí chẳng cần một nhúm cát
Chỉ có anh và em
Chúng ta cần phải níu giữ và níu giữ…

Và níu giữ thật chặt [x9]

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Piece Of Me
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Kiss You All Over (18+)
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Joy Of Pepsi
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Perfect Lover
Are we ready Are we ready ready Are we ready Are we ready ready Ah ah ah ah.. Ah ah ah ah.. My body feels like an inferno Like im in a race and i'm jumping the...
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She'll Never Be Me
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Why Should I Be Sad
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I'm Not A Child
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Don't Go Knocking On My Door
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What You See (Is What You Get)
You used to say that I was special, Everything was right, But now you think I'm wearing too much makeup, That my dress is too tight. You got no reasons to...
I'm A Slave For You
(Now Thats What I Call Music 9) I know I may be young, but I've got feelings too. And I need to do what I feel like doing. So let me go...
I'm More Wizer (Parody)
I'm More Wizer Britneys back just the way u wanna see her Still a slut, but just a little skinnier. I'm that girl just like Madonna, look I'm naked in the...
Outta This World
"Outta This World" I know you hear me on your radio Well here we go Please turn up your radio Wanna tell you somethin Hear me on your radio Well here we go Please turn up your...
Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
Danja... Yeah, this sounds nice yeah, yeah I got a plan we can do it Just when you want it baby, baby, baby As long as you want it...
You Got It All
I was the game he would play He brought the clouds to my day Then like a ray of light You came my way one night Just one look and I knew You would make...
Heaven on Earth
Your touch Your taste Your breath Your face Your hands Your head You're sweet Your love Your teeth Your tongue Your eye You're mine Your lips You're fine You're heaven on earth I've waited all my life for you My favourite kiss Your perfect skin Your perfect smile Waking...
When I Found You
I believe We all have one true love Somewhere in this world I do (I do, I do) When it seemed All my dreams Were falling through That's when I found you I believe for every heart That...
Circus There's only two types of people in the world: The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe Well baby, I'm a put on a show kind of girl Don't like...
Heart Heart, I know I’ve been hard on you I’m sorry for the things I’ve put you through Before you start to break on me or ask for sympathy I need to make...
Notice me, take my hand Why are we strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me Everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my...
Boys For whatever reason, I feel like I've been wanting you all my life You don't understand I'm so glad we're at the same place At the same time, it's over now I spotted...
Can't make you love me
I'm just a girl with a crush on you Don't care about money It doesn't give me half the thrill To the thought of you, honey So tell me that you want...
I used to be your girlfriend and I know I did it well Oh yes you know its true You'd call me Cinderella All you had to do was yell And I'd be there...
Where Are You Now
Calling out your name Your face is everywhere I'm reaching out to you To find that you're not there I wake up every night To see the state I'm in It's like an endless fight I never...
I saw him standin’ there in the parking lot He asked if I came here a lot And this is how I responded [Chorus] I forgot my name, I forgot my telephone number If he...
Mona Lisa
(Spoken) This is a story about Mona Lisa, The Mona Lisa Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell About Mona Lisa and how she suddenly fell (huh) See...
I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman
I’m not a girl not yet a woman I used to think I had to answers to everything But now I know That life doesn’t always go my way , yeah Feel like I’m...
Someday (I Will Understand)
[Verse 1:] Nothing seems to be the way That it used to Everything seems shallow God give me truth In me And tell me somebody is watching Over me And that is all I'm praying is that Someday I...
Phonography (Bonus Track)
Phonography We're not so different you and me 'Cause we both share our share of obscenities And everybody's got some freaky tendencies Hidden or admitted, 'cause we all got needs And I make no...
Out From Under (Joanna cover)
Breathe you out Breathe you in You keep coming back to tell me you’re the one who could have been and my eyes see it all so clear It was long ago and far away...
And Then We Kiss
Lying alone Touching my skin I'm falling under A girl like me And I can't hold it in It makes me wonder Is this for real? It's not what it seems You're like an angel I'm running now My feet...
Unusual You
Nothing about you is typical Nothing about you is predictable You’ve got me all twisted and confused (It’s all new) Up til now, I thought I knew love Nothing to loose and its damaged...
Blur Turn the lights out This shit is way too f**king bright Wanna poke my eyes out If you wanna mess with my eyesight Just let me get my head right...
Mmm Papi
Mmm Papi Baby, I can be your sweet baby When things get crazy Be sure you come and save me With this fast car I can really get far And don’t break my heart Let’s make...
Candy From A Stranger
Ya! Yeah... Aay, shorty. (Britney giggles) You're so sweet Britney: Stranger, A stranger Candy from a stranger Excuse ma, but you're sick sweeter than a Hershey Kiss...
My Baby (Missing)
Tiny hands Yes that’s you And all you show It’s simply true I smell your breath It makes me cry I wonder how I’ve lived my life Cause without you How did I get through All of my days Without you Now...
Rock Me In (bonus track)
Rock Rock Rockin' headspace I'm trippin' out This is my place What's your about? If you come over, we can fly together Let's go Take me down and let me in Spin me all around, I feel...
Shattered Glass
Did I wake you, were you sleepin', Were you still in my bed? Or is a nightmare keepin' you up instead? Oh baby, are you feelin' guilty for what you...