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Beneath a silent stone
In cold caress of the earth
Where timeless sleep reigns
Where world is but a distant toll

No stars shine, no moon roams
No sun broods, no winds blow
No tunes chime amidst the bones
No prayers for the devil's own

Night falls and dawn breaks again
Autumns and winters slowly pass
And all these earthly tremors
But a remembrance for me

Mine is this forgotten song
Buried deep and heard no more
Mine is this unhallowed sleep
Deathless wait under the trees

All the years in vain I fought
All my deeds have gone to nought
Unsung is the tale of mine
Mislaid till the end of time

Hidden deep under the vale of moon
Entombed beneath the white flowers of death

Only the frail words
Written in the stone
Retell my name anymore

Only the frail words
Written in the stone
Recall my days anymore





Lời Ca Không Ai Hát

Dưới lòng bia đá lặng thinh
Bàn tay đất mẹ lạnh lùng vuốt ve
Chốn vương triều người ngàn năm say giấc
Cõi thế gian văng vẳng tiếng chuông ngân

Vì sao nào sáng, vầng trăng nào chơi
Mặt trời nào nghĩ, làn gió nào bay
Giai điệu nào rung giữa muôn vàn xương trắng
Lời nguyện cầu nào cho ác quỷ hiện thân

Đêm buông rèm và ngày mới lại sang
Bao thu, đông lững lờ qua trước ngõ
Bao cơn rung mình nơi đất mẹ
Có là gì, ngoài hồi tưởng cho ta

Dành riêng mình ta một bài ca quên lãng
Vùi chôn đi và chẳng ai còn lắng nghe
Dành riêng mình ta một giấc mơ lầm lỡ
Mãi mãi đợi chờ bên dưới những tàn cây

Ta vẫy vùng bao năm trong vô vọng
Bao thành bại cũng trôi về bằng không
Chuyện của ta người đời không ai kể
Để lạc đến bến cuối dòng thời gian

Khuất sâu dưới thung lũng của nàng trăng
Vùi bên dưới vườn hoa trắng tử thần

Chỉ những lời mỏng manh
Khắc lên trên bia mộ
Còn kể lại tên ta

Chỉ những lời mỏng manh
Khắc lên trên bia mộ
Còn gợi nhớ đời ta

Bài hát của: Insomnium:

Song Of The Blackest Bird
Song Of The Blackest Bird Far above the darkling world Soars the blackest bird Far above the darkling world It sings the saddest song (And those who hear its cry...) Those who hear it will go...
Lay The Ghost To Rest
Lay The Ghost To Rest Frequented by displeasing memories Haunted by the creatures born of night Sunk deep in the dejection and distress Weak and powerless to severe the ties Bound in the dream world Wide-awake...
Only One Who Waits
Only One Who Waits Son of man You're on your own The coming winter You'll face alone The heart that you cherished so The hand that you tried to hold Belong to a stranger But a vision you...
Through The Shadows
Through The Shadows Walk away from the world Give in all you got Do not bother to try Fight 'til the last drop Walk among the shadows Leave your mark behind Lose yourself into grey mass Make statement...
One For Sorrow
One For Sorrow I am the last The one who holds on past Clinging on something we use to have I am the last The one who chose this path To walk among the world of...
Inertia When the cold wind blows Sending shivers down your spine There is none so blind As those who do not listen Sleep of reason produces monsters
Unsung Beneath a silent stone In cold caress of the earth Where timeless sleep reigns Where world is but a distant toll No stars shine, no moon roams No sun broods, no winds blow No...
Death Walked The Earth
Death Walked The Earth Brought back from the silence As darkness whitened into a day Tried to weave the pieces together Force the past away Mind weary of sorrow Body tired from the way Welcomed yet another...
The New Beginning
The New Beginning Another break of dawn Forces the shadows recede Breaks the barrier of clouds Blaze a trail for the light In the arms of white soil Lies a fallen boy Left alone to freeze to...
Into The Evernight
Listen to the night, hearken to the silence The wind sings in fir-trees, forest's music rings Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing Soothing is the choir, murmur of...
The Day It All Came Down
THE DAY IT ALL CAME DOWN From now on there's an abscence of smile Foul voices welcome me to loneliness Graceful tunes on her lips have now ceased This winter's here to surpass all...
When the days get shorter And winter draws near All that once was fair Withers and dies Thoughts of despair Breeding in darkness Growing from desolation Decaying my sanity If I would die away, drown in misery Choke...
Against The Stream
Against The Stream And down we go again... Into the ocean of sorrow Towards the sea of despair In the deep grooves of the death Lifeline running in roaring stream "Like sand slipping through my fingers Nothing...
Song Of The Forlorn Son
Song Of The Forlorn Son Wretched is my lot here, mirthless is my fate Alone to face the cruel winters, endure the dreary cold What is there to hope for,...
Change Of Heart
CHANGE OF HEART Spring brought the two together Married the wind with the fire Under the secrecy of lush birch trees Opposite hearts became one One day followed another Weeks passed, months lapsed Until wind grew...
The Harrowing Years
The Harrowing Years This I have learnt: World forces all of us down The fleeing years bend our backs Love but smears our hearts Here I now lie still like a broken bow Soul sullen and...
Closing Words
Closing Words This will be for now and for ever the diverging of our paths... Now that this night has turned into a dawn I step aside from this path of grieving Left with...
The Lay Of Autumn
The Lay Of Autumn (I...) I sing with a shattered voice (I...) I sing with a heavy heart There in the deepest well of dreams Echoed a distant song I hearkened to the hallowed voice Stirred...
Weighed Down With Sorrow
Weighed Down With Sorrow Nothing can offer content Nothing can ease the pain Nothing can wear off the sorrow One is born to bear within While your world is woth of trying My world is mere...
Disengagement What solemnity can be found in this death? A traitor's smile, the honour of betrayal How comfort could be found in the dreariest of nights? What solace for guilt-driven mind, tarnished...
Under The Plaintive Sky
Under The Plaintive Sky And so does the downhearted tune Resound through this murky night And the wind groan its wistful song For the ill-lucked dwellers in plight These two round-shouldered figures Forward slowly through this...
Down With The Sun
Down With The Sun O darkness, if in thy arms I could rest For a while and with these earthly eyes See thy dim smile Maid of twilight, lass of duskfall Hang the...
Into The Woods
Into The Woods Now close your eyes And open your weary heart Let me soothe away the woes Of fiendish world... As will the sun bathe the land In its warming light So shall the moon ascend To...
Daughter Of The Moon
Trail amidst the snow-clad trees, winding is the way Sunless is the path we roam, bitter is the air we breathe Fell is the icy blast, coming from the...
Equivalence Feed off the melancholy Get drunk from despair Rejoice in the name of failure Deliverance found in pain Live, learn and love Treasure all the colours Even in the thick of night Daylight holds sway
The Moment Of Reckoning
THE MOMENT OF RECKONING If I only could I would Change everything Today is the day, the moment of reckoning For too long I've been hiding this truth within my chest Today is the...
The Bitter End
THE BITTER END The silent moment right before the Dusk fades away I open my eyes but the darkness stays Nightfrost covers the brittle flowers Around you I realize that what I dreamt is true Beauty beyond...
Where The Last Wave Broke
Where The Last Wave Broke How does it feel? To welcome a new day Not worth of saving To fall down on own imprudent acts The wind answers quietly Clears the black smoke far thick to...
Bereavement Would you come and share My cross, my pain, my heartbroken nature For this burden is too heavy to bear Too troublesome for one man to handle Since my darkness swallowed The last...
Devoid Of Caring
With this fall (I fall...) great grey clouds covered the sky Dimming the light of sun, muting stars and crescent moon Lost inside the world of gloomy, haunting shades Descending into...
The Killjoy
To know love is to ache; hurt yourself and repent For in the end all is gone; lights go out, your time is spent If I were you I would retract and lock...
Drawn To Black
Wreathed in silence, laid down in shades Swathed in regrets, deluded astray Forgotten in half-light, drawn in despair Soothed in slumber so dreadful and fair Rending and searing and twisting my...
At The Gates Of Sleep
Listen to the night, hearken to the silence The wind sings in fir-trees, forestĀ“s music rings Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing Soothing is the choir, murmur of...
In The Groves Of Death
In the evening of a grey day, a bleak day I strayed into the dim silence of the hallowed trees Where the fir-trees whisper of those been, those gone Where the...
Mortal Share
In their lofty chambers dwell The sacred and divine Resting in seraphic bliss The timeless and sublime Far above the mortal sphere Dreaming without a care Far above the weeping world Sleeping amidst the light of stars Too...
Last Statement
I have come to the end of my line With these final steps I take back my freedom Unchain the shackles that never could hold my mind Time keeps running and running Outstripping the...
In The Halls Of Awaiting
Evening full of grandeur, skies tinged with red Mountains crowned with crimson, treetops with scarlet blaze As the dusk is falling, night settles in Stars slowly come out, moon...
Where there once was love, only hatred now resides Where I once had heart, only nothingness now dwels Guilt-ridden shall be your days Heart-rending your nights By starlight I rock to sleep...
Ill Starred Son
Her dirge still echoes in these woods Mourning lingers in the vales As the wind cries on the shore Her wailing can be heared Mirthless is this wandering through Hollow days Like a pale ghost I...
Song Of The Storm
The wind gathers the clouds in the sky empyrean cracks and roars the calm before the storm grows now to thunder's song gone are the singing birds, silently sigh only the trees. Hear...
Journey Unknown
I'm rushing through the cosmos, Reaching the light from the beyond the sun I see my self dissolving, as universe locks me into its arms When you dream of the sea...
Black Water
Somber is my mind, now that Misfortunehas faced my kind; Weary glazed stare, Beneath the Pitch-black hair. On my cheeks, once so live, Adorn Flood of tears, caused by strife And...
The Elder
In the arms of rimed soil, lies the autumns last withered leaf Land now bare and naed, awaits it's snowy sheet And as the light still lingers, painting scarlet...
Dying Chant
As I lay dying at the eve of my days There is a void inside me, hollowed by the years Time has made these scars, burned them in my soul Mouldred...
Shades Of Deep Green
This path leads into dark... In shrouding veil of thickening dusk, In the caress of darkening woods There winds my path, narrow and fading Let this twilight linger upon me Moon and...