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Zoom Into Me

(Tokio Hotel)


Zoom Into Me

Is there anybody out there walking alone?
Is there anybody out there out in the cold?
One hearbeat
Lost in the crowd

Is there anybody shouting what no one can hear
Is there anybody drowing, pulled down by the fear?
I feel you, don't look away

Zoom into me, Zoom into me
I know you're scared When you can't breathe
I'll be there, Zoom into me

Is there anybody laughing to kill the pain?
Is there anybody screaming the silence away
Just open your jaded eyes

Zoom into me, Zoom into me
I know you're scared When you can't breathe
I'll be there, Zoom into me
Come closer and closer

When you can't breathe
I'll be there, Zoom into me

Zoom into me, Zoom into me
When the world cut your soul into pieces
And you start to bleed

When you can't breathe
I'll be there, Zoom into me





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Human connect to human With me somewhere One night to share Just you and me We spread deceive Eyes catch, you are So natural Human connect to human Boy meets girl, know what to do Human...
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Rescue me This used to be our secret Now I’m hiding here alone Can't help but read our names on the wall And wash them off the stone I’ve trusted you...
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