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Ready For The Victory

(Modern Talking)


You're in our hearts
Just from round to round
You will be the champion
The king without a crown
Like a fireball
You'll never never give up
Hear the engine call
Waiting for the start

Can't you see
We're ready for the victory
It's clear -
You're the hero just for you and me
I feel -
We're in the pole-position-team
Can't you see it's like a dream?

From Australia to USA
And From Italy to Germany
And From San Marino to Canada
He is our biggest star

Oh you cannot loose
If you have a lucky hand
You will be the hero
You have many friends
Dreams we cannot buy
You will win again
Nobody does it better
Through passion and through pain




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Lắng nghe tiếng gọi từ động cơ
Chờ đợi sự khởi đầu

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Tôi cảm thấy
Chúng ta đang ở vị trí dẫn đầu
Anh có thấy ko điều đó cứ như một giấc mơ vậy

Từ Australia đến USA
Từ Italy đến Germany
Từ San Marino đến Canada
Anh ấy là ngôi sao sáng nhất

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Nếu anh biết nắm bắt vận may trong tay
Anh sẽ là người hùng
Anh sẽ có nhiều bạn bè
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Bài hát của: Modern Talking:

Ready For The Victory
You're in our hearts Just from round to round You will be the champion The king without a crown Like a fireball You'll never never give up Hear the engine call Waiting for the start Can't you see We're...
No Face, No Name, No Number
Love is like the ocean, burning in devotion When you go, go, go, oh no Feel, my heart is burning when the night is turning I will go,...
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Baby, come save me From pain and from fear Maybe I'm crazy Still dreaming you are here No more tears my baby I cry for you No more fears, oh maybe I'm missing you Like a...
Who Will Be There
Who will be there Who will be there The rain is getting stronger, I listen to the rain And I can`t wait no longer, oh please come back again If I...
Love Is Forever
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Nothing But The Truth
Nothing but the truth (nothing but the truth) Nothing but the truth (nothing but the truth) Like an angel, you came in my life I'm walking on cloud number nine This may not...
From Coast To Coast
Oh lady, i'm close to lose you You're burning up my life, more and more Oh lady, i can't forget you I know i can't survive, like before Oh lady, i'll...
For A Lifetime
Oh baby, I swear, I'll never make you blue, mmh Oh baby somewhere, there is a star for you, oh my love I promised you baby,...
Time Is On My Side
You are the sunshine baby of my life Oh baby you are just the one Without you oh I can't go on You are the one, only the stong survive Oh Baby I...
Who Will Love You Like I Do
Oh no matter where you are, you'll be my lucky star Oh everynight, everyday, babe what can I say, oh I love the way you smile, I...
Can't Let You Go
You don't need nobody When your're down and so alone And there's no telephone No one calls you at home, my baby Oh tell me that you need me And I'm sailing back to...
Girl Out Of My Dreams
Dreams that money just can't buy You give away no try and now you're gone, is it forever? Love, for me is not a game Don't play a trick again,...
If I
All friends are gone- my heart it burns like fire When the night comes falling, Falling from the sky I was so wrong- how could I loose my desire How many times can...
Live Is Too Short
Life is too short - don't throw it away Hear what I say - if you're lonely Stand up - if you fall down Please look around - you're not the only Life is...
Fight For The Right Love
Love makes you blind, my baby too blind to see He's playing tricks, with you and me He's telling lies, oh don't believe this guy, oh no Your heart...
It's Christmas
What do the lonely do on Christmas? Woman is a man's best friend There are people in loneliness, girl Waiting for a helping hand There's no mountain that's high enough Heaven will send me You're...
After Your Love Is Gone
Oh you playing games, playing games, hurting my soul Seven days, seven nights, without control Oh every day, every night I was alone When you're not next to...
Romantic Warriors
In the nights of lost and found Many strangers are around You're nobody until someone will love you You can't make it on your own When you standing there alone Many heartaches keep the world...
With A Little Love
They said : Oh yeah, it's a tough world You are restless and you are young I said : Oh girl, it's a good twirl And your time will come,...
I'll Never Give You Up
Oh, I'll never give you up I'll never give you up I'll never give you up My promise lasts forever I'll never give you up I'll never give you up I'll Never...
Rouge Et Noir
Someday, We'll Be Together - Tonight's Gone Forever The Night Just Comes Falling - Your Heart, It Is Calling Oh, I Know And I Swear - I Alway's Will...
Don't Take Away My Heart
Electrify my heart, electrify my soul Oh baby don't, don't lose control Electrify my skin, electrify my brain Oh baby don't leave me again No matter what I do, I...
Cosmic Girl
The heart of the ocean told me, you're the only one You're like a rose in the snow, and you need the sun And my heart is crying, when...
Give Me Peace On Earth
Love is easy Hate is wrong Find the way, babe Way back home Give your heart Love will never die Or a little cloud will cry We're cry Be a dreamer - be a fool Come and break...
Oh - love is a mystery Oh - love is a mystery She was the sister of Margarita, it was long long ago And I told her that I need her,...
Cinderella Girl
Oh I saw her near ocean avenue Wears a t-shirt and her eyes are blue She told me that She's living in the heart of L.A. City now, mmm We went straight to...
One In A Million
You are one in a million You are one in a million You are all of love my love You are everything for me You are one in a million You are one in a...
Witchqueen Of Eldorado
Hoh-hey, hey-hoh! Hoh-hey, hey-hoh! Hoh-hey, hey-hoh! Hoh-hey, hey-hoh! Eldorado! A heart of gold and she's alone Garden Eden is her home She's like a storm, she's...
All I Have
Oh, It's Now Or Never-It's No Empty Way I Will Stay Forever-Babe, What Can I Say? I Miss You Like Crazy-Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Nobody Knows You Baby-Please Stay...
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Oh my heart is crying in the night for you Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool You're fooling yourself with a millionaire You think it's love but...
Atlantis Is Calling
Lady, I know it was hard But it's much harder to ignore There's a chance and I'll promise I won't hurt you anymore Hollywood nights we're romancin' You can trust me anytime Somewhere, oh...
Don't Give Up
Walk away don't say good-bye Turn around, don't let it die Love will find a way to you Feelings and emotions Are just like stormy oceans Can you stay the way you are Heaven knows...
Bells Of Paris
Oh, I gave you my heart Every little bit You're holding me till the night is gone Oh, my little heart really blew apart When you touched me You hold so strong Now,...
The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine
The night is yours, the night is mine I beg you baby, take your time It's like paradise See your magic eyes Feel the need in me The night is yours, the...
Hey You
She has a heart of gold The way to paradise is cold I know, I know That this world is a show Love you more than words can say There's a will, there's...
It's Your Smile
I cry the whole night, just for you My tears will dry, that is true But I can't live without you one more day You're always in my heart, I...
Heart Of An Angel
Lyrics: Heart Of An Angel - Modern Talking She's crying a river, she helps everyone There is so much sorrow, she has to be strong She needs all her power,...
There's Too Much Blue In Missing You
Like the leaves fall of a tree I feel your love is dying for me You tell me it's not the end Where is the love you forsake You forsake, you forsake There's too...
Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
Albatross Show me a dream of love Albatross Without her love I'm lost Good love never dies Angels never fly so high I'm dreaming, dreaming Coming back to me I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere,...
I'm Gonna Be Strong
Shooting Star
Tonight, I'll be right here Next to you Tonight, My heart is burning What can I do? I will stay... Forever... I will go... To heaven, girl Anyway, anywhere, you know... I'll...
I Need You Now
Why did you go Why did you run away Is there someting i can do I'm standing here Oh I don't know what to say Feeling helpless without you I do'nt care what you...
Just We Two
Good guys only win in the movies Evil women telling stories There will never be another you It's true Down and out in Paris city All the things are tough and pretty Stay with me until...
We Take The Chance
We'll take the chance - we will again It's our dream and you will see - we'll go hand in hand I know we're here but I feel - we're not alone Millions...
I'm No Rockefeller
C'est I'histoire de I'amour Je t'aime Je suis fou de toi Je t'embrasse I saw her eyes, like rain in may A Paris-night, Champs-Eliyesee A flickering light, an old cafe Oh should I run...
Everybody Needs Somebody
Oh everybody needs somebody, baby (every needs someone to love) Anytime I see you, I get crazy (anytime I kiss you, can't get enough) Tell me, is this...
Why Did You Do It Just Tonight?
Why did you do it just tonight? You're leaving me without goodbye Why can't you give me one more try? Before you went and said goodbye Why did you do it just tonight? Sometimes I...
Only Love Can Break My Heart
You're walking like an angel in heaven In the night I see an angel in you In my lonely dreams I count to seven And I call you baby Know that it is true When...
I have the feeling, that you are the one You're really special, you can't go wrong You have to work, but you reach your aim I see your power,...
Fly To The Moon
I'm lost in you, I'm lost in love What can I do, words not enough I'm lost in space, I'm lost in you Oh my babe, what can I...
Oh Maria, oh Maria, oh Marie, oh, ah Oh when she speaks, this spanish words It's like a fire in my soul, and it hurts And when...
Should I, Would I, Could I
Oh you are lying (lying), you said it was forever baby Now see me crying (crying), why can't we be together lady Your lips say hello, but thay mean...
On monday morning, oceanrain was falling And tuesday morning, many friends are calling Wednesday alone, staying at home Thursday, oh I wait for you And friday it's only one day The weekend...
Oh I walked through the party in the discoljght Saturday is calling, and I'm feeling alright And I get, tired of, being alone She has my heart, but she...
Heaven Will Know
When I'm down, feeling blue I close my eyes, oh just to be with you I'm a dreamer and you know You're my woman and I'll never go God put an angel...
China In Her Eyes
Behind the sun - I found someone - my China woman, oh no She's painting clouds - day in day out - my China girl don't go Oh I can't,...
Lady Lai (New version)
Stay I wanna be your man Please stay you need a helpin' hand Tonight I'm falling in love in love Stay I love your Chinese eyes Please stay 'cause you're a big surprise Tonight I'm...
Princess Of The Night
Oh, I'm waiting In the darkness Hesitating in the darkness Follow all your shadows in the night I'm feeling it's burning The point of no return, babe It's easy for two Baby, it's so...
You were meant for me I'll give you love and ecstasy Strangers on the shore I wanna play this game no more But if you run with me Babe,...
It Hurts So Good
It Hurts So Good I Watched The Stars Oh One By One Why You leave Me So Alone Oh, Why, Oh Why - You Break My Heart I Watched The Stars -...
How You Mend A Broken Heart
--How You Mend A Broken Heart--- Somewhere there's a chance for me I said to my friends, my family It's a long and lonely road to Southern Chelsea And somewhere there's a love...
I`m So Much In Love
Girl, You Know - I Will Away`s Alway`s Think Of You..... Oh, I`m So Much In Love - I Can`t Live Without You I`m So Much In Love - I...
Don't Let Me Down
Don't let me down Oh, please believe me baby - It's just a sad sad memory Oh, please believe me baby - I swear I am not so blind to...
Angie's Heart
Every little moment Oh, she dreams of you Half a million miles of love come true How can you mend all the heartaches you've made ? What is easy for two, is...
Sexy Sexy Lover
Oh I tell you once and I tell you twice I'll be there for you in your paradise Oh please stay with me And I show you what I feel...
A Telegram To Your Heart
Oh reach out to my dream All the masquerade of loneliness You're a fool, baby It seemes words can not express Oh, only your lonely heart can show You're made for me I...
Don't Play With My Heart
Don't play Don't play with my heart Don't play (Playing tricks with my heart) Don't play with my heart You can stop my heart Love is here and now you're gone Oh please, don't tear...
Let's Talk About Love
Modern Talking Let's Talk About Love Let me rock you, let me roll you Take my hand I will take you to a new start Calling the promised land Let me love you,...
Lucky Guy
I feel your hearts-tune I feel the sound move I hear the last tune Over and over again Without end I feel the flowers I feel the showers I hear the last words Over and over again Without end Oh...
SMS To My Heart
You are so far - mmmm Oh like the star - mmm Oh I feel inside - I miss you tonight Do anything to make your mine A lonely night - mmm The Stars shine...
I Will Follow You
Oh my baby hold me, there is only you and me Oh I cannot wait forever, oh I cannot wait forever Tell me there's a heaven, and there is...
Doctor For My Heart
Babe how can you mend a broken heart Oh you're tearin' me apart Thousand drums play in my mind Take it off him put it on me Oh I'm feelin' so lonely And I'm holdin'...
Just Like An Angel
City lights spinning in my head Here comes the night and go to bed I'm sitting here in that night cafe My love won't go away Neverending dreams of you Lonely hours passing through Still missing...
Jet Airliner
The times were hard and I was running I could feel my chance was coming Another time, another place A pillow filled with frozen tears See the gates, a distant fire Shows the...
I Can't Give You More
I can't give you more, I can't give you more I'll never find, what I am searching for Oh I know, that I will die for you...
Love Is Like A Rainbow
When I Look Into Your Eye's - I Can See A Part Of Heaven Never Felt Like This Before - In My Life..... Love Shines In Many Colors - Love Is Shining...
Just Close Your Eyes
JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES! (*) Did I ever ever told you That I miss you every night And I cannot find my sleep, girl If I cannot hold you tight Did I tell you...
Don't Make Me Blue
Don't make me blue - don't make me blue I can't forget moments of love I'm not too old to dream, you're in my heart I can't forget, these love and...
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
I'll Never Fall In Love Again Heaven is for every one, if you're old or if you're young Baby, you can't kiss the past goodbye When I saw her in the...
Good Girls Go to Heaven
(Bad Girls go everywhere) Good girls go to heaven Good girls go to heaven Maybe when the night will fall Baby, loneliness will call Oh, call me, please call me Oh your dreams...
Who Will Save The World
Father they've written Of the point of no return Soldiers they will come Oh they're coming to burn (I said) Oh boy, we need your hope to live Oh boy, you have so...
In 100 Years
Outside the gates of heaven Oh, there lives a unicorn I close my eyes to seven Oh, this world is not my home A broken heart in danger And a pillow filled with...
Don't Let It Get You Down
I'm crying through the night A cry of loneliness Strangers side by side looking for a kiss You feel your heart is dead Oh like a broken toy Oh blue eyes, don't cry Your heart...
Don't Lose My Number
Woman is a man's best friend And I was crying in the night for love Baby, to the rainbows end I'll run for that sweet sweet stuff Oh, side by side I'll give...
Slow Motion
My tears will never dry Behind my painted smile You are the nearest thing to heaven, girl This world is not my home Love in a danger zone Some hearts are better left unbroken,...
Locomotion Tango
Love is a lie Love is a mess Telling the secrets of loneliness Our love survive Our love survive Letters are written Words are spoken Some hearts are better left unbroken How will love survive How will love survive Little...
Geronimo's Cadillac
I wanna share my dreams Wanna share with you On the wings of love Like dreamers do Touch your heart - You`re the queen of broken hearts Oh we are daytime friends - And nighttime fools Wanna play...
Sweet little Sheila
Oh say Watch good love go back Smoke from a distant fire burnin' me Oh babe The heaven can't wait And I need defense I'm feelin' My heart's appealin' Sweet little Sheila Do you do you really want me? Sophisticated...
You Are Not Alone
You are not alone How deep is the ocean How deep is your love I have the love in my eyes But how do you feel When you can't get enough Halfway to your paradise Oh my...
Last exit to Brooklyn
Brooklyn... Party up, party up Party up, party up, baby I cannot sleep - the night is young I cannot eat - I want some fun I'll pick you up - Route...
Anything Is Possible
Stay, please stay with me tonight And all the stars up in my heaven They're shining bright Oh anything is possible I know - if you stay Oh I will catch you, if...
Win the race
We can win the race We can win the race We have a dream, you win tonight Take a chance, take a chance, God is on you side We pray for...
TV Makes The superstar
You'll take your chance, to be the one And anything a possible, if you are strong, oh yeah Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down But you feel it...
Brother louie
Dear, love is a burning fire Stay, cause then the flames grow higher Babe, don't let him steel your heart It's easy, it's easy Girl, this game can't last...
You Can Win if You Want
You Can Win if You Want You packed your things in a carpetbag Left and never looking back Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes Music wherever you go You dont fit in...
Chery chery lady
Chery chery lady Oh, I cannot explain Every time it's the same More I feel that it's real Take my heart Ive been lonely to long Oh, I can't be so strong Take the chance...
You're My Heart, You're My Soul
YOU’RE MY HEART, YOU’RE MY SOUL (Modern Talking) Deep in my heart there’s a fire burning hot Deep in my heart there’s desire for a star I’m dying in motion.It’s my word in...