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Row Row Row Your Boat



Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
If you see a crocodile,
Don't forget to scream.




Chèo, chèo, chèo thuyền
Nhẹ nhàng xuống dòng thác
Thật vui, thật vui, thật vui
Đời chẳng là gì ngoài cơn mơ.

Chèo, chèo, chèo thuyền
Nhẹ nhàng xuống dòng thác
Nếu có thấy cá sấu
Nhớ gào to lên nhé!

Bài hát của: Unknown:

Five Little Pumpkins
Five little pumpkins Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said, “oh my it’s getting late.” The second one said, “there are witches in the air.” The third one...
Last Man Standing (Leo & Vanessa)
[L] Well you keep Coming back Like a cat, you find your way back in Tell me how Help me out Wanna make you go away again [V] This is the end, it's over, over How...
雪人 - Xue ren - Người tuyết
[ti: 雪人] [ar: 范晓萱] 好冷 雪已经积的那么深 Merry X'mas to you 我深爱的人 好冷 整个冬天在你家门 Are you my snow man? 我痴痴痴痴的等 雪 一片一片一片一片 拼出你我的缘份 我的爱 因你而生 你的手摸出我的心疼 雪 一片一片一片一片 在天空静静缤纷 眼看春天就要来了 而我也将也将不再生存 MUSIC... -----Pinyin----- [ti: xuě rén ] [ar: fàn xiǎo xuān ] hǎo lěnɡ xuě yǐ jīnɡ jī de nà me shēn...
Ma Belle Evangeline (The Princess And The Frog OST)
Look how she lights up the sky, Ma Belle Evangeline. So far above me yet I, Know her heart belongs to only me. Je t'adore, Je t'aime, Evangeline, You're my...
昙花 - Tan hua - Hoa Quỳnh
[ti: 昙花] [ar: 张洪量] 是谁带走了你 让我得不到你 你用你的爱情 说出生命的意义 着魔的瞬间 世界变好美 以为一直这样会到永远 爱你 这一切都是我自愿 你像昙花一现 雪花般消失在我眼前 人说爱痛到极点 什么都可以谅解 为什么我都不能体会 为何会爱上你 连我自己都不能了解 我是多么的想你 多么的想看到你 你明知道我还在迷恋 昙花一现的那夜 ----Pinyin---- [ti: Tán huā] [ar: Zhāng Hóng Liàng] Shì shuí dài zǒu le nǐ Ràng wǒ dé bú dào nǐ Nǐ yòng nǐ de ài qíng Shuō chū shēng...
悲しき天使/ Kanashika Tenshi/ Those Were The Days
1木枯らしの街をゆく ひとりぼっちの私 思い出の広場で思わず足を止める (*)思い出すはあの日のこと 暖かい恋の夢春の風と鳥の歌と やさしいあなたがいた ラララ~ラ~ララ…… 2冷たい風に思う 年月の流れ ほほ笑みもささやきも もう帰って来ない (*繰り返す) 3貴方の腕の中で 喜びに震えた 幼き日の私 もう帰って来ない (*繰り返す) -------------- 1 Kogarashi no machi wo yuku Hitori bocchi no watashi Omoide no hiroba de Omowazu ashi wo tomeru ĐK: Omoidasu wa ano hi no koto Atatakai koi no yume Haru no kaze to Tori no uta to Yasashii anata...
最后一次 - Zui hou yi ci - Lần cuối cùng
[ti: 最后一次] [ar: 薛晓枫] [ly+mu: 秦天] 秋天的落叶最后一次安然飘落 你说要陪着我一起走到最后 冬天里的眼泪在孤单流浪 你说过会融化我心中所有的痛 我问你有一天我们都将老去 谁来做留下来的那一个 你傻傻的说要让我先离去 因为走开的人会少些回忆的心碎 如果知道那是最后一次, 你怎么会放开我的手 如果知道那是最后一次, 我怎么会笑着说再见 -----Pinyin----- [ti: Zuì hòu yí cì] [ar: Xuē Xiǎo Fēnɡ] [ly+mu: Qín Tiān] Qiū tiān de luò yè zuì hòu yí cì ān rán piāo luò Nǐ shuō yào...
Cải Lương English
Honey! Do you know I love you and miss you so much Night after night I can not sleep so well You leaving me because not money I do know I who have nothing I...
破晓 - Po Xiao - Rạng đông (OST Màn đêm ở Cáp Nhĩ Tân)
[ti: 破晓] [ar: 刘可] [al: 夜幕下哈尔滨主题曲] 夜幕沉沉低垂 彷徨无边深邃 谁的罪...
Cambodia (2008)
Well he was thailand based She was an airforce wife He used to fly weekends It was the easy life But then it turned around And he began to change She didn't wonder then She didn't think...
传奇 - Zhuan qi - Truyền kỳ
[ti: 传奇] [ar: 李键] 只因为在人群中多看了你一眼 再也没能忘掉你的容颜 梦想着偶然能有一天再相见 从此我开始孤单地思念 想你时你在天边 想你时你在眼前 想你时你在脑海 想你时你在心田 宁愿相信我们前世有约 今生的爱情故事不会再改变n 宁愿用这一生等你发现 我一直在你身边 从未走远 ---Pinyin--- [ti: chuán qí ] [ar: lǐ jiàn ] zhǐ yīn wèi zài rén qún zhōnɡ duō kàn le nǐ yì yǎn zài yě méi nénɡ wànɡ diào nǐ...
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year. Glad tidings we bring To you and...
Песенка крокодила Гены (The Song of Crocodile Gena)
Песенка крокодила Гены муз : В.Шаинского сл : А.Тимофеевского Пусть бегут неуклюже Пешеходы по лужам, А вода - по асфальту рекой. И неясно прохожим В этот день непогожий, Почему я веселый такой. Припев : Я играю на гармошке У...
It's Christmas - Don Clark
Don't forget what Christmas really means It's not just Holly and snow white scenes When you wake up on Christmas Day Think of baby Jesus when you pray It's Christmas, It's Christmas,...
Stay With Me
Walking along the road bring me back sweet memories I can't forget how we used to kiss I can't forget your tenderness. Loving you more and more and no matter how I try I just can't...
White Christmas
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten, and children listen To hear sleigh bells in the snow I'm...
Influenza (USMLE Study Songs)
INFLUENZA by SUBSTANCE P Stuck in bed Got the flu Got achy muscles But I got normal poo Got the vaccine But antigenic shift Made a new strain And now I’m in Some serious shit. Thanks to new mutations of...
My Only Love (Sailor Moon OST)
Deep in my soul Love so strong It takes control Now we both know The secrets bared The feelings show Driven far apart I'll make a wish On a shooting star CHORUS: There will come a day Somewhere far away In your...
We Are Gonna Find It (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
Here we are far from home And a little bit hungry And a little alone But it’s alright Yes, it’s alright Cause in this room There might be friends Can’t see how How the story...
Two Voices, One Song (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
It's so rare to find a friend like you Somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue The way we talk, the things you say The way you make it...
Double Vision (Barbie and the Diamond Castle)
Two maidens were stealing A gig from two kind men Whose singing was magic They were both so handsome How did you get to be so good-looking? Genetics Ooohh One girl fair and pretty with curly hair And...
Lullaby Of Birdland
Oh, lullaby of birdland That's what I always hear, When you sigh, Never in my wordland could there be ways to reveal in a phrase how I feel Have...
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Good times for a change See, the luck I've had Can make a good man Turn bad So please please please Let me, let me, let me Let me get what I want This...
Story Of My Life (The Break-up OST)
Well, High school seemed like such a blur, I didn't have much interest in sports or school elections. And in class I dreamed all day, 'bout a rock 'n'...
女兒情 - Nu Er Qing - Nữ nhi tình (Tây Du Kí 1986)
鴛鴦雙栖蝶雙飛,: yan yuang shuang xi die shuang fei 滿園春色惹人醉。: man yuan chun se re ren zui 悄悄問聖僧,: qiao qiao wen sheng sheng 女兒美不美,: nu er mei bu mei 女兒美不美。nu er mei bu mei 說什麼王權富貴,: shuo...
おどるポンポコリン / Odoru Ponpokorin (OST: Maruko-chan)
作曲:織田哲郎 作詞:さくらももこ なんでもかんでも みんな おどりをおどっているよ おなべの中から ボワっと インチキおじさん 登場 いつだって わすれない エジソンは えらいひと そんなの 常識 タッタタラリラ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ パッパパラパ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ パッパパラパ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ おへそがちらり タッタタラリラ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ パッパパラパ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ おどるポンポコリン ピーヒャラ ピ お腹がへったよ あの子も この子もみんな いそいで 歩いているよ でんしんばしらの かげから お笑い芸人 登場 いつだって 迷わない キヨスクは 駅の中 そんなの 有名 タッタタラリラ ピーヒャラ ピーヒャラ パッパパラパ ピーヒャラ...
Waiting For You (Fan Song)
*Waiting for you* (Fan song) 고개숙인 니 사진을 보며 gogaesogin ni sajinŭl bomyŏ 나도 모르게 울컥 눈물이 nado morŭge ulkŏk nunmuri 두 뺨을 타고 흘러 내 가슴까지 적셔 du ppyamŭl tago hŭllŏ nae gasŭmkkaji jŏkshyŏ 니...
16 Going On 17 (The Sound Of Music OST)
(Rolf) You wait little girl On an empty stage For fate to turn the light on Your life little girl is an empty page that men will want to write on (Leisl) To write on (Rolf) You are 16 going...
Happy Birthday (Japanese)
Kanji あの星をごらん 君を守る光 まだ もみじのような手だった頃 いつだって君の頭の上には 愛してくれる光がある Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! やがて夢を抱き 人を愛して どんな涙を流してきただろう 偶然君に出会えた事に 密かな乾杯をしよう Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! --------- Romaji ano hoshi o goran kimi o mamoru hikari mada momiji no you na tedatta goro itsudatte kimi no atama no...
Betrayal My love has gone away, quietly after a hundered days. This is what's she has always said she won't stay for more than what she can repay. I can still hear her say...
Everytime I Think Of You
Something's going on Why can't you tell me so Why take the chance when you know it can't last I didn't know you have found someone new Want to tell me...
恋の片道切符 - Koi No Katamichi Kippu - One Way Ticket To The Blues
汽車はいま 傷ついた この胸を いたわるように ガタゴト 揺れてゆく バイバイ・ラヴ さようなら 心にしみる その歌も あああ 想い出の別れのブルース ※ひとり淋しく 今ははや 再び会えぬ君の やさしい笑顔 まぶたに ただ ただ 涙※ Choo choo train a chuggin' down the track Gotta travel on it never comin' back Woo ooo got a one way ticket...
会有天使替我爱你 - Sẽ có thiên sứ thay anh yêu em
[ti: 会有天使替我爱你] [ar: 이승현 ft. 王恩琦] 就算你离开我而去 慢慢将往事都忘记 我的心还会为你 永远跳动不停 原谅我的不辞而去 并不是我故意 是我不忍心 看你的眼神 天使的表情 忘了吗?你拉着我的手 说爱情永不会变 誓言 只会写在童话里面 对你的思念 就像风筝断了线 会有天使替我来爱你 守护在你身边 风雨过后的明天 是否彩虹都会出现 一言为定的誓言 为何只有我一个人去兑现 喜欢陪你吹风淋雨 还想听你胡言乱语 每个微笑都让我 情不自禁爱你 既然有一天会和你 说分手道别离...
Stern des Südens
Welche Münchner Fußballmannschaft kennt man auf der ganzen Welt? Wie heißt dieser Club, der hier zu Lande die Rekorde hält? Wer hat schon gewonnen, was es jemals zu...
零 - Ling - Zero - Alan Kuo - 柯有伦
[ti: 零] [ar: 柯有伦] 从来不相信我的世界可以有多完美 痛苦寂寞还有一些疲惫 不允许他人随意进入我的零度空间 宁愿孤独懒的再去想谁 俩个人一起是否只是得到一种安慰 挣脱过去然后忘记一切 没想过有天我的结局忽然全部改变 谁会抓住我的无力双臂 怎么会哭 (谁错谁对为谁抱歉) 不会再哭 (谁错谁对为谁憔悴) 走入零度空间等到一切分裂 就算爱的危险我们一起面对 来不及的防备没听过的誓言 要我怎么学会多了爱的明天 走出零度空间终于一切分裂 就算爱的很累我却不会后悔 放下所有防备一切都无所谓 逃出黑暗世界开始新的明天 新的明天 ---Phiên âm--- LING(ZERO) cong lai bu xiang xin wo de shi jie ke yi you duo wan mei tong ku ji mo hai you yi xie pi bei bu yun xu...
ABC Song
Come by Georgia, comes to me. I’d like to sing the ABC. A – B – C – D – E – F – G H – I – J – K...
Dors Mon P'tit Quinquin
Dors, mon p'tit quinquin Mon p'tit poussin Mon gros raisin! Tu m’f’ras du chagrin Si tu n'dors point j'qu'à d'main. Ainsi l'autre jour une pauvre dentellière En berçant son tout petit garçon, Qui d'puis trois...
遠いこの街で / Toi kono machi de / It's My Life (Card Captor Sakura OST)
Kanji 大好きだった あの歌 古いテープの中 小さなキズ 色あせたタイトル にじんだ夜明け そしてまた 今日が来る 夏の風を連れて 慣れていく 日々の片すみで ふと 孤独に出会う 自転車で どこまでも 風を蹴る速さ 忘れない la la la la 歌おう  空を見上げて  la la la la It's my life  歩いて行こう  私の力で進む  果てしない この道を いくつもの交差点 いつも迷うけど 流されたり 追い越されたりして 今を生きてる ぶつかること 認めること 大人になっても 忘れない la la la la 歌おう 空を見上げて la la la la It's my life 歩いて行こう 私だけのものだから 自信持っていいよね 生まれた街で 夢見てきた くじける度に 思い出す あの歌のように 今できることは 少しでも前に 踏み出すこと la la la la 歌おう 空を見上げて la la la la It's my life 歩いて行こう Romaji Daisuki datta ano...
Dante & Trish - Seeds of Love (Staff Roll)
In the field so green and so free, seeds gaze up The clouds keeps them from the light And the sky cries white tears of snow But still,...
Ten Things I Hate About You
I hate the way you talk to me And the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate...
她的背影 - Ta De Bei Ying - Bóng hình của em
[ti: 她的背影] [ar: 王杰] 没有人能够 告诉我 没有人能够 体谅我 那爱情到底是什么 让我一片模糊在心头 在我心头 多少年以后 有人说 爱情这东西 不会长久 也许它确实很美丽 也许过了今夜不再有 哦 过了今夜我将不再有 哦 也许今生注定不能够有 眼看那爱情如此飘过 只有含泪让它走 她的背影已经慢慢消失在风中 只好每天守在风中任那风儿吹 风儿能够让我想起 过去和你的感觉 只好每天守在风中任那风儿吹 风儿能够让我想起 过去和你的感觉 感觉 ---Phiên âm--- [ti: Tā De Bèi Yǐng ] [ar: Wáng Jié ] Méi Yǒu Rén Néng Gòu   Gào Su Wǒ Méi Yǒu Rén...
Jack And Jill
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after. Up got Jack, and home did trot...
Girls Don't Ever Fart !
My boyfriend, took me on a date Mexican food At first I thought it was great. But I forgot beans make you flatulate. And girls they don’t ever fart No, girls they don’t...
I'm Your Gummy Bear
Oh I'm a Gummy bear Yes I'm a Gummy bear Oh I'm a yummy jummy funny lucky Gummy bear Oh I'm a jolly bear Cause I'm a Gummy bear Oh I'm a movin groovin jammin...
真爱 - Zhen Ai - Tình yêu đích thực
[ti:真爱] [ar:柏文] [al: 电视剧大唐游侠传片主题曲] [ly: 张名河] [mu: 吴少雄] 千万里山川愿随你 浪迹天涯 千万丈风雨愿伴你 四海为家 千万次追寻 只因梦中的一段情 千万次流泪 流泪 只等你开口回答 回答 千万重艰辛走过那 秋冬春夏 千万个理由愿把你 终生牵挂 千万种表达 无需那海誓山盟 千万次感动 感动 只为你心中那 一句话 ===Pinyin=== [ti: Zhen Ai ] [ar: Bai Wen ] [al: Dian Shi Ju Da Tang You Xia Chuan Pian Zhu Ti Qu ] [ly: Zhang...
生生世世爱 - Sheng sheng shi shi ai – Đời đời kiếp kiếp yêu
爱 还没来 天地间风云忽然变 有情有义的人都要回来 爱 总会来 生死注定的来世再爱 都 等了太久 哭尽无奈 RAP: 她从树中来 追随前世真爱 亲身体验过 春去秋又来 情到至深时 乌发也浓白 剑成人后 心动 花灿烂地开 爱恨纠缠的生生世世 心里执着的信念为你存在 多遥远的路都阻挡不住 再次拥有没距离的温度 失去自由的生生世世 有爱不懂想拥错过了最爱 送一剑祝福 再默默相助 恐怕没以后不自觉留退路 爱 还没来 天地间风云忽然变 有情有义的人都要回来 爱 总会来 生死注定的来世再爱 都等了太久 哭尽无奈 RAP: 一段记忆有 三世那么长 到最后要用一碗水去遗忘 千年寂寞后 你重见阳光 还是转头又纵身跳火海化成凤凰 爱恨纠缠的生生世世 心里执着的信念为你存在 多遥远的路都阻挡不住 再次拥有没距离的温度 失去自由的生生世世 有爱不懂想拥错过了最爱 送一剑祝福 再默默相助 恐怕没以后不自觉留退路 为情所困的生生世世 伤也被伤 命中成双 的伤害 等不到日出 一个人孤独 让星光代替我伴你远途 黑白轮回的生生世世 彻底放开成全永远的依赖 是乱世英雄 或凡间俗梦 爱不离 爱是把这感动留住 ===Phiên âm=== Ai...
Everlasting Snow (Ai hát ?)
---------------- Kanji ---------------- 目をみつめたら すぐあたためて 信じてるガラスにがいた文字 今降り注ぐ この雪の中 唯一人探してる 幸せと歩いているね 町中の恋人たちは あのころの二人のようで 胸が苦しくなる 私に出来る事があるかな あなたのために何かしたくて “ごめんね”さえも いえなかった ひとつ勇気を持てば あなたと居られた もし叶うなら すぐ会いに来て 他の日まで 溶けてく光る雪 あの愛しさがまだ消えないよ この胸に降りつづく 真っ白なクリスマスつり 見上げてる私は一人 この場所で手をつないだね 笑顔を思い出す 寂しい夜は声が聞きたい 涙の日にも強さ感じた 出会えてことは偶然じゃない いつも乗り越えられた あなたが居たから 目をみつめたら すぐあたためて 信じてるガラスにがいた文字 今降り注ぐ この雪の中 唯一人探してる 小さな輝きの一粒も 忘れる事なんて出来ないよ どこに居るの今。。。伝えたい もし叶うなら すぐ会いに来て 手のひらで 解けてく光る雪 あの愛しさがまだ消えないよ この胸に降りつづく ずっと覚えてる そう雪が降る この町でつないで温もりを まだ届くから 手を差し出せば 降り積もる永遠が ---------------- Romaji ---------------- Me wo mitsumetara sugu atatamete Shinjiteru garasu ni kaita moji Ima furisosogu kono yuki no naka Tada hitori sagashiteru Shiawase to aruiteru ne Machijuu no koibitotachi wa Ano koro no futari no...
Because of YouTube!
First thing each day I go online ... log on to Youtube I cannot wait to see the videos my friends have made I will not rest...'til I've replied to every comment I'm...
狼爱上羊 - Lang Ai Shang Yang - Sói đã yêu cừu
[ti:狼爱上羊 - Lang Ai Shang Yang] [ar:汤潮 - Tang Chao] 北 风 呼 呼 地 刮 Bei Feng Hu Hu Di Gua 雪 花...
Everything will flow - Suede
[VERSE1:] Watch the early morning sun Drip like blood from the day See the crazy people run So many games to play See the blue suburban dream Under the jet plane sky Sleep away and dream a...
明天会更好 - Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao - Ngày mai tươi sáng hơn
[ti: 明 天 会 更 好 - Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao ] [ar: 群 星 - Qun Xing ] 轻 轻...
The Shape Of Life
The Shape Of Life One day, the caterpillar asked the snail, “Mr. Snail, you know many things. Could you tell me, what kind of shape is the...
Supermarket Love Affair (Lynda Trang Đài Unknown)
When I met you, I almost missed you. As you stood right next to me, in the aisle between detergents and wine, just in front of instant...
The Muffin Man
Oh, do you know the muffin man The muffin man, the muffin man Oh, do you know the muffin man That lives on Drury Lane? Oh, yes, we...
Three Blind Mice
Three blind mice Three blind mice See how they run See how they run! They all ran after The farmer's wife Who cut off their tails With a carving knife Did you ever see Such a thing in your...
Lazy Mary
Lazy Mary, will you get up? Will you get up, will you get up? Lazy Mary, will you get up Will you get up today No, no mother, I...
Oh My Darling, Clementine
In a cavern, in a canyon Excavating for a mine Lived a miner forty-niner And his daughter, Clementine Oh, my darling, oh, my darling Oh, my darling Clementine You are...
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Mary had a little lamb, It's fleece was white as snow, And everywhere that Mary went, The lamb was sure to go. It followed her to school one day, That was...
Long Long Ago
Tell me the tales That to me were so dear, Long, long ago, Long, long ago; Sing me the songs I delighted to hear, Long, long ago, Long ago. Now you...
It's Raining, It's Pouring
It's raining, it's pouring The old man is snoring He went to bed and he Bumped his head And he couldn't get up in the morning
Incy Wincy Spider
Incy Wincy Spider Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout Down came the raindrops and washed poor Incy out Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain So Incy Wincy...
Hello Song
Hello Song Hello how are you? Hello how are you? Hello how are you? I'm great, I'm fine, I'm okay I'm happy, I'm wonderful today. Hello how are you? Hello how are you? Hello how...
It's A Small World
It's a small world It's a world of laughter, a world of tears It's a world of hopes and a world of fears There's so much that we share that its time...
Hop a Little
Hop a Little Hop a little jump a little one1, two2, three3 Run a little, skip a little, tap, tap one knee; Bend a little,...
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey diddle diddle Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the table The cow jumped over the moon. And the dish ran away with the spoon! The little dog laughed to see the...
Days Of The Week
Tomorrow Yesterday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Firday, Saturday Days Of The Week Everyday is a new day yester day is gone away We go on day by day Tomorriow will come Sunday,...
Go Away!
Go Away! Go away, big green monster, go away. (Push your hands out, then make the monster gesture, then push your hands out again.) GO AWAY! Go away,...
Body Song
Head, shoulders, knees and toes That's the way your body goes Head, shoulders, knees and toes That's the way your body goes. Can you take your head? Can you take your...
Alouette, gentille Alouette Alouette je te plumerai Alouette, gentille Alouette Alouette je te plumerai Je te plumerai la tête Je te plumerai la tête Et la tête, et la tête Alouette,...
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir Three bags full. One for my master And one for my dame And one for the little boy Who lives down the...
A Hunting We Will Go
A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, We'll catch a fox and put him in a box, And then we'll let him go! A hunting we will...
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Rain, Rain, Go Away Rain, Rain, go away come again another day Daddy wants to play. Rain, rain go away Rain, Rain, go away come again...
Six Little Ducks
Six Little Ducks Six little ducks that I once knew, Fat ducks, pretty ducks they were too. Chorus: But the one little duck with the feather on his back He led the...
Are You Sleeping Brother John
Are You Sleeping Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping? Brother John? Brother John? Morning bells are ringing, Morning bells are ringing, Ding ding dong, Ding ding dong
AlPhabet Song
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z Now I known my ABCs Next...
Five Little Monkeys
Five Little Monkeys! Five little monkeys jumping on the bed One fell off and bumped his head So Momma called the doctor and the doctor said No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Four little...
I Like To Eat Apples And Bananas
Apples And Bananas I like eat eat eat apples and bananas I like eat eat eat apples and bananas I like to ate ate ate epples and benenes I like to ate ate...
Happy Birthday (Korean Version)
saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da 생 일 축 하 합 니 다 祝你生日快樂 saeng-il chu-ka ham-ni-da 생 일 축 하 합 니 다 祝你生日快樂 ji-gu-e-seo u-ju-e-seo 지 구 에 서 우 주 에 서 在地球 在宇宙 je-il sa-rang-ham-ni-da 제...
I Am Waiting For Your Dream (Ảo Mộng Tình Yêu)
How could someone like you be without love How could someone left you in tears I will along to hold you here in my arm You are all that i want I will do...
うれしいひなまつり - Happy Dolls Festival
うれしいひなまつり あかりをつけましょ ぼんぼりに Akari wo tsukemasho bonbori ni おはなをあげましょ もものはな O hana wo agemasho momo no hana ごにんばやしの ふえたいこ Gonin bayashi no fue taiko きょうはたのしい ひなまつり Kyou wa tanoshii hina...
Love Can Make Your Heart Go Crazy (Ảo Mộng Tình Yêu)
You say love has changed the fading world And the world is such a fool Just believing in such a thing makes your heart go crazy You say you haven’t really been love...
Sorry I love you
It seems that I loved you, from the moment I found you And I've known 'bout the sweetness of love since you came into my life But now you've gone away,...
シャボン玉 – Shabondama
シャボン玉 – Shabondama シャボン玉飛んだ、屋根まで飛んだ 屋根まで飛んで、壊れて消えた シャボン玉消えた、飛ばずに消えた 生まれてすぐに、壊れて消えた 風風吹くな、シャボン玉飛ばそう Shabondama tonda, yane made tonda Yane made tonde, kowarete kieta Shabondama kieta, tobazuni kieta Umarete suguni, kowaretekieta Kaze kaze fukuna, shabondama tobaso Bài thơ gốc của tác giả...
Shiawase No Uta
Kanji: 東に住む人は幸せ  生まれたばかりの太陽を  一番先に見つけることができるから 北に住む人は幸せ  春を迎える喜びを  誰より強く感じることができるから 南に住む人は幸せ  いつでも花の首飾り  愛する人にささげることができるから 西に住む人は幸せ  いつも終わりに太陽を  明日の空へ見送ることができるから Romaji: Higashi ni sumu hito wa shiawase Umareta bakari no taiyou wo Ichiban sakini mitsukeru koto ga dekiru kara Kita ni sumu hito wa shiawase Haru wo mukaeru yorokobi wo Dare yori tsuyoku kanjiru...
Sakura Sakura
Kanji: 桜 桜 野山も里も 見わたすかぎり かすみか雲か 朝日ににおう 桜 桜 花ざかり 桜 桜 やよいの空は 見わたすかぎり かすみか雲か においぞいずる いざや いざや 見にゆかん Romaji: Sakura sakura Noyama mo sato mo Miwatasu kagiri Kasumi ka kumo ka Asahi ni niou Sakura sakura Hana zakari Sakura sakura Yayoi no sora wa Miwatasu kagiri Kasumi ka kumo ka Nioi zo izuru Izaya izaya Mini yu kan English: Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,...
Diary Of Love
How can I explain this feeling growing with each passing day interrogating me , wonder if she feels the same way may be we just drops of water in the...
Sunlight Ads Song
You will see I’ll be back Cuz I ever never never give up Maybe right, maybe wrong But I play my game everywhere I go When the sun’s in...
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Lord i lift your name on high Lord i love to sing your praises I'm so glad You're in my life I'm so glad You came to save us You came from heaven to...
Je N'pourrais Jamais T'oublier (I Will Never Forget) - Nicoletta
Je ne pourrais jamais t'oublier Tiens, bonjour, comment vas-tu, dis-moi Te’, te souviens-tu encore de moi? Oui, dans ma vie souvent je pense a` toi Mais a`...
Nothing ever happens in this town Its the same old thing when we go out A new place to hang with the same crowd I looked up when you came and sat down Now...
Romance (Autumn In My Heart OST)
Konoyo No Uta / Song of the World (OST Black Cat) (Iwasaki Taku)
Konoyo No Uta (Song of the World) Uta wo utaou (Let's sing a song) Daichi no uta wo (The song of the Earth) Kaze wo idakou (Hold the wind in your arms) Hikari abite (Bask in the light) Hoshi...
Will You Come to Me? ( Naege Oketni )
Amudo moreuga sumoso bontaedo Ku hanbonun parasso Kuripdon kunari charari shwiwotdon Salmirankol mulrasso Ku nugu buda nunbujin sarang Ojing nol kamssago innunde Almyonso jakku bitul karimyo Nomanul kidarigo isso Na anin sarangul ichulddae naege oketni Saraso danhanbon bol suman...
If You're Happy And You Know It
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap) If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap) If you're happy and you know...
Change the world (Eng ver) (Inuyasha OST)
Change the world I want to change the world, Keep on holding on your desire, You will get a shining love, That you can reach alone If you go on to get...
Get Over ( Hikaru No Go OST) - Dream
Get Over-dream --------ENGTRANS-------- You supportme now, and I support you now So let's wander and live towards the future together After figthing with friends, and being that way I feel that soomething is...
Tomoe - Card Captor SAKURA Theme Song - Junko Iwao
--------ENGTRANS-------- Tomoe-Junko Iwao Sunshine dances between the clouds and pours into the plains The season has just begun I run up to the voice of my friend And there, as I turn to her,...
Yoru no Uta - Song of Night (Daidouji Tomoyo)
--------ENGTRANS-------- In the night sky, they twinkle The far stars of gold The same color as the small bird that looked up in my dream last nigh In the sleepless night, I sing this...
Because Im a girl ( Version E ) - Kiss - (Kpop)
just can't understand the ways Of all the men and their mistakes You give them all your heart And then they rip it all away You told me how much...
Tell Me - Sandy
Tell me There are so many things I wanna say There are so many thoughts inside of me oh but my words can't seem to find a way I can see you're changing more...