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Those sweet words

(Norah Jones)


-Norah Jones-

What did you say?
I know I saw you singing
But my ears won't stop ringing
Long enough to hear
Those sweet words
What did you say?

End of the day
The hour hand has spun
But before the night is done
I just have to hear
Those sweet words
Spoken like a melody

All your love
Is a lost balloon
Rising up through the afternoon
'Til it could fit on the head of a pin
Come on in
Did you have a hard time sleeping?
Cuz the heavy moon was keeping
Me awake, and all I know is
I'm just glad to
See you again

See my love
Like a lost balloon
Rising up
Through the afternoon, and
Then you appeared

What did you say?
I know what you were singing
But my ears won't stop ringing
Long enough to hear
Those sweet words
And your simple melody

I just have to hear
Those sweet words
Spoken like a melody

I just want to hear
Those sweet words




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Those sweet words
THOSE SWEET WORDS -Norah Jones- What did you say? I know I saw you singing But my ears won't stop ringing Long enough to hear Those sweet words What did you say? End of the day The hour hand...